Because everyone prefers comfort, the hard furniture frame is never preferable; for making furniture comfortable, people style them with soft upholstery treatment. Upholstery includes furniture coverings, webbing and padding treatments, and finishing. It allows you to create the required depth and comfort in the furniture easily.

But, selecting an upholstery shop to get your furniture upholstered in Dubai is not a kid’s game. Seeing the saturation of upholstery shops in Dubai, our team has separated the top ten upholstery providers by thousands so that you can pick the required one with no doubts. All companies are selected by monitoring them with a keen focus to minus your queries.

Explore The 10 Finest Upholstery Providers In Dubai

Delights Dubai’s team has filtered out the best 10 upholstery shops so you can make a quick choice; we have observed the serving manners, pricing charts, product availability, team’s availability, & quality of their service before making a selection. The three major points that have been noticed are mentioned below.

  • The quality of upholstery treatment is keenly observed while selecting an upholstery shop.
  • The availability of their experts is also an important factor that has been noticed while making a selection.
  • Price tags of their upholstery services are observed so you can get quality treatments at affordable rates in Dubai.

Along with the company’s mission and services, their contact information is also mentioned to create ease. Moreover, every upholstery company’s website address is also written in the blog, so you can double-check the information and book any upholstery service with a single click. Moving towards a blog, every company’s detail is mentioned individually, following a list of their names. It is recommended to choose a company after a thorough inspection with the help of written information.

1. Dubai Upholstery

Dubai Upholstery

About The Company

Dubai Upholstery, with the mission of adding and regaining the comfort of your furniture, is providing fast and reliable upholstery services in Dubai and its nearby areas; it ensures 24/7 availability, free quotations, expert concertations, & customization at flexible rates.

Product & Services

  • For indoor and outdoor furniture options, this company offers a range of upholstery fabric options with an assurance of 100% premium quality and fascinating shapes.
  • Dubai Upholstery offers every time online availability for clearing your upholstery-related queries.
  • This shop presents every furniture repair with free on-site visits at affordable rates.
  • Dubai Upholstery is providing the maximum customization options and quality finishing for upholstery treatments.
Location: Risala Furniture L.L.C. 9 24 A Street, Al Quoz 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +97156 600 9626 / +971 54 252 0239 / +971 566 77 6789

2. Fixit Dubai

Fix it Dubai

About The Company

Fixit Dubai is one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, offering every interior element at your doorstep with innovative styling, top quality material, and cost effective pricing assurance. This company promises an improvement to your place’s interior styling with its quality furniture upholstery treatments. This company offers free on-site visits, sampling, & delivery in every Dubai area.

Products & Services

  • Regarding upholstery treatments, Fixit Dubai offers complete upholstery services for your furniture.
  • From webbing and padding to spring fixation treatments, Fixit Dubai offers a complete package.
  • Offering a range of upholstery fabrics that includes almost every shade and pattern for velvet, jute, leather, chenille, cotton, and damask fabrics per your requirements.
  • You can get luxurious upholstery services for your home, office, outdoor, and commercial furniture at affordable rates from Fixit Dubai.
Location: Fixit design carpet and curtainsShowroom number 33, Al Quoz 1st
Phone Number: +971 5063 79229

3. Dubai Sofa Upholstery

Dubai Sofa Upholstery

About The Company

Dubai Sofa Upholstery is one of the finest upholstery providers in Dubai that ensures 100% upholstery services and repair for your every furniture type. With the availability of thousands of upholstery designs, free samples, and excellent serving manners, Dubai Sofa Upholstery demands an attractive price range for 100% customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

  • Talking about their upholstery treatments, Dubai Sofa Upholstery offers reliable upholstery for indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • You can get your chairs, sofa, bed, and headboards upholstered from Dubai Sofa Upholstery at reasonable rates.
  • Dubai Sofa Upholstery is offering a list of upholstery fabrics, including linen, wool, leather, polyester, velvet, rayon, microfiber, & sunbrella upholstery fabric in Dubai.
Location: Carpet And Curtains Trading L.L.C Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Phone Number: +971 50 637 9229 / 043299456

4. Upholstery Pro

Upholstery Pro

About The Company

As the name indicates, Upholstery Pro provides reliable upholstery treatments for furniture in Dubai and nearby areas. This company has ensured every furniture repair and refurbishing service since 2004 with 100% customer support, friendly serving manners, and expert cooperation.

Products & Services

  • You can get modern upholstery services for your furniture at reasonable rates from this company.
  • Upholstery Pro highlights sofa and chair upholstery services but also offers bed upholstery treatments and reliable furniture repair with 100% quality assurance.
  • Upholstery Pro offers over 500 upholstery designs and products to enhance your furniture functionality and the place’s interior beauty.
Location: 38 4th St – Al QuozAl Quoz 1 – Dubai
Phone Number: +971554722980

5. Upholstery In Dubai

Upholstery in Dubai

About The Company

Upholstery In Dubai is one of the top-rated companies where creativity beautifully blends with excellent craftsmanship. This company highlights the importance of upholstery for your furniture, interior design, and comfort level. Upholstery In Dubai presents a long list of traditional and modern designs to upholster your commercial and residential areas.

Products & Services

  • Upholstery In Dubai offers premium quality upholstery fabrics in a variety of textures like sunbrella, velvet, leather, and linen.
  • This company offers a list of fabric patterns and shades that you can check by booking their free sampling services.
  • You can get your every furniture item upholstered from this shop, including Arabic, majlis, indoor, and outdoor furniture.
  • They ensure competitive pricing and maximum customization options for upholstery in Dubai.
Location: Al quoz first Dubai
Phone Number: +971502136026

6. Design Furniture

Design Furniture

About The Company

Design Furniture is known for its custom upholstery services in Dubai. This company offers upholstery, reupholstery, and repair treatments for transforming your furniture at cost-effective rates in Dubai with an on-time delivery manner. This company ensures reliable working etiquette, versatile designs, and quality finishing.

Products & Services

  • One of the expert upholstery providers in Dubai, Design Furniture offers essential services for indoor, outdoor, traditional, and modern furniture frames.
  • Design Furniture presents maximum customization and modification options regarding furniture upholstery treatments to meet your requirements.
  • This upholstery shop presents you with quality repair treatment for transforming your furniture to attain the required interior styling for your place.
Location: Al quoz first behind bmw showroom sheikh zayed road DUBAI
Phone Number: +971502136026

7. Sofa A.E.

Sofa AE

About The Company

Sofa A.E. has offered quick furniture repair and upholstery treatments in Dubai with high-quality assurance for about 10 years. This company claims its specialty in all types of furniture upholstery treatments and quick serving manners with no compromise on the quality. Sofa A.E. is also presenting you with online concertation services to clear your every upholstery-related doubt with no demand of any charges.

Product & Services

  • One of the best online upholstery providers with an experienced team that ensures quick and reliable upholstery treatments and furniture repair in Dubai.
  • This company ensures every-time availability, reliable serving manners, and a variety of upholstery designs per your requirements to enhance the functionality of your furniture.
Location: JABAL AL WAHDA FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971557124124

8. Edge And Curve


About The Company

Edge and Curve is one of the finest furniture upholstery providers in Dubai, with many years of experience and 100% quality assurance. This company offers services for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Get quality upholstery and reupholstery services at the rates lower than the market from them.

Products & Services

  • Offering a list of quality materials for upholstery and reupholstery treatments in Dubai for your commercial and residential areas.
  • Get every type of furniture upholstered with maximum upholstery customization options from them with no delays at affordable rates.
Location: Edge and curve furniture upholstery – Al Marabea’ Street – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 0588257427 / 042559969

9. Upholstery Services Dubai

Upholstery Services Dubai

About The Company

Upholstery Services Dubai- As the name indicates visions clearly that, this company has been working to provide you with versatile upholstery treatments since 2001 in Dubai and nearby areas. Transform your residential and commercial building’s interior designs by adding comfortable upholstery to your furniture frame.

Products & Services

  • This company offers reliable upholstery treatments for sofa, chair, and bed headboards at reasonable rates.
  • It offers reliable working, quality treatments, and every time availability for upholstery services.
  • This upholstery shop provides its customers with maximum upholstery fabric variety and customization options for their ease.
Location: Fix It Design Carpet And Curtains Trading L.L.C.
Phone Number: +971506379229

10. Adonis Decor


About The Company

Adonis Decor is one of the leading interior designers and fit out contractors in Dubai, presenting a long list of upholstery service options to style your furniture with highly functional treatments.

Products & Services

  • Get your furniture repaired and upholstered with 100% quality assurance at affordable rates from this company in Dubai.
  • Availability of quality materials, reliable working, and quick serving manners in Dubai and its nearby areas.
Location: Bldg. 9, Street 23rd, Al Quoz Ind 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +9714347 8008

Concluding The Above Information

Selecting the finest upholstery shop in Dubai is more than a hectic task; therefore, Delights Dubai’s team has filtered out the best upholstery providers out of so many for your maximum convenience. In this blog, all the 10 companies are mentioned along with their services and contact details so you can quickly pick a service with a click.

Moreover, every piece of information is double-checked. However, still, we recommend you check all the mentioned upholstery shops with the required servicing list in your mind and then pick a single upholstery shop that offers every service that is required by you and your furniture. Choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What Type Of Upholstery Is Most Durable?
Doubtlessly, Leather upholstery is considered the most common and highly functional upholstery type. This can last for years with no damage if given proper maintenance treatments and always appears luxuriously beautiful with fascinating color shades and styling options.
Question 2: How Long Does Upholstery Last?
If maintained properly, good quality furniture upholstery can last up to two decades with no appearance flaws. You can add an increment to its lifespan through proper care and professional measures.
Question 3: What Are The Advantages Of Upholstery?
With no upholstery treatments, furniture only carries a hard frame. Prolong sitting on a hard surface can initiate pain, on the other hand, upholstery is designed to cover this frame beautifully by adding a plush surface with enough depth so we can relax in a comfortable posture with no pain initiation.
Question 4: What’s The Difference Between Upholstery And Furniture?
Upholstery is a process of attaching furniture covers, padding, webbing, and cushioning to the furniture frame while a hard surface that is also called a furniture frame basically acts as furniture. Some people believe that upholstery and frame collectively make a furniture item.
Question 5: What Is The Difference Between Upholstery And Reupholster?
Upholstery is a procedure of adding padding, webbing, cushioning, and furniture covers to a frame while reupholster means to repair the already installed upholstery treatments to enhance their functionality and appearance.
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