Doors are the main security and privacy measures for us. They not only add the finish to our building’s structure but also help us create separate areas following our requirements. But they need proper care and maintenance for smooth and active/ intact functionality. And a place like a garage usually gets hundreds of visits therefore its door gets in trouble welcoming differently-sized vehicles every day.

What to do for a damaged garage gate/ door? Booking a professional door repair treatment is recommended. But in Dubai, there is a saturation of such experts that creates trouble for us to select one. If you are searching for a garage door repair expert in Dubai, your search ends here. This guide is totally written for your ease. Go through all the details and book a service that suits you the most.

Selection Criteria – Looking For A Garage Door Repair Expert?

Looking For A Garage Door Repair Expert


Dealing with different types and materials for doors, especially garage doors’ materials that are crafted to add maximum security and protection is not an easy task. Finding an expert team that can handle all the door damages and scenarios is necessary to regain your door’s functionality so the goods of your customers stay safe.

Keeping all the points in notice, we have pinpointed the top ten expert companies in this informative article. Garage door repair experts that are mentioned in this article by Delights Dubai are chosen very carefully after observing so many necessary factors. And some of these factors are concluded below.


  • Equipment Quality Measures
  • Previous Experience
  • Customer Reviews
  • Background Knowledge
  • Successful Projects
  • Team Management Approach
  • Project Handling Measures
  • Professional Behavior
  • Availability Hours
  • Pricing Structure
  • Discounts & Flexibility
  • Payment Methods
  • Expertise Of Their Work
NOTE: We have selected the best 10 garage door treatment providers in Dubai and mentioned their highlighted details in this article. Our team has cross-checked every piece of information before mentioning it. All the companies along with their mission, services, contact details, and location are highlighted so you can quickly book your slot now! 

1. Aande Garage Doors

Garage Doors

About The Company

Over 20 years of experience can highlight the expertise of Aande Garage Doors. This Dubai-based local company is not only known for its Garage gateway solutions but also for its customer-oriented services and reasonable pricing structure.

Highlighted Services:

  • This company presents shutters, window shields, sliding doors, grilles, carports, steel doors, entry systems, and electric/ motorized doors for your residential as well as commercial garage areas.
  • Aande Garage Doors is also a certified member of the Door & Hardware Federation (DHF), ensuring you well-crafted doors with promising quality that makes them last longer than a decade.
  • Their team is an expert in creating a fully automated garage with smart treatments for your maximum convenience.
  • Hire them for the repair of your garage manual and automated doors in any area of Dubai at low prices.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 0555293874

2. Azhan Technical

Azhan Technical Garage

About The Company

To resolve every garage door issue in Dubai and nearby cities (Abu Dhabi), Azhan Technical is working with expert strategies and high-tech tools. Ensuring high-quality, long-lasting, and heavy-duty doors for your home and commercial garage at very low rates.

Highlighted Services:

  • As the name indicates, Azhan Technical is the master in solving technical door issues of your garage/ heavy entrance doors.
  • You can also book this company to resolve manual as well as automatic door unlocking and technical issues.
  • These guys use the finest techniques and gadgets to maintain, repair, install, replace, or motorize treatments for your doors.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Phone Number:0521829695

3. Professional Garage Door Repair

Professional Garage Door

About The Company

Regarding this company, the highlighted aspect is its customer-oriented serving manners. This company offers a complete package related to garage gates and doors services, including maintenance, repair, and installation treatments.

Highlighted Services:

  • Their manufacturers are experts in crafting industrial and commercial doors with high-end treatments along with 100% secure designs.
  • Other than ready-made doors, you can also book this professional for high-quality heavy-duty custom gate crafting following your needs.
  • They are experts in repairing manual and automatic doors at very fair rates in Dubai, UAE. Also, they are available 24/7 for doorstep services.
Location: Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai, UAE,
Phone Number: 0552902179

4. Maxwell Door

Maxwell Auto Door

About The Company

Maxwell Door was invented just to present a blend of technology-driven services in the United Arab Emirates. This company provides easy and automatic solutions for gates and doors for extra-secure Dubai garages.

Highlighted Services:

  • Maxwell Door is the only solution when you look for heavy-duty and 100% secure gateways for your garages and other commercial areas.
  • It presents automatic doors with both solutions: electric motors and sensors. Maxwell also offers shutters, revolving doors, access control mechanisms, and door fabrication and their repairing at very affordable rates.
  • With the surety of 24/7 availability and high-end treatments, you can get turnstiles, security bollards, barriers, parking solutions, and fire-rated doors from this company for maximum security.
  • Other than their products, you can also hire this provider for services like gate repair, maintenance, and fixation. Plus, this also offers door hardware with #1 quality material at its platform for your ease.
Location:Maxwell Automatic Doors Co. LLC. Office 21, Al Nasirya Building, Damascus Street – Al Qusais, Industrial Area 1, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: 055 937 9488

5. Aets L.L.C.


About The Company

With over 12 Years of experienceAets is working in the United Arab Emirates to offer easy and reliable gateway solutions for enhancing the privacy, security, and exterior of your garages. Not only these factors, but you can also get CCTV treatments from them for an enhanced privacy factor.

Highlighted Services:

  • With every-time availability, A1 quality assurance, and customer-oriented servicing manners, Aets L.L.C. offers ready-made as well as custom gateway solutions.
  • This Dubai-based door company provides every maintenance, repair, and styling treatment for your garage gates and doors.
  • You can choose any door material, design, and finishing to get your dream exterior design following your preferences.
  • You can also get your old/damaged doors renovated by this door supplier at very affordable rates.
Location: The Kanoo Group, Bur Dubai,office12, Dubai, U.A.E
Phone Number: 04 351 5959 / 056 560 5959

6. Noor Al Hashmi

Noor Al Hashmi

About The Company

This company welcomes you by showing a variety of sliding, revolving, shutter, and automated doors and their services so you can smartly organize your garages. Noor Al Hashmi is an organization that takes complete care of your preferences and budgets.

Highlighted Services:

  • Other than garages, this company has solutions for hospitals, malls, shopping centers, and factories too; book them for quick yet effective gate treatments.
  • With easily operable, easy-to-maintain, long-lasting ready-to-use doors, Noor Al Hashmi also offers premium custom solutions.
  • For a custom-made door, you are allowed to choose door design, material, finishing, installation method, operational measures, and dimensions.
  • This company ensures doorstep services that include door installation, repair, and maintenance at very low rates.
Location: Arif & Bintoak Building, Al Karama, office no – 111, Plot no – 562/0, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 0554140132 / 0501871426

7. Alsaray


About The Company

This store with 15+ years of experience, offers high-quality, easily maintainable, and 100% security-providing doors at very minimal rates. Also, you can get high-end door fixing and repairing services from Alsaray via online bookings.

Highlighted Services:

  • With the availability of every manual and remote-control door type, this store demands very reasonable rates to meet your requirements.
  • Regarding garage gates and doors, you can pick any door design from their website and make a quick order with no waste of your time.
  • Moreover, this provider also offers quick maintenance services for every automatic door at a single click that you can book from its website.
  • Also, you can get repair kits, remote-control systems, and other accessories from this store.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971 4 234 4544 / +971 50 652 6360

8. Automatic Doors Dubai

Automatic Doors Dubai

About The Company

Automatic Doors Dubai ensures premium quality services for every door type in every Dubai area. The main mission of this door provider is to offer automated solutions for every manual gate type, door, shutter, and barrier for adding maximum convenience to your lives.

Highlighted Services:

  • As the name indicates, this company presents a long range of automatic/ remote-control doors and gateway solutions in Dubai.
  • You can hire this supplier for quick door repair and transformation anytime you require.
  • Not just for garage area doors, but also for shutters and barriers, this company is doing its best to introduce automated ways.
Location: Omar Bin Al Khattab Street Dubai United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 055 104 3304

9. BAB Automation

BAB Door Automation

About The Company

BAB Automation is working in Dubai & nearby cities to present an advanced level of technology for your gateways. This provider is oriented to style your place smartly and this is the reason that its showroom is loaded with an extensive range of doors with different automation systems. Also, you can get repairing and maintenance solutions from this company.

Highlighted Services:

  • BAB Automation ensures heavy-duty, A1-quality gates for your garages. You can book their services anytime per your requirements.
  • Offering customized door designs and door transformations with anti-shutdown protection and anti-hand trap technology to assure safety.
  • Its doors also contain solid wheel brackets and dual-side tension springs for additional benefits. Also, providing you with high-end security tracks at reasonable rates.
  • Get custom-design doors with any operating mechanism for your home or commercial garage from this company at very low rates with 100% quality assurance.
  • This door supplier also offers multiple repair techniques to add years to your door’s life span.
Location: PO Box:78417 Lootah Warehouses Complex Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1 Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 50 143 9293 / +971 4 885 5535

10. Zaktec


About The Company

With over 10 years of experience in this field, Zaktec is presenting a long collection of gateway/ entrance point solutions at very flexible rates. Covering every local area of Dubai and nearby cities (Abu Dhabi, Qatar, ETC), this company ensures 24/7 availability for consultations and bookings.

Highlighted Services:

  • You can get every door for your shopping mall, residential place, parking areas, and other commercial places from this company.
  • Zaktec is exceptionally working to offer new automated gates for your garages as well no matter if it’s a commercial location or a residential one.
  • With a high-end health safety and privacy policy, Zaktec offers garage doors that are crafted using aluminum, metal, and other materials.
  • This company is known for its quick, doorstep, and highly equipped services. You can get sliding, revolving, and panel doors and their repair from Zaktec.
  • They offer shutter and shutter services as well at very flexible rates with enhanced privacy.
Location: Al Nahda, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 55 4762497

Come To An End

Doors take good care of us, provide us with enough security and privacy, help create a separate area for us, and limit the premises for our convenience. For their effective working, they need extra care and maintenance. Talking about busiest places like garages, they usually experience so many client visits on a daily basis because of car trends.

Garage doors, because of random operating measures may experience any trouble which can only be resolved by an expert. Here comes the trickiest task, how to finalize a door repair expert service in Dubai where every business meets saturation? This article is written to add ease into your lives. Delights Dubai has filtered out the list and found the top ten garage door treatment experts for you so you can pick the one per your needs. All the details are mentioned after going through a proper analysis, hope you find ease with this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How Long Does A Garage Gate/ Door Last?
Depending on its material, design, and operating manners, a heavy-duty garage area door can last up to 15-20 years easily. You can contact the manufacturer to know your door’s maintenance requirements for enhancing its life span.
Question 2: Why Are Garage Doors So Expensive In Dubai?
Because Dubai is loaded with different quality materials, innovative design ranges, and high-tech equipment that a manufacturer uses while crafting a door for your garage. This way you can experience 100% security, privacy, and exterior beautification of your home as well as commercial garages. Also, doors that are crafted in Dubai stay longer than expected because of the experts’ availability from overall the world.
Question 3: What Material Is Preferable For Garage Entrance Doors?
For the garage entrance, doors made of aluminum and steel and recommended because of this material’s strong structure. Also, these doors offer extra security and 100% performance with longer life spans if maintained well.
Question 4: Do Garage Area Doors Need Maintenance?
Door maintenance requirements totally depend on the door material, operational mechanisms, and the climate. It is better to consult a door manufacturer to get to know your door’s cleaning demands and how you can enhance its longevity.
Question 5: What To Consider In A Company While Booking A Garage Door Service?
There are multiple aspects to notice before booking any company for your garage door treatments. These factors include their history, latest projects, team behavior, pricing chart, equipment, door designs, & material availability, and working strategy.
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