Window covering is always considered the interior theme supporter, and curtains are an affordable option among all window covers. Curtains come in different fabric options with attractive shapes and patterns to complement your place’s interior styling. Moreover, curtains are just huge fabric folds that can be easily operated and maintained with no hectic routine.

The problem here is how to select a curtain shop in Dubai that offers highly functional and easily manageable curtain collection and reliable curtain services at reasonable rates. Dubai is loaded with international curtain companies for emphasizing window styling in an interior. Delights Dubai’s team understands that selecting a curtain shop could be hectic for a customer when we observe market saturation. In this blog, we have concluded 10 top curtain companies to make this choice easier.

Highlighting The 10 Finest Curtain Shops In Dubai (2024)

Nowadays, the entire market has been shifted to online operating systems, and trusting a source with an online appearance is considered fishy. In this blog, we have mentioned the top 10 curtain companies that offer reliable curtain treatments in Dubai and are easily approachable, even with a click. All these shops are selected based on the 3 major steps mentioned below.

  • The quality of their curtains and curtain treatments are observed with a keen focus so you get the best suggestion from us.
  • The pricing structure of the shop can never be ignored; all of these curtain shops demand very reasonable rates in Dubai.
  • These shops highlight the importance of window styling and, therefore, offer quick means of serving, a variety of options, and professional etiquette.

Moving towards the topic, we will discuss every detail regarding these shops and their contact information so you can easily make the right choice. All the details are mentioned following the list of Dubai’s top curtain shops.

1. Dubai Curtain

Dubai Curtain

About The Company

Dubai Curtain is one of the best curtain shops in Dubai, serving for about 22 years with the best quality interior elements and treatments. Dubai Curtain ensures 100% quality, competitive prices, and fast serving manners, along with expert concentration.

Product & Services

  • Presenting quality curtains for residential and commercial areas with interior-defining curtain designs at affordable rates.
  • This company offers maximum curtain customization options so you can choose the best for your place’s interior.
  • Proving a range of traditional window curtains in silk, linen, velvet, & other fabric options with different border styling for eyelet, motorized, and layered window curtains.
  • Dubai Curtain offers expert curtain fixing services to ensure the 100% quality of their curtain services.
  • With free measurements, quotations, sampling, and delivery services, this company is getting hyped in Dubai.
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Phone Number: +971 50 637 9229

2. Hawashim Curtain

Hawashim Curtains

About The Company

Hawashim Curtain is one of the leading curtain brands in Dubai that ensures curtain fabric quality, reasonable price tags, free delivery, expert concentrations, and 100% customer satisfaction. This company is presenting a range of window treatment solutions with blackout and sheer window coverings.

Products & Services

  • Hawashim Curtain offers a window curtain collection for residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
  • Their expert concentrations help you select a suitable window cover for your place following its interior design.
  • This company provides its customers with free window measurements, free curtain customization, and free window curtain installation services in Dubai.
Location: Naif Road, Behind Khalid Mosque, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number:  +971 4 2727624 / 055 5857823 / 050 5947933

3. Fixit Design

Fix it Design

About The Company

One of the trust-worthy interior design companies in Dubai, presenting a long list of window curtains with tremendous fabric and design options to go with your place’s interior. Covering the entire United Arab Emirates with its remarkable services and professional interior guidance.

Products & Services

  • Presenting a long list of window curtains in high-quality fabric options, including silk, velvet, linen, and net options for both residential and commercial areas. 
  • You can get both traditional and smart window styling options from this brand.
  • Fixit Design offers reliable curtain treatments, including free measurements, expert installation, and every kind of online assistance.
Location: Fix it Design Sheikh Zayed Road Al Quoz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Phone Number: +971 506379229

4. Window Curtain Shop

Window Curtain Shop

About The Company

Window Curtain Shop is one of the top-rated brands in the United Arab Emirates, working for years to offer premium-quality curtains and services at affordable rates. With an assurance of 100% customer satisfaction, expert consultations, and on-time services, this brand is making its place at the top of the list.

Products & Services

  • For styling your home & office space, Window Curtain Shop is presenting a list of blackout and sheer window curtains to meet your requirements. 
  • From ready-made/ off-the-rack to custom curtains, you can get every drape from them within the decided time frame.
  • Offers maximum customization options regarding making a curtain choice per your place’s interior theme. 
  • This shop also offers instant curtain accessorizing and alteration services to save your time in Dubai and other United Arab Emirates areas.
Location: Mall, Warehouse – Al Asayel St – 6 – near Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai
Phone Number: +971 50 716 8667 / +971 50 716 8667 / 04 257 8700 / +971 50 475 3866

5. Al Baraka Curtains

Al Baraka Curtains

About The Company

With affordable rates & attractive discounts, Al Baraka is offering a reliable range of curtain fabrics with 100% quality assurance & quick serving manners. Al Baraka is famous for its professional working etiquette and availability of various trendy window covering options

Products & Services

  • Availability of home & office curtains with a variety of geometrical, floral, and abstract art patterns & attractive shades to highlight your place’s primary shades.
  • Al Baraka offers reliable services & expert consultations regarding window styling that you can get by sending them a request at their email or calling them at their official number, which is mentioned below.
Location: Al Baraka Curtains, Musaffah-Shabia-ME/10, Abu Dhabi- UAE.
Phone Number: +971555906161

6. Premium Decorations

Premium Decoration

About The Company

Premium Decorations is one of the finest shops in Dubai that offers premium quality window covering options for commercial and residential areas. This company is just a few years old and still making its space by providing valuable services to its clients.

Products & Services

  • Premium Decorations is loaded with an extensive selection of window covering options, including a wide curtain range with design, texture, and shade options.
  • Offering every curtain collection, from decorative curtains to smart curtain options.
  • Their products include double-pinch pleat curtains, lined pencil pleat curtains, wave curtains, and blackout curtains.
  • This company offers reliable curtain services that you can book even with a click without creating any doubts in your mind.
Location: Jurf Industrial Area 3 Ajman UAE
Phone Number: +971 5280 06 365

7. Budget Curtains

Budget Curtains

About The Company

Budget Curtains is UAE’s top-notch curtain brand that is obliged to serve quality window curtains for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings at very affordable rates. They have a team of experts that is working to offer reliable curtain services for 100% customer satisfaction.

Product & Services

  • From plain to decorative curtains, Budget Curtains offers every curtain option for blackout and sheer window styling with attractive discount tags.
  • Budget Curtains provides every color, design, and pattern for window curtains to complement your home & office decor.
  • Focusing on home decor styling, Budget Curtains presents decorative curtains and maximum curtain customization options with on-time delivery manners.
Location: Area M06 – 010 Saif Zone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 06 557 0614

8. Home Curtain

Home Curtain

About The Company

Home Curtain company is focused on home interior styling; this is actually an online store that was founded in 2016 and is loaded with almost 10,000 products to provide you with home window styling options at very affordable rates.

Products & Services

  • Home Curtain provides quality curtains for home, office, and hotel interior decor with interior-defining patterns and reasonable rate tags.
  • This company offers on-time treatments for commercial and residential window covers through online serving manners.
  • Their experts also offer reliable curtain fixing and customization treatments for their clients with no extra charges.
Location: Mall, Warehouse – Al Asayel St – 6 – near Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: Phone: +971 50 716 8667 / Landline : (+971) 04 257 8700

9. Curtains Gallery

Curtains Gallery

About The Company

As its name indicates, this company offers a complete solution for window decoration with its premium curtain solutions. Curtains Gallery presents the availability of every curtain type and accessory to enhance your window appearance.

Products & Services

  • Curtains Gallery presents the art of stylish window covers on its platform with a range of decorative curtains to enhance your home interior designs.
  • This Dubai curtain company offers curtain alteration, stitching, and finishing accessories for a creative window look.
Location: Morocco Cluster Building J6 Shop#9 International City
Phone Number: +971529349733

10. Al Nibras

Al Nirbas

About The Company

Al Nibra is one of the finest window curtain suppliers in Dubai; Al Nibra is a rising curtain shop with a team of professional and enthusiastic employees working to take window styling to the next level. Established in 2018 and made its worth within three years in Dubai’s market because of its quality, products, and reliable serving manners.

Products & Services

  • Al Nibras offers a range of traditional window curtains, especially focused on American window styling culture.
  • This company offers free measurements, concentrations, and quotations for your convenience.
  • Al Nibra also offers free home visits, a list of curtain designs, and different texture options for proper window styling.
Phone Number: +971 56 565 6888

A Well-Defined Conclusion

With no curtains, a naked window always adds a bad sign to an interior theme. It is better to style your place’s interior with affordable, easy, maintainable, and elegant window coverings and curtains. Offering from traditional to smart curtain options, Dubai’s market is saturated with international curtain designs that make it difficult to choose a single curtain company in Dubai. 

Almost the entire Dubai market has shifted to online working modes, and therefore, customers get confused while picking a curtain shop. But, in this blog, Delights Dubai’s team has mentioned the top 10 curtain shops with premium quality window styling treatments and affordable rates. Now, you can pick a shop with a click to style your commercial as well as residential place’s windows. For making the right choice, go through all the information and then place an order.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Which Company Provides The Best Luxury Home Curtains In Dubai?
Home curtain is a well known curtain company for luxurious residential window curtains in Dubai. This company offers a variety of window curtains to style your home at very reasonable rates. Moreover, Home Curtain also provides curtain installation and customization services for your feasibility.
Question 2: Where Can I Buy Customized Curtains In Dubai?
Dubai is loaded with international curtain shops. Fixit Design, Dubai Curtain, and Premium Decoration, offer maximum curtain customization options at reasonable rates. You can also get curtain installation and accessories from them without any extra charges.
Question 3: What Are Some Cheap Bedroom Curtains In Dubai?
Talking about cheap but efficient window treatments in Dubai, Blackout, Eyelet, Pleated, and Sheer curtains are in trend.
Question 4: What Factor To Consider While Choosing A Curtain?
Our specialists always recommend double checking the interior theme of your place before making a curtain purchase. Curtain quality, fabric, styling, size, accessories, price tags, and measurements are the essential factors to consider. Always make a fascinating combination of your curtain colour with the wall theme to avoid interior mess.
Question 5: Recommend Some Curtain Options For My Office.
To maintain office decorum, Blackout and Sheer curtains are expert recommendations per building requirements. Blackout curtains provide maximum privacy due to their closely packed fabric structure. Therefore, they block outside light, invasive sounds, and breezes. While Sheer curtains can add a lighting effect to your place so you can utilize natural light to maintain your focus.
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