Waxing is the best alternative to shaving for multiple reasons as it ensures less & finer hair regrowth, and prevents itching, rashes, and shaving cuts. Are you looking for an effective treatment for long-term hair removal?

Consider our well-analyzed list of salons for quick appointments.

In Dubai’s highly competitive and populated beauty industry, exploring a perfect place for waxing services is somewhat challenging. However, Delights Dubai has crafted a list of Dubai’s best waxing salons offering reliable services at variable rates.

Selection Criteria

We consider multiple factors to analyze for the selection process.

  • Team Professionalism
  • Trained & Expert Staff
  • Use Of Quality Products
  • License & Certifications
  • Range Of Services
  • Geographic Location
  • Interior Atmosphere
  • Customer Feedback
  • Hygiene Protocols
  • Additional Amenities

Top 10 Waxing Salons In Dubai | A Well-Analyzed Approach

For your better understanding and swift approach, we have crafted a list of Dubai’s 10 best salons that offer effective waxing services. Also, we have attached the contact details of each salon including their locations, phone numbers, websites, and email addresses for your maximum ease.

1-Boho Salon DXB

Boho Salon DXB

At Boho Salon DXB, they are committed to providing sustainable grooming services in Dubai and nearby areas. Since 2020, they’ve offered various beauty services from hair coloring and styling to waxing. They have a team of senior beauticians, stylists, and massage experts for excellent treatments.

Focused Services

  • Pain & Burnless Face Waxing/ Threading.
  • Nose & Neck Waxing With Quality Material.
  • Upper Lip, Eyebrows, And Chin Threading.
  • Full Body Brazilian Waxing.
  • Special Care For Sensitive Or Soft Skin.
  • Hair Removal From Roots & Follicles
Website: https://bohosalon.ae/
Email: info@bohosalon.ae
Phone #:  +971 4 331 3568
Location:  Q Gardens Boutique Residences, La Fontana – Al Barsha – Al Barsha South – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

2- Curve Beauty Salon

Curve Beauty Salon

Curve Beauty Salon is located in Dubai’s most fascinating location “Marina”. You can get their efficient grooming services from nail, eyelash, or eyebrow treatments to facials, waxing, and massage. Their efficient team ensures a proper clean and hygienic atmosphere at the salon.

Focused Services

  • Eyebrows & Upper Lip Waxing/Threading.
  • Full Face, Side Face, Or Forehead Waxing.
  • Nape, Toe, Or Hand Waxing.
  • Legs, Arms, Or Underarms Waxing.
  • Complete Body Brazilian Hair Removal.
  • Use Of Quality Products & Tools.
Website: https://curvebeautysalon.com/
Email: support@curvebeautysalon.com
Phone #: +971 50 363 0794
Location:  Al Sahab Tower 1 – Al Gharbi St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

3- Musk Barbershop JVT

Musk Barbershop JVT

Musk Barbershop JVT was established in 2019 to provide quality beauty services in Dubai. They specialize in manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair coloring, facials, and body waxing. At MB-JVT, they use premium quality products and sterilize instruments to ensure healthy treatments.

Focused Services

  • Full Body Waxing
  • Waxing Any Single Area
  • Half & Full Chest/Back Waxing
  • Eyebrow, Lashes Threading
  • Wax For Skin Nourishment
  • Natural Chocolate Waxing
  • Full Legs & Arms Treatment
Website: https://muskbarbershop.com/
Email: muskbarbershop@gmail.com
Phone #: +971 58 900 2388
Location:  Jeera V (formerly BQ2 Residence) – Jumeirah Village – Jumeirah Village Triangle – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

4- MBL Beauty Lounge

MBL Beauty Lounge

MBL Beauty Lounge has been offering top-quality services in Dubai since its origin. Their efficient team of creative stylists, makeup artists, and beauticians ensures professional body grooming. They have a complete range of premium cosmetics products, modern equipment, and accessories.

Focused Services

  • Full Arms & Under-arms Waxing
  • Threading Of Eyebrows & Lashes
  • Brazilian and Sugar Waxing
  • Soft and Cold Body Wax
  • Hard Wax For Upper Lip
  • Bikini Waxing For Aesthetics
Website: https://mblbeautylounge.com/
Email: info@mblbeautylounge.com
Phone #: +971 58 593 9902
Location:  Marasi Dr – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

5- NStyle Beauty Lounge

NStyle Beauty Lounge

With over 20 years of experience, NStyle Beauty Lounge is a renowned salon in Dubai. They offer waxing, nail care and treatments, hair care, eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading, massages, and facials at cost-effective rates. Aside from Dubai, they also have multiple branches in other countries.

Focused Services

  • Ensure smooth, silky, and hair-free skin.
  • Comfortable and painless waxing.
  • Lycon & Brazilian Waxing Services.
  • Use premium quality waxes and products.
  • Painless Hair Removal Treatment.
  • Legs, Arms, Neck, and Face Waxing
Website: https://www.nstyleintl.com/
Email: info@nstyleintl.com
Phone #: +971 800 678953
Location:  2401, 24th floor Tower, X3,Cluster X, Jumeirah Lakes, Towers, Dubai

6- Dream Touch Beauty Salon

Dream Touch Beauty Salon

Dream Touch Beauty Salon is another name of trust in Dubai, offering top-line beauty services for the last 10 years. They specialize in They use innovative techniques and products to keep your skin, hair, and nails clean, stylish, and aesthetic.

Highlighted Services

  • Brazilian Waxing Home Service.
  • Use Of Skin-Friendly Products.
  • Aftercare Lotion Application.
  • Sugar Waxing For Sensitive Skin.
  • Under Arm, Eyebrow, Or Chin Waxing
  • Full Leg & Half Leg Waxing.
Website: https://dreamtouch.ae/
Email: info@dreamtouch.ae
Phone #: +97 150 633 7128
Location:  Al Faris Mall, Shop M03 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

7- The Nest

The Nest

Working since 2007 in Dubai, The Nest aims to provide professional services through an expert team, modern equipment, and high-quality beauty products. They offer beauty services from haircuts and styles to waxing and massage. In addition, their proficient makeup artists ensure perfect party, bridal, and airbrush makeup.

Focused Services

  • Face And Lip Threading
  • Bikini & Full Body Waxing
  • Full Arms & Legs Wax
  • Brazilian & Sugar Waxing
  • Axilla Waxing For Aesthetics
  • Soft And Hard Waxing
Website:  https://thenestsalon.ae/
Email: info@thenestsalon.ae
Phone #: +971 4286 8818
Location:  Jumeirah St – next to Al Masraf Bank – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

8- Pastels Salon

Pastels Salon

Pastels Salon, Dubai’s top-notch salon, was established in 2004. With over 20+ years of experience, they‘re offering quality services and beauty products in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They have a team of consultants to provide the best guide for skin, hair, and body care & treatment.

Focused Services

  • Half Arm And Leg Waxing
  • Full and Half Brazilian Wax
  • Bikini Line Hair Removal
  • Flamingo Body Wax
  • Sugar & Fruit Wax
  • Half Front Or Back Wax
Website: https://pastels-salon.com/
Email: help@pastels-salon.com
Phone #: +971 4 388 3534
Location:  1186 Al Wasi Road – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

9- Sister’s Beauty Lounge

Sister’s Beauty Lounge

Founded in 2004, Sister’s Beauty Lounge provides top-quality beauty services and products. They have multiple beauty lounges at different locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Their team uses innovative techniques and modern tools for a complete makeover. Furthermore, they also ensure excellent hygiene and cleanliness at their salons.

Focused Services

  • Pain-Free & Gentle Waxing.
  • Full-Half Arm & Legs Waxing.
  • Bikini & Brazilian Wax Service.
  • Eyebrow, Chin, Or Upper Lip Threading.
  • Complete Hair Removal From Follicles.
Website: https://www.sistersbeautylounge.com/
Email: ex.jane@sistersbeautylounge.com
Phone #: +971 800 7478377
Location: AL SUFOUH ROAD, AMWAJ 4, JUST OPPOSITE THE TRAM. – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

10- Mirrors Beauty Lounge

Mirrors Beauty Lounge

Since its founding in 2018, Mirrors Beauty Lounge has offered quality grooming services at different locations in Dubai. They have well-trained staff with 14+ years of experience in the beauty industry. They provide various services from waxing and facials to hair and nail treatments.

Focused Services

  • Forehead, Chin, Eyebrow, or Upper Lip Waxing.
  • Painless Waxing For Complete Body.
  • Full-Half Arms & Legs Waxing.
  • Full, Half, & Under Arm Waxing.
  • Face, Back, Arms Bleach.
  • Eyebrow, Upper Lip, or Forehead Threading
Website: https://www.mirrorsbeautylounge.com/
Email: info@Mirrorsbeautylounge.com
Phone #: +971 4204 9494
Location:  M-2 Saraya Plaza, 43 Al-Rigga Road, Dubai- UAE


Never compromise on the servicing manners, price ranges, and available hours of a salon. Also, book your appointments at least before 24 hours for smooth visits.

In A Nutshell!

Selecting a salon for waxing treatment requires precise knowledge about the salon environment, staff behavior, professional attitude, and expertise. We have considered all these parameters to craft a list of Dubai’s 10 best waxing salons. Now, you can explore the waxing services of all the above-mention salons and select any of them per your specific requirements and budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

  • 1- How Long A Professional Waxing Treatment Take?
    The total duration taken by the salon for professional waxing treatment usually depends upon multiple factors such as the type of waxing product, applying technique, and expertise of an aesthetician. However, the average time taken by most of the salons is usually 40-50 minutes. 
  • 2- Can Waxing Permanently Remove Hair?
    No, the waxing procedure can’t remove the hair permanently. The process of waxing plucks your hair from the roots and disables the follicles to grow for a limited period. It just keeps your skin surface hairless for a long time. However, waxing for a long time can permanently remove the growth of hair. 
  • 3- What Should I Look For Choosing A Waxing Salon?
    Before choosing any waxing salon, you must have an idea about their expertise, license, customer reviews, and professionalism. In addition, make sure, they’re using skin-friendly waxing products and techniques. They have the proper clean and hygienic environment to ensure customer health.
  • 4- How Long A Full Body Waxing Last?
    The last of a full body waxing usually depends upon multiple factors such as quality and type of wax (soft or hard), applying techniques, skin nature, and personal hair growth cycle. However, a properly waxed body allows the regrowth of hairs after 3-4 weeks.
  • 5- How Much Does Waxing Cost In Dubai?
    The cost of waxing in Dubai and nearby areas usually varies from salon to salon. It usually depends upon the chosen salon, type of waxing procedure, and product quality. However, the total cost ranges from 100-450 AED at different salons.
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