Carpeting is an evergreen trend because of the comfort and style it brings into the interior but it is not neglectable that it requires complete cleaning sessions to stay luxurious. Handling a huge carpet while cleaning is not an easy task and therefore people prefer to hire a professional which is quite beneficial for the lifespan and fascinating appearance of these floor carpets.

Now, the chain of problems starts when we observe the Dubai market saturation. How can a single person or two explore the entire market with a surety that the carpet cleaning company they select is the best among the thousands? For your maximum convenience,

1. Royal Monarch Laundry Dubai

Royal Monarch Laundry Dubai

About The Company

Royal Monarch Laundry Dubai was established in 2000 with the mission of providing laundry solutions to everyone in Dubai and nearby cities. From a tiny fabric to a huge carpet, this company promises error-free royal cleaning treatments following your preferences.

Highlighted Services:

  • With a reasonable pricing structure, this platform presents a customer-oriented approach even via online working methods in Dubai & nearby cities.
  • Royal Monarch’s services include carpet, shoe, home, furniture, casual dresses, wedding dresses, and curtain cleaning.
  • Furthermore, you can also book their experts online for wash & fold, pressing, and cloth alteration services.
  • This company ensures your fabric quality because of their expert cleaning means and high-technology machines availability.
Location: Shop Number 4, Marina Diamond 3 Building, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: (+971) 542521909

2. Fresh Scent Laundry

Fresh Scent Laundry

About The Company

Carpet cleaning services are essential to maintain the appearance of your place’s interior. With a year of experience as a cleaning agency, along with clothes, curtains, and sheets cleaning treatments, Fresh Scent Laundry now presents its expertise in carpet cleaning for your maximum convenience.

Highlighted Services:

  • This destination is a complete package of laundry and alteration services. Experts at Fresh Scent Laundry not only offer carpet maintenance treatments but also help it fit your space with their quick yet flawless alteration techniques.
  • Other than that, this company keeps its rates very flexible so you can also choose it for dry cleaning and ironing services in Dubai.
  • This agency is also known for its smooth working mechanism, you can book their experts online and also they promise on-time delivery at your doorstep.
Location: Fresh Scent Dry Cleaners & laundry 8 10 A St – Al Karama Sheikh Hamdan Colony – Dubai
Phone Number: +971 52 777 8933 / +971 4 883 3445

3. Al Falaj (carpet washing)

Al Falaj (carpet washing)

About The Company

One of the few companies in Dubai that is precisely working to enhance the lifespan and functionality of your floor carpets. Al Falaj is known for its fast yet reliable treatments in Dubai and nearby cities with affordable tags.

Highlighted Services:

  • Doubtlessly, floor rugs and carpets require cleaning/ maintenance with time because of their work etiquette but this is not it, Al Falaj is also working to enhance the lifespan of your carpet using expertise and modern tools.
  • This company is a destination for your soft flooring treatments, from carpet cleaning to carpet alterations and repairing services, this cleaning agency offers every treatment in Dubai.
  • With an availability of 24/7, Al Falaj is doing amazing to meet customers’ preferences in terms of quality and servicing approach.
Location: Al Qusais Industrial Area 5, 82925 ,Dubai
Phone Number: +971-42807818 / +971-502580986 / +971-561114494

4. Carpet Solutions

Carpet Solutions

About The Company

One of the best carpet cleaning companies in Dubai, known for its carpets and upholstery cleaning treatments. With an availability of experts, Carpet Solutions is working so smoothly to meet your expectations.

Highlighted Services:

  • Their carpet cleaning treatments take only 4 flawless steps and also this company ensures on-time working approach.
  • You book their services online and enjoy the flawless carpet cleaning approach without worrying a little. 
  • They approach you right after you book them and then recommend the best possible solution for your flooring to maintain its looks and functionality.
  • Following your requirements, this company ensures the completion of your project within the decided time frame.
  • For every type of floor rugs and carpets maintenance, Carpet Solutions is also providing foul smell and allergens removal, stains removal, and carpet repair.
Location: Dubai Investment Park 2, Plot 597-Unit W/H-9, Dubai-UAE
Phone Number: 050 551 9591

5. Plutonic Cleaning Services

Plutonic Cleaning Services

About The Company

Plutonic is a Dubai-based cleaning agency, offers reliable soft flooring (carpets and rugs) cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning services at very reasonable rates to meet your expectations.

Highlighted Services:

  • If you are searching for carpet cleaning companies near me in Dubai, Plutonic is your destination. 
  • From dry to steam cleaning services, this company offers the best maintenance treatments for every type of rugs and carpets.
  • Their team is highly professional and always recommends the best solutions for your carpets and rugs.
  • You can book their services online with no fear of any increment.
  • Their rates are highly flexible as compared to other providers, moreover, this agency also announces seasonal discounts.
Location: Office # 411, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina Dubai-United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 056 161 5616 / 055 391 4339

6. Carpet Pro Wash

Carpet Pro Wash

About The Company

A very prominent carpet cleaning company in Dubai because of its expert working approach, reasonable rates, free deliveries, and flexible payment options. You can now book them online for the maintenance of your soft floorings.

Highlighted Services:

  • Talking about their carpet cleaning process, other than expertise for different fiber handling, these guys ensure the availability of non-toxic detergents, on-time services, and modern equipment to skip human errors.
  • Carpet Pro Wash also offers AC, Sofa, Curtains, Mattress, and dining chairs maintenance in Dubai and nearby cities at your doorstep without any increment in its pricing structure.
  • They conclude their cleaning tasks within 4 days, for a large-scale project, you can connect with their team to get an estimated time period.
Location: Unit 2, warehouse 174 Dubai Dry Docks (Jadaf) Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +97142807077

7. Dream Home Cleaning

Dream Home Cleaning

About The Company

Working with a vision of providing cleaning as well as sanitizing treatments for the proper maintenance of your home elements, Dream Home Cleaning presents a long chain of treatments with premium-quality, professionalism, and flexible rates.

Highlighted Services:

  • Dream Home Cleaning is a customer-oriented company, known for its services quality maintenance, pricing structure approach, and professional manners.
  • Promising outstanding results, this agency ensures complete cleaning services for your carpets and other home improvement elements. 
  • Moreover, you can book their maintenance services for both residential as well as commercial areas via online means.
Location: 103, Al Makhawi Building, Oud Metha – Dubai
Phone Number: +971502255943 / +971557320208

8. We Cap U

We Cap U

About The Company

To ensure complete interior functionality and safety for residential and commercial buildings, We Cap U is serving maintenance and protection services in Dubai and nearby cities. The main mission of this company is to make sure that you are living in a safe/healthy environment.

Highlighted Services:

  • Eco-friendly cleaning services for your hard floors and soft floorings to mimimize the chances of dirt and debris accumulation so you can enjoy good health.
  • Other than maintenance, also offering fire retardant services for your complete safety and help.
  • You can call their team anytime to get their services in Dubai and nearby areas.
Location: P.O. Box 261150 Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 4 431 17 99

9. Pure Zone

Pure Zone

About The Company

Pure Zone was created to provide high quality cleaning services for your residential and business properties. The best thing about this company is, it offers a comprehensive range of customizable services to meet your expectations.

Highlighted Services:

  • Other than house and commercial buildings’ cleaning approach, Pure Zone is also recommendable for the dry and deep carpet maintenance services.
  • Per the requirements of your carpet, you can get a cumotized cleaning service to boost carpet looks and functionality at very reasonable rates.
Location: 1809, Blue Bay Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 4 241 9113 / +971 56 361 7773
Email: e-mail:

10. Red Carpet LLC

Red Carpet LC

About The Company

Established in 2011, Red Carpet LLC is a Dubai based, government certified company, that is obliged to offer up-to-date maintenance treatments for your commercial and residential floor carpets. With 100% quality assurance and customer satisfaction, Red Carpet LLC ensures reliable services at flexible rates.

Highlighted Services:

  • This company provides every cleaning service for your carpet from spills and spots removal to deep cleaning.
  • Their team always starts the procedure from inspection to observe different possibilities.
  • Using accurate equipment and professional skills, Red Carpet LLC not only enhances the appearance of your carpet and rugs but also boosts their functional benefits.
Phone Number: +971 (0) 56 217 2007 / +971 (0) 4 283 3332 / +971 (0) 55 412 7077
Email: /

In A Nutshell!

A soft-flooring can never go off-trend because of its multiple benefits, including underfoot comfort. But maintaining the overall functionality and appearance of a huge carpet is doubtlessly a difficult task. To skip replacement of your carpet without letting it disturb the whole interior theme, booking a professional cleaning service is recommended. But in a busiest city, like Dubai, due to the market saturation, choosing a carpet cleaning company has become a trickiest task. 

For providing you with a hustle-free solution, Delights Dubai has filtered a list of top ten Dubai-based carpet maintenance providers. These ten companies along with their servicing details and contact information are mentioned in this guide. Hope, this article will create an ease for everyone who is searching for professional commercial or residential carpet cleaning treatments in Dubai and nearby cities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Long Does It Take To Steam Clean A 144 Square Feet Carpet?
    Depending on the fiber type (texture) of your carpet and the cleaning approach, 144 square feet dimensions may take two to four days for steam cleaning. You can contact a carpet cleaning provider to know the exact time-frame.
  • What Are The Considerable Factors For Selecting A Carpet Cleaning Company?
    An expert carpet maintenance provider should have a collection of modern tools and mild detergents. Furthermore, you should discuss their cleaning approach, pricing structure, and time-frame before booking a service.
  • Can I Book A Cleaning Service For My Outdoor Rugs & Carpets?
    For your outdoor floor coverings, there are a huge number of companies available to maintain  their looks and functionality. You can have a look at the list of carpet cleaning companies that we have mentioned above for your feasibility.
  • How To Book Carpet Maintenance Services Online?
    For booking a carpet cleaning treatment online, connect with their experts via their official phone number or email address. You can also fill their update forms if they are available on their official websites to get a quick response.
  • What Cleaning Method Is Recommendable By Experts For A Commercial Carpet?
    Because commercial carpets contain dirt and debris accumulation, experts usually recommend steam cleaning to maintain their features. It is also said that the cleaning approach may vary with fiber types and the damage your carpet contains.
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