Every building’s interior becomes dull after a period of time, which looks embarrassing when we present it to our guests. Renovation is the key to adding proper finishing, eye-catching views, and functionality to your place’s interior thing. Renovation can only be done with proper tools and a confined sense of interior design that can only be possible by experts & professionals.

Finding a professional to renovate your building interior (commercial or residential) in Dubai is the trickiest task ever. There are hundreds of renovation brands working expertly for the United Arab Emirates, but relying on a single brand/shop without observing their previous projects and expertise is no less than stupidity.

The Finest Renovation Companies In Dubai (2023)

Delights Dubai has separated a list of the finest renovation companies (Top 10) so that you can pick the required one for your project after going through all the details regarding the company’s services. All the information that is mentioned ahead is based on three premium points.

  • The Quality of the services is never a neglectable factor when you are going to pick a brand. 
  • The pricing structure should be flexible for your convenience.
  • Availability, Delivery time, Reliability, and Uniqueness of the project are noticed.

All the companies, along with their specialties, contact information, & mission, are mentioned following a list of their names. Let’s move towards the topic so you can get your building renovated without wasting a second.

1. Posh interior

Posh Interior

About The Company

With the availability of the finest team Posh Interior is obliged to provide premium and highly functional renovation treatments for its clients at flexible rates. With more than twelve years of experience, this company offers reliable services, free quotations, and versatile customization options for 100% customer satisfaction.

Renovation Services

  • A complete package for renovating your commercial and residential buildings expertly. 
  • Posh’s expertise includes villa, apartment, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, & hospital renovation projects. 
  • With an approach to every interior design, their team provides a full plan to their clients.
  • Covering every range of interior styling following interior designs and clients’ requirements, Posh offers maximum customization options.
Email: info@poshinterior.ae
Phone Number: +971 50 2136 026
Website: Posh Interior

2. Fixit Dubai

Fixit Dubai

About The Company

Fixit Dubai is a trust-worthy brand that has worked for 15 years to add functionality to your building’s interior structure. Want to book a renovation service or any product relevant to this treatment? Fixit is a complete solution regarding Interior elements.

Renovation Services

  • A long list of renovation elements with premium quality material and maximum customization options are available on this platform.
  • Serving reliable services & treatments for renovation, their expertise is home & office renovation projects.
  • From window blinds to floor carpets, including customized furniture, get a variety of materials on this platform.
  • Their product samples, online consultations, and on-site visits are free.
Email: info@fixitdubai.ae
Phone Number: +971 5063 79229
Website: Fixit Dubai

3. Fixit Carpentry

Fixit Carpentry

About The Company

Presenting you with a range of interior-defining products with maximum customization options, Fixit Carpentry has offered 100% customer satisfaction for the past ten years. Reliable working methods and quality products are their highlighted treatments for Renovation & interior projects.

Renovation Services

  • Presenting a list of interior-related products that include furniture, wall themes, & flooring treatments in Dubai & its nearby areas.
  • Fixit Carpentry offers every interior product with maximum customization and a variety of materials for their customer satisfaction & convenience. 
  • Focused on gaining customer trust by providing quality servicing manners at rates lower than the market.
  • Get a free plan from their expert team after booking their renovation services for your buildings on their platform.
Email:  info@fixitcarpentry.com
Phone Number: +971 55 472 2980
Website: Fixit Carpentry

4. Smart Renovation

Smart Renovation

About The Company

A renovation & fit-out company, working for years, majorly following Italian layouts and interior designs for treating your building’s interior. Get Your Commercial & Residential areas renovated at flexible rates within the required time without compromising the functionality of the theme.

Renovation Services

  • Smart Renovation- As the name indicates, it is built with the mission of getting your places renovated with functional interior elements.
  • Providing the best Italian Designs for maximizing the quality, functionality, & beauty of your building.
  • Their specialty is Villa, Home, Office, and Apartment Interior renovation projects. 
  • On-time renovation services with premium quality assurance with no demand for any extra charges.
Email: info@smartrenovation.ae
Phone Number: +971 (0)40 235 0599
Website: https://smartrenovation.ae/

5. Yalla Renovation Home

Yalla Renvation Home

About The Company

Yalla is working concisely on Home Renovation projects, as its name indicates. Covering every aspect of renovation with 100% quality and customer satisfaction. With successful previous projects, they always provide their clients with their portfolio for building a trusting relationship.

Renovation Services

  • Following the United Arab Emirates trends regarding interior designs and elements, Yella offers premium services in Dubai.
  • Style your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, living rooms, and drawing rooms, renovated expertly with functional designs.
  • This renovation company offers quick treatments with no compromise on the quality and reliability of their serving manners.
Email: cs@yallarenovation.com
Phone Number: +971 55 885 2450, +971 52 496 7718
Website: https://www.yallarenovation.com/

6. Multi Build Renovation & Fit Out Contractor

Multi Build Renovation

About The Company

Managing Renovation, Refurbishment, Extension, & Fitout Projects in Dubai (located in Dubai but covering the entire United Arab Emirates with its services) for years, Multi Build ensures 100% quality and reliable serving manners. A licensed renovation company that is working with an expert staff for local and international interior projects.

Renovation Services

  • Their team consists of Civil Engineers, Graphic Designers, ICT experts, Plumbers, Electrical Engineers, AC Technicians, Interior Designers, & Support Staff to ensure A1 Quality and 100% customer Satisfaction. 
  • Property Inspection, Plastering Services, & Extension Builds, and Structural Modifications are their specialties.
  • Offering quality services for commercial and residential interior renovation & styling in Dubai.
Email:  admin@multibuild.ae
Phone Number: +971 55 356 8722
Website: www.multibuild.ae

7. Algebra Contracting

Algebra Contracting

About The Company

Registered with all the Government Authorities, Algebra Contracting provides Turnkey Solutions for residential and commercial places (buildings) in Dubai. With the availability of Civil, architectural, and Structural Works, Algebra offers renovation, fit out, and landscaping services in Dubai.

Renovation Services

  • Presenting 3D designs and plans for your building renovation projects before starting their working procedure. 
  • Get reliable renovation and fit out services on a single platform in Dubai.
  • Algebra, with an expert team of professionals, offers every interior structure theme for your residential and commercial buildings.
  • Algebra’s specialty includes home renovation projects, also has done penthouse projects with a 100% success rate.
Email: info@algebra-contracting.com
Phone Number: +971 (0)4 883 7300
Website: https://algebra-contracting.com/

8. Engart (Dubai Renovation Company)


About The Company

Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, Engart presents smart interior designs, 3D rendering, VR, comprehensive drawings, optimal material selection, and project execution for every building structure. Engart’s team includes interior designers and engineers for quality assurance.

Renovation Services

  • This is one of the best renovation companies in Dubai, providing remodeling and renovating treatments at flexible rates. 
  • They are available for Repair, Design, Maintenance, and Execution Projects.
  • Engart ensures luxurious treatments for renovation and interior projects.
  • Majorly is known for home interior styling, especially for kitchen and bathroom renovation treatments.
Email: team@engart.ae
Phone Number: +971 52 762 2213
Website: http://www.engart.ae

9. Aashna Interiors LLC

Aashna Interiors LLC

About The Company

A renovation company in Dubai, Aashna Interiors is a complete solution for home renovation services. It is capable of undertaking wall painting, carpentry, flooring, maintenance, HVAC, fitting, & furnishing projects. With over five years of experience in renovation and fit-out works, Aansha deals professionally with office and homes interior.

Renovation Services

  • They are providing the best interior services that you can book online via their website, email, or phone number.
  • Moreover, they are available in their showroom during their mentioned working hours so you can approach them easily.
  • Quality and functional Commercial and Residential interior designs are their specialty.
Email: info@aaashi.com
Phone Number: +971 50 628 0069
Website: https://www.aaashi.com/



About The Company

Regarding renovation, KADI has presented plumbing, maintenance, electrical, painting, and masonry services in Dubai for more than 25 years. Helping with interior modifications from floor remodeling to decorative elements for both commercial buildings and interior structures.

Renovation Services

  • Understanding the fact that renovation is the only solution to regain your place’s interior, KADI presents villa, office, Masjid, school, apartment, & factory renovation.
  • Covering Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, & Umm Al Quwain with its reliable renovation services.
  • Ensures on-time serving manners and functional renovating designs to express their uniqueness and expertise overall at affordable rates.
Email: kadimain@kadikbm.ae
Phone Number: 04-2250702
Website: http://www.kadikbm.ae

Coming To An End

Renovation means to regain the luxurious look of your building’s interior, and this can also be done by altering the interior structure of the building. This is obvious that you can not switch a place just because its interior is dull now, then you’ll definitely have to book a renovation treatment for it.

Booking a renovation service for your building in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai, is difficult because of companies’ saturation. But, presenting an old interior theme to your guests can embarrass you; Delights Dubai has found a solution for your convenience. Our team has separated a list of top 10 Dubai Renovation Companies with a trust-worthy background, professional serving manners, and reliable services to help you out in getting quality treatments with no long research. Observe the highlighted details that are mentioned in this blog regarding all the companies before confirming any bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which Are The Best Villa Renovation Companies In Dubai?
Dubai is loaded with thousands of international renovation companies, after a complete survey, Delights Dubai has chosen Fixit Dubai as the best villa renovation company. This company not only offers custom interior designs but also ensures the availability of every interior element at reasonable rates.
Question 2: How Much Does Renovation Cost In Dubai?
Depending on the size of the building, interior design choice, number of professionals you hire, time duration, and availability of tools, the renovation cost always varies. For this particular reason, we can never mention the exact pricing structure. Furthermore, you can connect with the companies that are mentioned in the blog to know the estimated charges for renovation.
Question 3: How Do You Make A Successful Renovation?
A successful renovation always reflects smooth finishing, fascinating interior appearance, and high functionality treatments. Always hire renovation experts with a nice portfolio and smooth experience to avoid later- on flaws.
Question 4: Why Do We Need To Hire A Professional Renovation Company?
Renovating a space means to alter its interior design and elements so its functionality and appearance can be improved. Renovating an area on your own is always a risk taking act because of the unavailability of proper tools and expertise therefore you may end-up losing your time and money.
Question 5: What Things To Notice While Hiring A Renovation Company?

Our experts always recommend three major things to keep in mind while making a deal with a renovation company, and all three points are mentioned below.

  • Professionalism (experience + portfolio)
  • Reasonable pricing structure
  • Availability of tools
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