People especially Asians, always crave mouth-watering spices to reward their taste buds. It is impossible to skip delicious Indian dishes with original spices if you are in Dubai. As it is well understood, Dubai, an international spot, is overloaded with cultural restaurants where you can find the menu following your taste and budget. Indian dishes have always been in the spotlight for their ingredients and variety; doubtlessly, you can find hundreds of Indian dishes with some change in components. Moreover, the people following any diet plan, Indian dishes always present multiple options, so you don’t have to compromise the taste.

The specialty of Indian food culture is spice, ingredient options, dish variety, and hunger-satisfying taste, which we get with a creative blend of every ingredient. Dealing with the busy routine must require a delicious Indian meal with a delightful sight and royal servicing manners. Dubai is loaded with so many Indian restaurants with the specialty of their dishes, some cultural and some the perfect blend of two different dish zones for introducing a new taste to you.

Top 10 Indian Restaurants | A Must Try

Picking an Indian restaurant in Dubai is tricky at the time; if you crave Indian spices, it is better to get a sorted list of Indian restaurants for the option that matches your dish, budget, and area requirements. Also, to avoid full reservations about the seats, better to book your place some hours before paying a visit.

We have picked a list of restaurants that offer Indian cultural food icons. Then we have filtered the entire list to separate the top ten Indian cuisines to minimize your confusion. This blog contains collective information about some restaurants, including their ratings, reviews, specialties, interior briefs, locations, timing, and contact information so you can quickly book a restaurant by placing a single call. See the mentioned list below before exploring the details of every restaurant for exploring luxurious Indian food restaurants in Dubai.

1. Masti, Dubai | The Taste Of Joy

Masti, Dubai

A restaurant in Downtown Dubai, with the perfect cultural presentation of India, combining multiple colors to create a well-defined interior theme, points out the different religions collectively living in India and learning how to keep their social and religious morals in various categories.

  • Interior Highlights: The plus point of this Indian cuisine is its interior theme which contains a lot of ceiling lights, colorful wall art, attractive tufting furniture upholstery, perfect combinations of shades, and the availability of an outdoor area for eye-catching sights.
  • Signature Dishes: The entire Masti menu is a favor from our Michelin Star winner, Mr. Prashant Chipkar, the head chef.

Masti, Dubai is the only place where you can get a list of cocktails (Gin-specialty) presented culturally. Its feature dishes are Dosa Waffles, Lamb Biryani Impossible Salan, Crispy Tandoori Chicken Momos, Paper Masala Dosa Rolls, and Five Spice Wagyu Tenderloin.

  • Review Analysis: Overall, 10/10 ambiance, 9.5/10 servicing manners, and 9/10 food taste ratings. Masti is an A1 place for traditional Indian breakfasts.
  • Honest Opinion: Visit Masti to enjoy different flavors with picture-capturing views.
Address: Fountain Street, Edition Hotel, Downtown Dubai
Working Hours: Sun-Thurs (12:30 PM – 01:00 AM)
Fri + Sat (12:30 PM – 02:00 AM)
Contact Info: 800 62784
Book Now: Masti Dubai

2. Rang Mahal | Color Expressions

Rang Mahal

A beautiful combination of organized colors and flavors with a clear cultural theme to represent Indian swag in Dubai. Rang Mehal is a well-known name at the Business Bay location that is hyped because of its unique taste, creative presentation of dishes, and attentive staff.

  • Interior Highlights: Lighting is enough to observe Indian cultural decor containing wall art and some sculptures—long window design so you can enjoy a clear outside sneak peek.
  • Signature Dishes: Chaat, Smoked Fish, Butter Chicken, Chicken Masala, and Lamb Chop are their specialties.
  • Review Analysis: An overcrowded place owned by the hotel Marriot Marquis itself, Rang Mahal offers real Indian taste and unique dish options available, especially in their Buffet, at affordable rates.
  • Honest Opinion: Make a reservation before visiting them to avoid inconvenience.
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, Business Bay – Dubai
Working Hours: 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM for all days except Saturdays, which start at 06:30 PM.
Contact Info: 04 414 3000
Book Now: Rang Mahal

3. Gharana | Home-Made Dishes


Household, clan, or tribe use any word to describe Gharana’s motive. Gharana’s (an Indian Restaurant near Dubai Mall) interior and flavors sufficiently present a home-like feel to the visitors as per its name meaning. This Indian restaurant is also one of the famous Dubai Mall restaurants that are obliged to serve quality food, delicious tastes, & excellent services in Dubai.

  • Interior Highlights: An aesthetically designed place with the motive of presenting you with a home feel with live Indian music. A big hall-type royal design that carries enough seats for comfortable gatherings with a swing at the starting lane to highlight the comfort of a home.
  • Signature Dishes:  Tandoori stuffed potatoes, Paneer Pasanda, Tandoori stuffed mushrooms, Palak Paneer Koftas, Dal Makhani, and Sarson Ka Saag Te Makki di Roti are their must-try Indian food icons near Dubai Mall.
  • Review Analysis: Mouth-watering Indian fusion taste is a 10/10, vegetarian-friendly, perfect home-like ambiance, and light color theme resembling royal places. 
  • Honest Opinion: Visit Gharana at least once to explore the best Indian taste and traditional picture-postcard decoration in Dubai. 
Address: Near Mall Of Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Road Al Barsha 1, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Sunday-Thursday) / 06:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Friday and Saturday)
Contact Info: 04 704 806
Book Now: Gharana, Dubai

4. Antique Bazaar | Royal Culture

Antique Bazaar

Arranging a bazaar (gathering) was an Indian royalty tradition; Antique Bazaar at the beautiful Bur Dubai location presents old cultures with the same aesthetical interior theme that allows sufficient lighting for a royal appearance.

  • Interior Highlights: Decorative curtains with royal accessories, wall art for an enhanced regal appearance, stylish yet comfortable furniture, and availability of live music (Qawali) with an excellent ambiance.
  • Signature Dishes: Paneer and mixed Vegetables with Romaali roti are their specialties.
  • Review Analysis: Royal servicing manners with traditional Indian dishes, Indian live music, Veg, and non-veg dishes availability, and reasonable price chart.
  • Honest Opinion: For heart patients and the ones who are diet-conscious, better to avoid extra oily and salty dishes. You can also ask the staff for direct recommendations. To enjoy the perfect Bazar ambiance from ancient times, better to give it a visit. 
Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Al Hamriya, Four Points by Bur Dubai
Working Hours: Lunch Hours- 12:30 PM to 03:30 PM / Dinner Hours- 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Contact Info:04 397 7444
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5. Punjab Grill | A Punjabi Spot 

Punjab Grill

No other dish can satisfy your tastebuds as quickly as a Punjabi dish with original Indian spices. Punjab Grill is a perfect spot to eradicate loneliness while following the hustle in Dubai, with yummy food icons and excellent servicing etiquette.

  • Interior Highlights: Well-decorative walls, layering of curtains, tables in a queue, separate family area, and luxurious outdoor sitting. One of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants for the yummiest breakfasts, brunch, and dinners within a flexible price range. 
  • Signature Dishes: Under the guidance of Mr. Sandeep Ali, their entire menu is well-crafted. Doubtlessly, their Biryani and Papdi Chaat are always-to-miss food icons.
  • Review Analysis: Completely a cost-effective Indian cuisine with a perfect Punjabi atmosphere, separate party hall, and family-gathering vibes in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinion: One of the perfect Indian restaurants for delicious Indian taste and A1 ambiance; better to make reservations before visiting.
Address: Business Bay, Lobby Level, Anantara Downtown, United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Working Hours: From 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Everyday)
Contact Info: 050 194 1107
Book Now: Punjab Grill, Dubai

6. Patiala Restaurant & Bar

Patiala Restaurant and Bar

With the availability of delicious Indian dishes and beverage options, Patiala is a place where you can find a nice ambiance with long table arrangements and a decent color theme. As the name denotes, this restaurant and bar present Patiala vibes (Punjabi dishes and drinks availability), which are rare in Dubai.

  • Interior Highlights: Elongated table arrangements to define the entire area, amazing outside view, long windows, and aesthetical decor is enough to express a well-managed and picture-capturing appearance of the whole restaurant.
  • Signature Dishes: Rawat Bharat, a well-known chef, has arranged Patiala’s menu with a long list of desserts, main courses, and beverage options. Their feature dishes are Paneer, Daal Makhni, and Quattro Chicken Kabab.
  • Review Analysis: Loving Patiala’s food presentation, attentive services, and beverage variety. A before-time reservation is necessary to skip the inconvenience caused by excessive crowds. Presents one of the best Indian bars in Dubai with an organized bar area and beverage availability.
  • Honest Opinion:  Perfect ambiance for business meetings and lunch
Address: Souk Al Bahar, Level #3, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: All Days Except Sunday- 12:30 PM to 12:00 AM/ Sunday-  10:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Contact Info: 04 451 9151
Book Now: Patiala, Indian Eatery

7. Indya By Vineet | Indian Culture

Indya By Vineet

A place where Indian spices blend with non-Indian ingredients (Indian Fusion) in a way that presents a unique and never-forgettable taste. Indiya, among the best restaurants in Dubai Marina,  is owned by the Michelin Star winner Mr. Vineet Bhatia. He crafted the entire place and menu to highlight his cultural values and remarkable skills that can be seen through the flavor and presentation of his food items.

  • Interior Highlights: The welcoming interior of Indiya contains wall art of the Hindu Bhagawan and some buildings to showcase Hindu and Indian culture as per the owner’s belief. The sitting area is comfortably designed with a modern furniture theme and cushions. Indiya’s interior is designed in a beautiful cultural way so that you can capture your moments here.
  • Signature Dishes: Because Dubai is a country where Asians usually move for business measures if you are an Indian or love Indian taste, this restaurant is a must-visit for a nostalgic vision.

Samosa Pinwheel, Dal Tadka, Kolhapuri Anda Curry, Chicken Habibi, Makhni Labneh, Puchka Bevda, Kulfi Falooda, Seeta Aur Geeta, Sweet ki Shadi ki Thaali, and Gin Win are the featured mouth-watering items.

The presentation of every dish and even drink spotlights the passion of Mr.Bhatia for showing his food creativity in such an unexpected way

  • Review Analysis: All the reviews go on Vineet’s behalf; the service, decor theme, food taste, and comfort level are on point, except for getting an affordable price chart.
  • Honest Opinion: A1 Indian restaurant to visit for brunch and dinners, best for private dinners, business meetups, and family gatherings.
Address: Al Mamsha Street, Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Marina, Dubai
Working Hours: Lunch:  12:30 PM to 03:30 PM/Dinner: 06:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Contact Info: 04 316 5550
Book Now: Indya by Vineet

8. Bombay Brasserie 

Bombay Brasserie

The place where you can find the exact combination of contemporary and classical Indian dishes with delicious flavors, is the high-rated restaurant by Taj Dubai. Narin Sehgal, the owner of Bombay Brasserie (explore Indian meals with luxurious service manners), has beautifully organized the menu to show off his cultural dishes with a little bend added by his creativity.

  • Interior Highlights: Royal wall patterns, open kitchen, live cooking, comfortable bold-colored furniture, long windows to enjoy a luxurious Business Bay (outside) view, and enough lighting to highlight the interior features.
  • Signature Food Icons: Feature dishes by Bombay Brasserie are Edamame Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, Pomelo Salad, Lamb Bao, Chicken & Prawns Tikka, Biryani, Lamb Musalam, Fish Malvani, Lentil Pancake, and Daal Makhni. In dessert, always take advantage of their Rasmalai, Gulab Jamun, and Firni.  And, of course, cocktails are mandatory. Get a special thali by instructing our attentive staff with the dishes of your choice.
  • Review Analysis: Because Bombay Brasserie is by Taj so a no compromise on servicing manners is an understood thing. Plus, their food presentation, taste, and atmosphere are up to the mark.
  • Honest Opinion: The best restaurant for formal dinners
Address: Business Bay, Burj Al Arab Street, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: From 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Everyday)
Contact Info: 04 438 3100
Book Now: Bombay Brasserie

9. The Crossing | Highlighted Theme

The Crossing

The Fact Dining Award winner, an Indian restaurant that serves every south and north-east Indian recipe with the perfect presentation in Dubai. They say that the elevated Indian food is served in the crossing, and the elevated Indian food means the recreation of old Indian recipes with creative cooking technique of blending different ingredients with the perfect portion of spice.

  • Interior Highlights: Combination of modern interior design with the traditional one to create an eye-catching atmosphere. The exact choice of ceiling lights for the enhancement of decor and light wall shades with prominent (wall-hanging) pictures to showoff the Asian decor culture.
  • Signature Dishes:  Never skip the feature icons by The Crossing whenever you pay a visit. Their specialties include Dal Moradabad, Gunpowder Prawns, Chicken Makhan, Malai Kesar Sunday, Butter Chicken, Makhan Malai, Sundae, and Cocktails.
  • Review Analysis: The best Indian restaurant with the blend of South-Indian and North-East Indian spices so you can enjoy each bite with no regret of spending money.
  • Honest Opinion: A must-to-visit restaurant if you want to explore Indian spices with high-quality attentive services. Reservations are the must before going to the place, better to reserved your table a day before as per your preferences regarding outside views or gathering scenario.
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, The H Dubai, UAE
Working Hours: 12:00 PM to 02:00 AM with 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM Happy Hours instructions.
Contact Info: 04 491 9695
Book Now: The Crossing

10. Amara, Dubai Eatery

Amara, Dubai

One of the high-notch Indian restaurants focused on serving a combination of Indian and Arabic flavors with an exactly perfect ambience to represent both cultures. A never-to-ignore place with 10/10 servicing manners, 9.9/10 delicious taste, 9.5/10 presentation of the dishes, and a free valet parking at the back of VOCO hotel.

  • Interior Highlights: A decent place with dark blue shade as its primary interior color, light color furniture coverings, and light shaded other decor elements ike wall hangings, curtains, etc for highlighting the entire place beautifully.
  • Signature Dishes: Recommended dishes from Amara are Garlic Chips, Malai Curry, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Momo with Chilli Oil, Chaat Sundae, Hummus, Preserved Lemon, Opera, Butterfly Prawns, and Pickled Beetroot.
  • Review Analysis:  Indian spices are used in an accurate proportion for every dish to amaze tastebuds with unique but desirable flavors. Attractive staff, royal treatment, and affordable rates are the plus points.
  • Honest Opinion: If you love the fusion of Indian taste, this place should not be missed. All the dishes flavors are 100/10 with royal servicing manners.
Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, VOCO Hotel, Level #2, at Trade Centre 1, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Contact Info: 052 573 5723
Book Now:

End Note

This blog by Delights Dubai, contains a list of top ten Indian restaurants that are getting hyped in Dubai based on the flavours of their creative dishes, ambiance, interior decor, and servicing manners. Contact information, working hours, exact Addresses, and feature food icons are mentioned to clear out your confusion. Indian flavours come with various dish options to satisfy your tastebuds and award-winning chefs craft the menu of all these restaurants to offer a perfect blend of different spices.

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