Nature always attracts people; a natural-looking building floor’s styling is always considered more convenient with a soft and comfortable appearance. Therefore, styling a floor with artificial grass/ turf or grass-like carpets is a trend nowadays. Talking about Dubai’s market, it is next to impossible when it comes to filtering out a single artificial grass provider to make the finest purchase because of the overcrowded Dubai market.

But there is no need to get worried; we understand your needs, and therefore, we have separated a list of the top 10 artificial providers in Dubai. In this blog, all these companies are mentioned along with their contact details and missions so you can easily pick a suitable fake grass provider for yourself. Without wasting any time, let’s discuss the important points that help us select these artificial turf companies.

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In this blog, all the top 10 turf providers are highlighted, but here comes the most important question on which parameters we make this selection. The enthusiastic team of Delights Dubai has chosen all these providers based on three major points mentioned below.

  • The quality of the artificial grass is keenly observed to ensure its high functionality.
  • We have observed the price charts of these companies so that you can get premium-quality treatments at affordable rates.
  • Serving manners should never be ignored, and all these companies are working for years to attain 100% customer satisfaction.

Our experts always recommend that you never pick any of the companies from the naming list randomly. Always go through every detail that is mentioned to make a wise decision.

1. Best Artificial Grass Dubai

Best Artificial Grass Dubai

About The Company

One of the best artificial grass providers, this company offers premium quality grass with natural and synthetic fibers for balconies, walls, sports areas, and lawns. With the mission of providing quality grass all over the United Arab Emirates within an affordable price range, this shop ensures 24/7 online availability.

Product & Services

  • This company offers a long list of artificial grass for your commercial and residential buildings with a variety of fiber types to meet your requirements.
  • With free measurements, on-time delivery, and 100% customer care, this shop is offering instant serving manners in the entire United Arab Emirates.
  • Its team also offers expert fake grass installation at affordable rates.
  • Best Artificial Grass Dubai offers quality grass with low-maintenance needs, luxurious looks, and a zero toxicity guarantee in different thicknesses for suiting your place accurately. 
  • You can also get maximum customization options for fake grass on this platform with no extra charges.
Location: Ji.Sunset Road No.45 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number:  +971502136026

2. Daisy Land Scapes

Daisy Land Scapes

About The Company

With 25 years of experience in landscaping and gardening, Daisy Land Scapes offers functional designs and products to make your outdoor spaces more functional and luxurious. This company offers a complete package of interior design projects with eco-friendly styling, maximum creativity, and affordable rates.

Products & Services

  • Daisy Land Scapes provides the best collection of artificial grass that is highly resistant to UV radiations, moisture, and fire.
  • This company claims that its fake grass is easily maintainable and comes with a reasonable rate tag.
  • This company offers expert grass installation in Dubai and nearby areas at affordable prices with proper finishing.
Location: Daisy Landscape Gardening LLC, Deira, Naif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971 55 125 9242

3. Dubai Artificial Grass

Dubai Artificial Grass

About The Company

One of the finest fake grass providers in Dubai is obliged to present quality grass-like carpets with a range of fiber options to enhance the comfort of your commercial or residential floors. With free measurements and consultations, this shop offers 100% customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

  • Dubai Artificial Grass- As the name indicates, this company offers a variety of fake turf for your lawns, balconies, outdoor spaces, walls, and interior floors. 
  • This company provides a long list of fake grass with natural and synthetic fibers to attain different floor functionality.
  • Offering a list of customization options so you can get suitable floor styling from this platform in Dubai and nearby cities.
Location: Fix It Design Carpet And Curtains Trading L.L.C Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz 1 Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Phone Number:  043299456 / +971506379229

4. Artificial Grass Dubai

Artificial Grass Dubai

About The Company

With a separate list of artificial grass collections for indoor and outdoor places to attain specific functionality, this company has been working for years to provide a variety of artificial grass to maintain the luxurious interior styling of your place at affordable rates in Dubai.

Products & Services

  • This company is providing low-maintenance grass carpets in Dubai with a variety of colors to beautify your places with highly functional floor themes.
  • Get a custom-made grass carpet for your sports ground from Artificial Grass Dubai within an affordable pricing range.
  • This company offers free measurements and on-site visits for their clients in Dubai.
  • Moreover, this offers expert online consultations and 24/7 online availability with an assurance of quick serving manners with no extra charges.
Location: Risala Furniture LLC 9 24 A Street, Al Quoz 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +97156 600 9626  +971 54 252 0239

5. KCJ Land Scaping

KCJ Grass

About The Company

With a mission of creating eco-friendly, highly functional, and easily maintainable landscape designs, this company has worked for years in different cities in the United Arab Emirates. This company is known for its quality products, on-time delivery manners, and competitive pricing in Dubai.

Products & Services

  • One of the quality fake turf providers in Dubai, this company not only offers quality grass with low-maintenance fibers but also is working for grass maintenance services in Dubai.
  • This company ensures 24/7 online availability for online expert consultations regarding fake grass to clear out your queries. 
  • KCJ Land Scaping presents instant working manners with no extra charges.
Location: Office No: 308, Diamond Business Center 2, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE.
Phone Number:  +971-4-424 9352 / +971-505478110

6. Easi Grass

Easi Grass

About The Company

Founded in 1989, Easi Grass was started in the UK with the mission of providing you with a perfect grass alternative to lower your DEWA bills. After a decade of hard work and consistency, this company has succeeded in providing real-looking grass with artificial fibers that need low maintenance and no daily care routine and still add a natural look to your floors.

Products & Services:

  • With a variety of fake grass options, Easi Grass presents complete floor styling for your home, business, sports, school, and event areas.
  • This company ensures the high functionality of its artificial grass that you can get even with a click.
  • Hire this company for quick serving manners in Dubai and enjoy reasonable services from Easi Grass.
Location: Platinum Vision Building Dubai Investment Park Dubai United Arab Emirates
Phone Number:  +971 (0)4 884 8209

7. Clear View Grass

Clear View

About The Company

Clear View Grass is one of the top-tier fake grass providers in Dubai that guarantees the quality of its products, aiming to present quality grass carpets for your commercial, residential, and outdoor space styling.

Product & Services

  • Clear View Grass is a company that offers a variety of artificial grass in Dubai at budget-friendly prices.
  • This company provides quality floor designs for your commercial and residential areas. 
  • Also, offer a separate list of grass fibers for your home gardens and lawns.
Location: Clear View Turnkey Projects Contracting 704, NGI Building, Dubai-Deira, United Arab Emirates.
Phone Number:  +971 50 428 3568

8. Artificial Grass Pitch

Green Lawn

About The Company

Providing high-quality synthetic grass carpets for your commercial and residential areas in Dubai. Covering the entire United Arab Emirates with its instant serving manners, Artificial Grass Pitch has made its place at the top of the list.

Products & Services

  • Artificial Grass Pitch provides quality grass with an assurance of low maintenance needs.
  • This company offers reliable working manners and also installs the entire grass carpet within a single go at affordable rates.
  • Its grass variety carries quality synthetic fibers for providing accurate floor styling.
Location: Green Lawn Trading FZEOpal Tower, 7th Floor, Units 701-705, Burj Khalifa Boulevard, Business Bay, Dubai – UAE
Phone Number:  +971502441291 / +97158284 7451 / +97144273765

9. Eco Grass UAE

ECO Grass

About The Company

With an assurance of eco-friendly fibers, Eco Grass UAE offers premium quality fake grass with no toxic elements in the entire United Arab Emirates. Styling your place with real grass is not only expensive but also hectic; Eco Grass is offering affordable grass with low care needs.

Products & Services

  • With different fiber thicknesses, this company offers 100% functional grass-like carpets made of synthetic fibers.
  • This company is serving quick online manners for its services, covering the entire United Arab Emirates; Eco Grass always keeps its pricing structure flexible.
Location: Unit 26, SOBH Warehouse Al Qouz 1 Dubai, UAE
Phone Number:  +971 4 3888 025

10. Maze Grass

Maze Grass

About The Company

With over 13 years of experience, Maze Grass offers a collection of grass-like carpets in Dubai and nearby areas to make your commercial and residential floors highly functional. Maze Grass provides 24/7 guidance regarding soft floor styling.

Products & Services

  • Maze Grass offers a variety of natural and synthetic fiber artificial grass to maximize the functionality and appearance of your place.
  • You can order their custom fake grass with the required size, thickness, and green shade for your place.
  • Maze Grass also provides expert installation services for artificial turf in Dubai with affordable rate tags.
Location: Dubai, UAE
Phone Number:  9714 288 8651

Coming To An End

It is seen that styling floors with artificial turf is in trend in Dubai because of its functional and interior values. Such floors not only add warmth and strength to the floor but also enhance your place’s interior theme by adding a premium natural theme. But the main problem that people face nowadays is how to pick a suitable provider for themselves. Delights Dubai’s team has separated a list of the top 10 artificial grass providers in this blog to make shopping more convenient.

All the shops, along with their contact information and companies’ highlights, are mentioned in this blog. We have also mentioned their websites so you can make an instant booking with no more delays. Choose a shop that goes with your requirements after reviewing the highlighted details for a wise selection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Why Do People Prefer Fake Grass Over The Real One?
Fake grass does not need any maintenance routine and looks luxurious even after months of installation while the real one needs daily cleaning and weekly maintenance with no guarantee of staying productive all the time. Furthermore, unlike real grass, fake grass can tolerate heavy foot traffic and rough maintenance with no damage.
Question 2: What To Consider While Buying Fake Turf For An Outdoor Area?

Some considerable points should never be avoided while buying artificial turf. These points are mentioned ahead.

  • Natural appearance
  • Durable fibers
  • Preferred shape
  • Affordability
  • Enough thickness
Question 3: Recommend Me Two Finest Dubai Shops For Artificial Grass.
Per our survey, Dubai Artificial Grass and Daisy Landscapes are considered the gems in the Dubai market for premium quality products and reliable serving approach. You can book your orders online via their emails and phone numbers with no doubts.
Question 4: Why Is Fake Grass Trendy?
Because of its easier maintenance than the real grass and its cost-effectiveness, fake grass is getting hyped in Dubai. Moreover, you can get these grass like carpets in every color shade, shapes, and fiber types per the requirements of your area.
Question 5: Can I Place This Grass Like Carpet In My Patio?
Monitoring the size of the patio compared with the grass carpet you want to install, the decor color combination, and fiber types, people recommend patio styling using these fake grass like rugs and carpets for a natural look and extra-comfort.
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