Comfortable flooring is proven welcoming; among all the flooring options, carpeting is always preferable because of the comfort and traditional touch it adds to the interior theme. One of the ancient flooring options- Carpets are considered the most affordable and royal option to enhance the functional as well as aesthetic points of your building’s floor.

Carpets come in elegant designs and shades for adding a fascinating floor beauty. They are easily maintainable with so many qualities, including warmth and styling of the place. Traditional interior styling is in Arab culture, and therefore, carpeting can never go outdated in Dubai, but the question that arises after seeing the saturated Dubai market is how to select a carpet shop to attain maximum floor features.

Get To Know The 10 Finest Dubai Carpet Shops

Delights Dubai’s team has filtered out some carpet shops for you so you can quickly pick one at the time of need. All these shops are selected based on so many features like their carpet variety, carpet fibers, quality measures, price tags, and the staff’s working etiquette. Three points that we have only served before mentioning them in this blog are;

  • Reviews regarding these brands are read to know if these carpet shops are attaining some customer satisfaction points or not.
  • They all are mentioned after seeing the working manners of their staff to have a rough estimate about their customer dealing skills.
  • Quality, reliability, and the pricing structure are some other important factors in their selection.

Moving towards the topic, all the details regarding these carpet shops are well highlighted for your ease. But it is recommended by our team to go through every piece of information before finalizing a shop to make a wise decision.

1. Fixit Design

Fix it Design

About The Company

Fixit Design is working to enhance the functionality and appearance of your commercial and residential buildings. In the world of Dubai’s interior design, Fixit has given us different aspects of interior themes per the user’s need. Providing every interior element & reliable list of services in Dubai at affordable rates.

Product & Services

  • In Dubai, Fixit Design offers window coverings, wall themes, floorings, furniture, and interior design projects at reasonable rates.
  • Talking specifically about carpets and rugs, they guys provide different varieties for commercial, residential, and industrial areas.
  • They also offer expert carpet installation at affordable rates for your maximum convenience.
  • Their featured services include online consultations, free quotations, free sampling, quick deliveries, and carpet customization.
Location: Fix it Design Sheikh Zayed Road Al Quoz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number:  +971 55 472 2980 / +971 506379229

2. Muse Design

Muse Design

About The Company

A specific interior design company is working to create functional and fascinating interior themes for your buildings. Muse was started in 2007, and the best thing about this company is you can get every interior design element and treatment on this platform all over the United Arab Emirates (focusing on Dubai & Abu Dhabi).

Products & Services

  • Are you bored with your place’s interior? Muse offers dynamic interior elements with premium quality serving manners for enhancing the functionality of your area.
  • Muse Design is a trustworthy brand known for its customization treatment.
  • It offers a long collection of rugs & carpets so you can add comfy flooring to your place.
Location: Dubai design district, building 1B, office 601, Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone Number: +971-55-357-3290

3. Carpets Dubai

Carpets Dubai

About The Company

Carpets Dubai is presenting every floor solution, from hard flooring to soft flooring options, including floor customization, expert installation, removal, and repair treatments. Because in Dubai, people usually prefer carpeting because of its comfy and warm feel, so they offer a luxurious range of carpets with natural and synthetic fibers, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction & flexible rates.

Products & Services

  • Offering a range of carpets in sheet and tile form to attain the maximum functionality and style of your residential and commercial buildings. 
  • A well-known carpet shop for its Mosque, welcoming Persian carpet designs, and premium quality.
  • You can also get their free consultation services if you need clarification about picking a carpet for your place.
  • One of the best online stores in Dubai offers premium quality flooring at very reasonable rates within the decided time frame.
Location: Fixit design carpet and curtains Showroom number 33, Al Quoz 1st, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971554722980

4. Carpet Land

Carpet Land

About The Company

Carpet Land is an online carpet store that is loaded with a wide collection of carpet designs and types for adding an elegant interior touch to your place. This store is known for the quality of its carpets and the variety of designs all over Dubai.

Products & Services

  • Carpet Land offers every carpet pattern, including floral, geometrical, and abstract designs, to enhance the beauty of your building. 
  • They also present a variety of carpet shades with every pattern to offer maximum options.
  • This carpet shop guarantees reasonable rates, quick serving manners, and 100% quality.
Location: Ground Floor, Pyramid Centre, Oud Metha Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number:  +971 4 337 7717 / +971 4 337 7677

5. Hands Carpets

Hands Carpets

About The Company

A well-known international carpet store that presents a huge off-the-rack carpet collection with a list of shades, designs, fiber variety, and area specificity. Hands Carpet denotes the handmade carpet culture for high floor functionality at reasonable rates.

Products & Services

  • Hands Carpets provides ready-made and customized carpets for beautifying your space. 
  • With maximum customization options, this carpet shop offers reliable quality and serving manners.
  • They keep their price chart very affordable without compromising the quality of their product.
Location: Hands Carpets F.Z. – L.L.C., #3, Ground Floor, Building 9, Dubai Design District, Dubai, U.A.E. (P.O. Box 333015 )
Phone Number:  +971 45898510 / +971 58 8250464/574

6. Zennova Carpet

Zenovo Carpets

About The Company

Presenting a range of carpets and rugs from modern to ancient patterns to highlight your place’s interior designs. Ensures instant services, reliable working methods, and quality products in Dubai.

Products & Services

  • All of their carpets are woven with the help of industrial machinery and hence are stronger and more durable when we compare them to handmade carpets.
  • Every carpet design represents the traditional culture of Iran with its fascinating shades and vibrant patterns.
  • Their classical and Majlis carpet range is famous for its enhanced and functional interior theme appearance.
Location: Zennova Carpets Trading First Al Khail Street Besides Audi Service Center Warehouse #2 Al Quoz 3 Dubai – UAE
Phone Number:  +971 4 351 2770 / +971 50 771 5628 / +971 54 998 9884 / +971 50 823 0223

7. Al Salem Carpet

Al Saleem

About The Company

With the vision of spreading its market approach and satisfying 100% of customers, Al Salem has been working for about 40 years. A well-known Dubai’s leading carpet manufacturer and retailer shop, famous for its home furnishing techniques and products, offers a range of hard & soft flooring options in the market.

Product & Services

  • Al Salem presents a variety of carpet designs with 100% quality assurance and reliable working manners in Dubai and nearby cities.
  • This carpet shop is obliged to present tremendous carpet patterns to take interior styling to the next level.
  • This carpet shop is known for its affordable rates, quick services, and its huge carpet collection.
Location: AL Salem carpet trading est um suqeim road Al quoz 4 Dubai
Phone Number: 043385796 / 043408044 / +971 52 868 6149

8. The Red Carpets

The Red Carpet

About The Company

The Red Carpets is one of the leading carpet stores in the United Arab Emirates. This company presents a complete flooring solution to enhance the functionality of your building. Among their soft flooring options, their rugs are getting hyped in Dubai because of their luxurious designs and long-lasting fiber types.

Products & Services

  • From area rugs to interior-defining rugs, this carpet shop offers almost 25 different designs in almost every color to add an increment to your place’s interior appearance.
  • The Red Carpets is well known in Dubai because of its quality carpets & rugs and affordable pricing chart.
Location: Al Barsha 2 Umm Suqeim Street Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone Number: +971 4 379 47 40

9. Carpet Centre

Carpet Center

About The Company

Carpet Centre, as the name indicates, this company offers premium-quality carpet collections with fast & free shipping availability. Offers ready-made and customized carpets to style your commercial as well as residential places.

Products & Services

  • Carpet Centre is a recommendable shop for Persian & traditional carpets & rugs.
  • You can get a customized carpet for your place following your requirements and the place’s interior demands.
  • Whether natural fibers like silk, cotton, cowhide, wool, bamboo silk, and leather or man-made alternatives like viscose & polyester, this carpet shop offers a huge carpet variety.
Location: Warehouse #6, Al Asayel St, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, U.A.E.
Phone Number: +971 54 701 7925 / +971 4 323 6669

10. N.I.C. Carpets

NIC Carpets

About The Company

With carpet customization, a free home trial, free online consultations, and reliable carpet cleaning options, this carpet company is proving itself in the United Arab Emirates market. N.I.C. Carpets presents highly functional and luxurious carpet options with affordable rate tags.

Products & Services

  • Valuing their work, they offer a traditional carpet range with fascinating names to express the carpet styling.
  • They offer international carpet designs to present the modern culture with ancient blends in Dubai.
  • With a decade of experience in this field, N.I.C. Carpets provides handmade and machine-made carpets & rugs for your place’s interior styling.
Location: N.I.C. CARPETS, P.O. Box. 172190, Shop No. 7, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number:  +971 4 3686002  / +971 4 2219800

Coming To An End

Floors cover a large portion of the interior theme, and therefore, styling always impacts the interior design of the building. Comfortable soft floors like carpet and rugs are always preferable for enhancing the floor’s functionality with no compromise on its luxurious appearance. The need of the hour is the selection of the best carpet provider in Dubai, where almost thousands of people are working on interior flooring. 

Delights Dubai has selected the 10 best Dubai carpet shops with affordable rates, reliable working etiquette, and long-lasting, high-quality carpets to provide you with maximum ease. All the details regarding these famous shops and their products are mentioned in this blog. We always recommend you read this post with a keen focus before making any selection. Happy home styling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How Long Should Carpets Last?
A premium quality carpet can stay longer than a decade depending on the treatments it gets. According to expert recommendations, daily and weekly carpet cleaning routines can save it from unwanted particles and sudden damages. Moreover, carpet’s longevity also depends on the fiber type it contains, the area it serves, and the maintenance treatments it gets.
Question 2: How Much Does Sisal Carpet Benefit?
Sisal, being a sturdy plant fiber, can withstand heavy weights without compromising its appearance. Sisal floor carpet carries affordable tag and interior defining properties. Furthermore, it is an eco-friendly carpet type therefore can be biodegraded. Sisal fiber carpets can be placed in both residential as well commercial areas because of their functionality.
Question 3: Which Is The Best Carpet Option For The Office Environment?
Nylon is a durable carpet material that is recommendable for office atmospheres. This carpet offers moisture, stains, and dust resistance. Moreover, it is easier to clean and stays longer than expected.
Question 4: What Is The Best Outdoor Carpet In Dubai?
Polypropylene and polyester are two water-resistant carpets hence are the best option for outdoor flooring treatments. These floor carpets are specially designed to bear maximum foot traffic, weather conditions, and also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your place.
Question 5: Which Is The Best Carpet Shop In Dubai?
Talking about Dubai carpet providers, Carpet Dubai, Muse Design, and Fixit Design are offering every carpet treatment at very reasonable rates in every Dubai corner. You can also hire their professionals for quick and expert carpet installation. Moreover, they offer maximum carpet customizations for your feasibility with no extra charges.
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