Renovation is a task that needed to be done for enhancing our place’s appearance or functionality. Talking about home interiors, the kitchen is the only room that captures your almost full day. Because this place experiences heat, random stains, and foot traffic, it occupies so many interior-damaging factors. With the advancement in the interior designing field, it is seen that renovating a kitchen needs proper detailing and time management. However, hiring a renovation company is still a difficult task because of the saturation in the Dubai market.

Here are the top ten kitchen renovation providers mentioned in this post that are selected by following significant criteria. This ease was created by our experts after double-checking all the information so you would be able to experience convenience and creativity.

Criteria- Selecting A Kitchen Renovation Company

The criteria that were finalized by our experts are mentioned ahead in the form of three main points. All the points describe the pin essentials that were needed to have a keen focus on. Let’s move ahead.

  • The creative designs and renovation demands are being observed.
  • The pricing structure of these companies is focussed so you can get cheap but good quality services.
  • Their team management, availability, ideas, and material approach are checked to define more ease.

Note: Without wasting any minutes, it is better to discuss the companies, their highlights, serving approach, and contact details so you can book them instantly when you need them.

1. Kitchen By Pro

Kitchen By Pro

About The Company

Providing custom kitchen designs with a highly functional approach to match the interior of your residential and commercial places in Dubai and nearby areas. Kitchen By Pro ensures reasonable additions, aesthetical design, and functional elements to enhance your kitchen’s features.

Highlighted Services:

  • Following the requirements of your place’s interior and your preferences, this company is obliged to offer innovative kitchen ideas at very affordable rates.
  • From modern kitchen interior designs to traditional ones, Kitchen By Pro provides a long list so you can get your dream kitchen.
  • This company presents kitchen interior designing and renovation treatments utilizing a combination of modern technology tools and expert skills.
Location: Arjan, Barsha 3, UAE
Phone Number: +971 50 471 72 53

2. Yalla Renovation

Yalla Renovation

About The Company

Being a leading, Dubai-based renovation company, Yalla Renovation has been touching the heights of renovations for 6 years. With a team of more than a hundred employees, this company offers an incredible renovation series in Dubai and nearby areas.

Highlighted Services:

  • Providing affordable but fascinating kitchen renovation following modern and classical interior themes with a 10-year warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Yalla Renovation not only offers kitchen renovation treatments but is also known for other interior renovation and maintenance services.
  • This company follows a chain of precisely designed project establishment, including planner, timeline, approvals, guidance, design confirmation, project preferences chart, and other required data to run the whole process flawlessly.
Location: Office 108, Al Maidoor Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Phone Number:+971 55 885 2450 / +971 52 496 7718

3. Interior Works

Interior Work

About The Company

Among the top-notch interior fit-out companies in Dubai, Interior Works promises to transform your space with their innovative 2D and 3D fit-out ideas for your commercial and residential areas. Using high technology tools and expert skills, Interior Works ensures flexibility of designs with no extra charges.

Highlighted Services:

  • Regarding kitchen interior designs, Interior Works presents a complete 2D and 3D visualization at very affordable rates to modify your kitchen following modern and highly functional interior designs.
  • This company offers custom interior designs and renovation treatments so you can get a dream kitchen look per your preferences.
  • Their professionals always take a complete look along with precise measurements of the area you want to transform before starting your project.
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: +971 568556676 / +971 524161890

4. Paint Guru

Paint Guru

About The Company

Paint Guru is obliged to offer highly functional renovation designs with fascinating appearances to make a significant difference in the interior design field. Based in Dubai, this company provides interior designing, renovation, wall painting, and some fixing services for the interior of your buildings.

Highlighted Services:

  • Paint Guru is getting hyped in Dubai because of its stunning kitchen ideas that fulfil the expectations of every client.
  • Irrespective of kitchen diameter (measurements), this company offers electrical cabling work, civil work, tiling work, plumbing work, and detailing for small and large kitchens, following your design preferences.
  • Other than kitchen renovation projects, Paint Guru provides painting, tiling, renovation, commercial areas interior design, home interior design, and e-design services at very affordable rates.
Location:Nr. Miracle Garden Arjan, Dubai
Phone Number:+971 56 786 62 63

5. La Cucina Designs

LA Cucina

About The Company

Creating exceptional modular kitchen systems, the La Cucina presents modern, classic, and minimalistic designs to follow your interior design requirements. La Cucina Designs, with the basics of Italian contacts and artisanal craftsmanship, presents innovative and premium quality renovation treatments to ensure highly functional and fascinating kitchen areas.

Highlighted Services:

  • La Cucina Designs ensures consistent and on-time kitchen renovation treatments with proper finishes at affordable rates using digital and innovative design maps, high-technology tools, and expert skills.
  • Talking about their famous kitchen designs, their modern, traditional, minimalist, and smart kitchens are getting hyped.
  • La Cucina Designs offers kitchen designs, appliances, wardrobes, and some other interior elements in Dubai and nearby areas.
  • You can contact them anytime to get free online consultation services regarding renovation and interior design projects.
Location:ESAG Design Hub Building 1A, 1st Floor, d3, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: +971 4 268 0656

6. Handyman DxB

Handyman DXB

About The Company

Being the finest interior provider in Dubai, Handyman DxB has been running home improvement projects for over five years with guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction at a very flexible pricing structure. This company is doing a marvellous job in transforming your ancient kitchen designs into an innovative modern kitchen idea with an enhanced functional approach.

Highlighted Services:

  • Handyman DxB provides a complete package for kitchen renovation, home renovation, and commercial building interior transformation in Dubai and nearby areas.
  • Keeping its rates very affordable, Handyman DxB presents premium quality, on-time, and finest painting, plumbing, carpentry, refurbishment, electrical, and other repairing services.
  • This company ensures premium quality renovation treatments for your kitchen using an innovative approach, professional means, and proper planning techniques.
Location: Shop#30 AL Dalal Bldg Satellite Market, Near Golden Square Hotel Deira, Dubai, UAE
Phone Number: 0523784084

7. Fixit Design

Fixit Design

About The Company

UAE’s top-tier home improvement company, Fixit Design, ensures exceptional decor upgrades, seamless fixation, and proficient professional work without a single transformation compromise. Fixit Design has been working for years to proficiently upgrade kitchen renovation aspects in the Dubai market without extending its pricing chart.

Highlighted Services:

  • Regarding kitchen renovation projects, this company presents customized interior design solutions with enhanced functionality.
  • In the field of home improvement, you can get every interior-defining element and service by hiring their experts.
  • At affordable rates, Fixit Design offers its services with promised premium finishing, high quality, and professional servicing manners.
Location: Fix it Design Sheikh Zayed Road Al Quoz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Phone Number:+971 506379229 / +971 55 472 2980

8. Snaidero


About The Company

The Snaidero group is one of the finest European brand in the kitchen design industry, with an experience of over 70 years; in 2015, it started working in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) with the mission to bring contemporary Italian kitchen designs to this country.

Highlighted Services:

  • With an exclusive range of kitchen designs, systems, and accessories, Snaidero presents innovative yet budget-friendly ideas to add highly functional cooking space to your building designs.
  • Snaidero provides on-time project finishing with flexible price tags and ensures 100% customer satisfaction to create maximum ease for you.
  • Talking about its team and working manners, all of its workers, including expert interior designers, specialized architectures, management team, and delivery staff, everyone follows professional yet friendly manners for your ease.
Location: G-SH 1 – Ground Floor Plot no. 363-1018 – Al Manara – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
Phone Number: +971 52 347 2860

9. Fixwell


About The Company

Fixwell has been serving Dubai with its premium home maintenance expertise since 2014. Covering all residential needs, this brand promises fast response, 24/7 availability, performance excellence, professionalism, easy payment options, and integrity without any increment in its pricing chart.

Highlighted Services:

  • Regarding kitchen remodelling services, Fixwell offers innovative kitchen refurbishment and redesign in Dubai and nearby areas for your feasibility.
  • For an ideal kitchen design, no matter if you are following trendy or traditional interior elements, this company offers 100% customer satisfaction at affordable rates.
  • Fixwell follows a proper procedure for the completion of your kitchen renovation project that includes pricing and planning, design visualization, working (renovation), and expert finishing.
  • This company also presents every fixing service for your residential place, from maintenance to repairing work, at very affordable rates, covering Dubai and other nearby cities.
Location: Office 4203, Aspin Commercial Tower, SZ Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates. / Office #5, Saeed Juma Building, Al Rowdha 2 Ajman, United Arab Emirates.
Phone Number: +971 55 5244076

10. Algebra


About The Company

For 3D and precise interior work, Algebra is working in Dubai with a team of talented designers and expert architects so you can get your dream renovation work done. Providing a complete solution for residential, commercial, and retail projects in every area of Dubai (including local areas).

Highlighted Services:

  • Algebra is known for its professional etiquette, on-point project work, and fascinating finish.
  • This company offers an affordable and trendy solution for kitchen space with a fascinating interior design idea that not only appears appealing but also highlights the functional features.
  • Being one of the top renovation companies in Dubai, Algebra offers a complete solution for managing your kitchen aesthetics and functionality, including civil, architectural, structural, tiling, plastering, plumbing, wall-cladding, drainage, electrical, ceiling, flooring, furnishing, and layout modification works.
Location: Marina Heights Tower – Dubai
Phone Number: +971 (0)4 883 7300

The Bottom Line!

A home or office can stay luxurious even after years of usage, but what about a kitchen space? Because it experiences different intensities of fire (temperature fluctuations), continuous staining, and high foot traffic (as compared to other home areas), it is more prone to get damaged. Also, a kitchen renovation is a task that not only needs proper time but also can not go well without a highly functional design.

Finding a single renovation company in Dubai for your kitchen is so hectic, but our experts have separated a list of the top ten renovation providers after double-checking the information for your maximum convenience. In this blog, every highlighted/ core detail is mentioned so you can hire renovation experts whenever your kitchen needs to get a renovation treatment.

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