Pakistan is known as the king of spices, where people usually blend traditional spices to extract a new spice type. Dubai, an international place, has enormous restaurants serving various food to meet your requirements. Pakistani restaurants serve many dishes to provide you with particular options.

You can find authentic dishes per your requirements on a Pakistani restaurant’s menu from extra spice to accurate sweetness. Finding a restaurant that serves your cravings and provides you with a most-wanted combination of delicious food and outstanding views is time-taking. Therefore, we have filtered the top ten restaurants for your convenience. In this article by Delights Dubai, you will find the top Pakistani restaurant list and their details to help you select properly

Go Through All The Necessary Details | The Top Ten Pakistani Restaurants

After learning that finding the single best restaurant that serves the best blend of Pakistani spices is impossible. We are moving toward the reality of filtering out a cluster of Pakistani restaurants so anyone can choose the one that suits his requirements. Dubai is aesthetically decorated with natural and artificial styling modes, and finding a restaurant that offers the right food and the correct views for Instagram feeds is essential. 

This article is written to create ease for people that are confused about picking a Pakistani restaurant. The list of best Pakistani picks is mentioned with all the necessary information so you can quickly book your seat there. Let’s move toward the main topic after the list highlights.

1. Des Pardes Restaurant- 24 Hours, Dubai

Des Pardes Restaurant dubai

The meaning of this restaurant’s name indicates the emotional values of every person that are connected with his country and people. Des Pardes presents the most delicious Pakistani food icons, especially street food, within a reasonable amount. Moreover, this restaurant serves Halal and also is among vegetarian-friendly eateries.

  • Interior Decoration: The interior module of this restaurant is more like a Pakistani home, with light-shaded walls and decent furnishing. Skin and dark-brown shaded furnishing on a light-solid shade of flooring look fantastically awesome.
  • Highlighted Servings: Chicken Karahi, Daal Maash, Mutton Peshawari, Mix BBQ Platter, Dum deighi Biryani, Beef bihari boti, Aloo palak, Mixed Daal, White chicken handi, and  Naan are the best servings of Des Pardes. Separating their dessert, Gulab Jamun, Keer, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Lassi are the most-demanding servings of Des Pardes Dubai.
  • Honest Opinions: If you want to enjoy the yummiest Pakistani spices in Dubai, this place is the best, with reasonable bills and delicious food icons.
Exact Location: Oud Metha, 10th Street, Near Lamcy Square, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 04 379 5701
Working Hours (Availability): One of the rare restaurants in Dubai that serve 24/7 without compromising the food quality.
Reserve Your Table: Des Pardes Restaurant, Dubai

2. Gifto’s of London, Asian Cuisine

Gifto’s of London, An Indian-Pakistani Cuisine

After the successful London restaurant, Gifto now also serves the international UAE city, Dubai, at the most beautiful Dubai Marina location. India-Pakistan’s blends are seen in many fields, for example, cricket; if you want to explore the spices blends of both nations, Gifto is the A1 recommendation.

  • Interior Decoration:  Gifto’s interior is styled with decent furnishing, comfortable seats with cushions, and long curtains for an elegant appearance. The outdoor area presents beautiful Marina views, suitable for someone who wants to enjoy natural views. All the waiters wear Asian clothing to highlight the importance of traditional values. Dotted floor patterns are seen, and a live kitchen with traditional food odor attracts the most attention.
  • Highlighted Servings: Mix Grill Platter, Pani Puri, Dessert Platter, Butter Chicken, and Falooda Icecream are the star food icons by Giftos of London in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinions: Dubai’s most comfortable Indo-Pak restaurant for family-friends and private dining.
Exact Location: Marina Gate, R110, Marina Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 04 557 5622
Working Hours (Availability): 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Every day Schedule)
Reserve Your Table: Gifto’s of London, Dubai, UAE

3. Wakha | Pakistani Hospitality 


Pakistanis are known for the best hospitality; Wakha is a Pakistani restaurant at the Al Barsha Dubai location, popular for food flavors and serving manners. Serving the blends of spices from Pakistan and Afghan.

  • Interior Decoration: A comfortable restaurant with brown as its highlighted or primary interior shade, a beautiful combination of darker and lighter shades with no overly decorated corners and furnishing. Less detailed walls, decent ceiling design with sufficient lighting, and picture post-card Al Bashra views.
  • Highlighted Servings: Lamb Chops, Wakkah Platter, Mixed Grill Platter, and Mutton Dish Served with Rice Pilaf are the signature dishes by Wakha.
  • Honest Opinions: You must go for meat options; always confirm your bookings before visiting this place.
Exact Location: Al Barsha 1, Opposite Lulu Hypermarket, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 347 0788
Working Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table: Wakha, Dubai

4. Little Lahore, An Indo-Pak Eatery

Little Lahore, An Indo-Pak Restaurant in Dubai

Lahore is a city in Pakistan and India; this restaurant represents the spices blend of both nations. Little Lahore represents the spices and hospitality of these cities with cultural Punjabi vibes. One of the best Asian restaurants, with delicious desi food, excellent ambiance, and reasonable bills

  • Interior Decoration: Black, White, and Grey as highlighted decor shades; the shiny floor tiles are black and white with a few lighting and wall-picture decorations on the decently organized grey walls with different shades. The outdoor seating space is well-organized for family gatherings, offering a JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) view.
  • Highlighted Servings: Pakoras, Alu Tikis, Pulao, Biryani, and Parathas are the A1 Little Lahore servings.
  • Honest Opinions: Make a reservation before visiting this Indo-Pak restaurant; this place is a must for royal hospitality.
Exact Location: UB-10, Cluster G, Jumeirah Business Centre Towers, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 441 4270
Working Hours (Availability): 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM (Monday to Friday) 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Reserve Your Table: Little Lahore, Dubai

5. Nayaab Handi, AL Wasl, Pakistani Restaurant

Nayaab Handi, AL Wasl, Pakistani Restaurant

Nayaab Handi is considered the No. 1 Pakistani restaurant in Dubai, with five branches at different spots in Dubai, popular for its authentic flavors. The one branch we are discussing right now is located at Al Wasl Road with a beautiful city view.

  • Interior Decoration: This restaurant represents the ancient Nawab culture without compromising the interior. The entire place is well-organized with ancient structures but contains modern means of furnishing and detailing.
  • Highlighted Servings: Mutton Handi, Chicken Biryani, Kardhais, Chapli Kababs, Bukhari with Mix Grill, Malai Boti, and Seekh Kabab are the most wanted dishes of Nayaab Handi Dubai.
  • Honest Opinions: This restaurant is always crowded, so better to make your reservations before paying a visit; the best place for desi Pakistani food.
Exact Location: Al Badaa, Al Wasl Road, Next to Al Ghazal Mall, Dubai, Near Iranian Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 359 7448
Working Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM (Saturday to Thursday) 01:45 PM to 11:30 PM (Friday)
Reserve Your Table: Nayaab Handi, Pakistani Restaurant, Dubai

6. Mango People | Authentic Pakistani Spices

Mango People Fulfill Your Cravings With Pakistani Spices

The concept of this restaurant is to serve food to everyone therefore, they are highly affordable, offering the yummiest Pakistani dishes with delightful Dubai views. Mango People has been the meetup spot for students in Dubai.

  • Interior Decoration: Beautifully decorated restaurant with a modern interior theme and furnishing for a trendy touch-up. Well-organized furnishing, funky wall paint detailing, and ancient lighting style highlight this place. The outdoor place is well-arranged, defining the sitting area.
  • Highlighted Servings: Halwa Puri, Chicken Sindhi Biryani, Haleem, Special Mutton Chaska Handi, Chicken Malai Boti Rolls, Pakoras, Bun Kabab, Murgh Channa Chaat, and Nutella Paratha are their main servings in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinions: Everyone wants to taste the best food even if he is broke, don’t worry; this restaurant serves its purpose even with a bit of money in your pocket.
Exact Location: The Blue Building, Dubailand Residential Complex, Wadi Al Safa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 578 6154
Working Hours (Availability): 08:00 AM to 01:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) 08:00 AM to 02:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table: Mango People, Dubai

7. Express Daily Restaurant | Deira Dubai

Express Daily Restaurant

This Pakistani restaurant, no doubt, serves authentic Pakistani flavors in Dubai with reasonable charges. Explore this place to see a modern interior module that is designed on an ancient basis in Dubai.

  • Interior Decoration: Shades of brown are used to define the interior theme; a well-organized restaurant serves authentic Pakistani flavors with excellent ambiance and servicing manners. Check out their outdoor seating space for Dubai views.
  • Highlighted Servings: Daily restaurant serves the yummiest Saadi Nihari, Mutton Qeema Mirch, Behari Kabab, Chicken / Mutton Pashawri, Chicken Biryani, Dal Tarka, Seekh Kabab, Tandoori Roti, and Kheer.
  • Honest Opinions: The best place for a desi breakfast in overall Dubai
Exact Location: Port Saeed, AL Ittihad Road, Deira Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 256 7557
Working Hours (Availability): 08:30 AM to 12:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) 08:30 AM to 01:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table: Express Daily Restaurant, Deira Dubai

8. Student Biryani – Deira Dubai

Student Biryani – Deira Dubai

The most famous Biryani spot in Dubai, with reasonable rates, a nice ambiance, and authentic Indo-Pak flavors. This place is famous for its Chicken Biryani (Rice cooked with Chicken in traditional spices) and serves many desi dishes other than Biryani at cost-effective prices.

  • Interior Decoration: One highlighted aspect of this restaurant is its red and yellow theme, comfortable seats, dramatic wall art, and different sitting spaces that make it more interesting.
  • Highlighted Servings: Nihari, Chicken Biryani, Haleem, Special Zarda, Barbeque, Fried Chicken Chargha, Paratha, and Kheer are never-to-skip food icons by Student Biryani in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinions: The best spot for a desi meal in Deira Dubai. A seat reservation is a better option before paying a visit.
Exact Location: Baniyas Road Pearl Creek Hotel, Shop #5,  Deira, Al Rigga, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 056 339 6281
Working Hours (Availability): 08:30 AM to 12:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) 08:30 AM to 01:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table: Student Biryani, Dubai

9. Barbecue Delights, A Jumeirah Beach Residence Restaurant

Barbecue Delights, A Jumeirah Beach Residence Restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants, presents Jumeirah Beach views with Pakistani flavors, and is known for its special Barbecue platters. Decent place with a separate family gathering spot and private dining.

  • Interior Decoration: Totally designed on an Industrial theme, with decent sitting arrangements and funky shades for a colorful appearance of the restaurant. Interior details, including ceiling lights, color combinations, and decoration elements, are well crafted.
  • Highlighted Servings: Barbecue Delights presents the best Mutton Ribs, Mixed Grill Platter, Afghani Pulao, Barbecue Special Platter, Steamed White Rice, Biryani, Kheer, and Shahi Tukry.
  • Honest Opinions: This restaurant serves the best Pakistani flavors with JBR picture post-card views.
Exact Location: Adjacent to Sofitel Hotel, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 052 193 5143
Working Hours (Availability): 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM (Every Day Routine)
Reserve Your Table: Barbecue Delights, JBR Dubai

10. Truck Adda Eat Corner, Colorful Theme

Truck Adda Restaurant, Pakistani Restaurant

Truck Adda, as the name indicates, is crafted on the Truck design interior module. All the colors are well-balanced with the simple furnishing and therefore no over interior appearance is seen at this place.

  • Interior Decoration: Completely designed as a Truck Adda (spot) with colorful wall shelves, simple furnishing, and sufficient lighting. Jumeirah views are the best to appreciate while sitting in a colorful atmosphere where the perfect vibe matches your mood.
  • Highlighted Servings: Truck Adda serves the best Lamb Karahi, Chicken BBQ, Rolls, Bun Kebab, Naan Paratha, Beef BBQ, Chicken Handi, and Shahi Tukry.
  • Honest Opinions: Truck Adda is highly recommended for Dhaba vibes, authentic Pakistani Flavors, & friends gatherings in Dubai because of its unique interior styling.
Exact Location: In Front Of Union Flag, Jumeirah Road, Sheikh Hamdan Award Complex, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 56 505 8795
Working Hours (Availability): 06:00 PM to 05:00 AM (Every day’s Routine)
Reserve Your Table: Truck Adda Restaurant, Dubai

Star-Points Of This Blog

Doubtlessly, Asian spices are popular worldwide, but you’ll be glad to know that Pakistan is the major contributor to creating different blends of spices. Dubai is the center of the international market and hence is covered by thousands of restaurants serving quality food of different origins. Finding the best Pakistani restaurant is as tricky as limiting your eating habit to hunger pangs. 

In this blog, we have separated the top ten Pakistani restaurants so you can select the one that suits your requirements. Some Dubai restaurants do serve blends of Pakistani spices with Asian or Indian spices to meet the level of your cravings. All the necessary information, including restaurants’ contact numbers and website addresses, are mentioned above. The maximum ease has been provided so you can quickly reserve your table in Dubai’s famous Pakistani eatery with no delay.

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