Dubai is a city where man’s ability meets with natural aesthetical views. Imagine seeing the heightened buildings loaded with proper lighting when merging with night darkness create which sense of beauty? I genuinely feel sorry for the people suffering from height phobia. You guys can never realize what you are missing. 

Now, coming to the point, who can miss a dining spot with good food designed on the rooftop so you can enjoy the Dubai skyline? No one, obviously. But figuring out which rooftop spot will suit your requirements per food taste, servicing manners, location, and charges, is time-consuming. This article has been written to cut off your hard work while selecting a rooftop restaurant.

The Ten Best Roof-Top Restaurants In Dubai | Amazing Dining Experience

Whenever we think of enjoying the scenery or views, we keep food with us. Enjoying the views of heightened buildings, waterfalls, and busy roads in Dubai while biting the yummiest food is more than 100%. But selecting a single restaurant out of so many, when every restaurant presents eye-catching views, is a risk. And Delights Dubai has lowered it by providing you with the short-listed top ten rooftop restaurants in Dubai. 

The list of all the restaurants with their specialties, contact details, decoration theme, and availability hours are mentioned so you can easily pick the one restaurant per your requirements. Review all the features before picking a restaurant for spending quality time with your companion.

1. The Original Rooftop Lounge. Dining, Dubai

The Original Rooftop Lounge. Dining, Dubai

No need to search for an Asian rooftop restaurant in Dubai; simply try this restaurant that presents the most beautiful Dubai bur views with comfortable seats, excellent ambiance, and delicious desi meals.

  • Interior Theme: This restaurant is designed on the rooftop and decorated with different lighting themes. Blue and Purple interior shades are highlighted courtesy of decorative lights. Skin and dark-brown shaded modern furnishing elevate the comfort and interior appearance.
  • Icon Dishes: Paneer Tikka, Samosa Platter, Mix Grill Platter, Chicken Tikka Boneless, Mixed Tandoori Platter, and Sizzling Brownies are the highlighted desi dishes by The Original Rooftop Lounge in Bur Dubai. 
  • Honest Opinion: In search of a rooftop restaurant? The Original Rooftop is a must-to-visit restaurant in Dubai with the yummiest food options and mesmerizing Dubai Bur views.
Exact Location: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Royal Ascot Hotel, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 055 644 8363
Working Hours (Availability): 06:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Every Day Routine)
Reserve Your Table Now: The Original Rooftop Lounge, Dining, Dubai

2. BIBE Rooftop Bar Dubai

BIBE Rooftop Bar Dubai

Whenever friends plan for a get-together, the most important thing they find trouble deciding on is a place. If your friends’ circle is among them, BIBE is designed for you. This place is elegantly styled with white, brown, and skin shades but does not compromise on fun. Live music, royal servicing, and light arrangements are more than appreciative.

  • Interior Theme: The blend of white and brownish shades as the primary color looks more than fascinating; the white bar area is styled with whitish seats to highlight the corner. While seating arrangements are well-organized at the entire place.
  • Icon Servings: Bibe is well-known for its cocktails and shisha in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinion: If you need a calm atmosphere for dining, this place is 100% for you, a must-visit bar for Dubai visitors.
Exact Location: Sheikh Zayed Mohammed, JA Resort, Lake View Hotel, Exit 13, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 814 5555
Working Hours (Availability): 08:00 AM to 11:30 PM (Sunday to Wednesday) 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table Now: BIBE, Rooftop Bar, Dubai

3. Twenty Three, Rooftop Bar Dubai

Twenty Three, Rooftop Bar Dubai

Are you searching for a bar in Dubai with decent furnishing and decor? Twenty Three presents the best place to hang out with your friends and colleagues, with decent vibes and attentive services.

  • Interior Theme: Twenty-Three is a fusion of a bar and restaurant area, a decently furnished place with sparkling lights to highlight both themes. Luxurious tile flooring with ceiling lights and wall decor work is fascinating, along with extra folds of curtains so no one else can get disturbed.
  • Icon Dishes: Delicious Tapas, Truffle Fries, and Matcha Tiramisu are the best servings by Twenty Three, a Rooftop bar in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinion: Missing this bar when you are nearby its location is foolishness. With reasonable charges, you can get the excellent party vibes here and can spend quality time with your friends.
Exact Location: Al Sufouh, opposite Innovation Hub, Al Falak Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 793 1425
Working Hours (Availability): 05:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) 05:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table Now: Twenty Three, A Rooftop Bar, Dubai

4. Above / Space Rooftop Lounge, Dubai

Space Rooftop Lounge, Dubai

In front of Burj Al Arab, Above or Space serves welcoming views along with international meal tastes. The interior design is enhanced with a combination of light and dark shades. Above is welcoming you with comfortable seating, skyline views, and excellent services in the center of Dubai.

  • Interior Theme: Have you ever seen a combination of ancient terms with internationally trendy furnishing? Above presents live music, full-on entertainment, and comfortable interior design on a modern theme under the starlight to add a never-ending vibe of desirable ambiance to your life experience. Lighter shades of wood and Skin are highlighted for a calm atmosphere necessary for private dining.
  • Icon Dishes: Cocktails are specially created by accurately mixing two or more drinks to satisfy your cravings.
  • Honest Opinion:
Exact Location: Downtown, Sofitel Dubai, 8th Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 052 515 8888
Working Hours (Availability): 07:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Monday to Friday) 03:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Saturday & Sunday)
Reserve Your Table Now: Above / Space Rooftop Lounge

5. The Rooftop Terrace | Arabian Tastes

The Rooftop Terrace

What else do you require besides a patio/ gazebo seating with Majli’s interior and the yummiest Arabic flavors in Dubai? The Rooftop Terrace by One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel is no less than a luxury in Dubai. Dubai Marina views, excellent serving manners, and reasonable charges are the star points of this restaurant.

  • Interior Theme: This rooftop restaurant is styled with Majlis treatments, plush couches, and cushion pairs. Modern-designed furnishing with brighter upholstery shades and curtains with back holdings to highlight royal treatments.
  • Icon Dishes: Their Arabian drinks and meat dishes are mouth-watering.
  • Honest Opinion: If you have never been to a place with a Majlis interior, a single visit should be done for the best royal culinary experience.
Exact Location: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road, One&Only Royal Mirage, Al Saud Street, Dubai Marina – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 399 9999
Working Hours (Availability): 02:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Every Day Schedule)
Reserve Your Table Now: The Rooftop Terrace and Sports Lounge, Dubai

6. High Note Pool & Sky Lounge, Dubai

High Note Pool & Sky Lounge

What about spending time at the sky-kissing lounge biting the most delicious meals, and drinking the magic with the name cocktail? High Note Pool and Sky Lounge presents the most pleasant ambiance and party vibe at the rooftop of Aloft Al Mina Hotel with Dubai skyline views.

  • Interior Theme: The interior module is basically a modern merge with the minimal; the Grey shade is the prominent/ primary shade. But the lights have turned this color beautifully into an eye-welcoming blue shade nowadays. The comfortable seats, beautiful neon lighting, comfortable bar area, and moon-light decor have created a heaven view with the entire city’s view ahead.
  • Icon Dishes: This place is known for Barbecue, Pizzas, cocktails, and desserts in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinion: The on-point suggestion is to visit this place at night to see how beautifully the night can turn all the lights into dreams.
Exact Location: Aloft Al Mina Hotel, Rooftop Level, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 058 591 8153
Working Hours (Availability): 10:00 AM to 03:00 AM (Daily Operational Hours)
Reserve Your Table Now: High Note Pool & Sky Lounge, Dubai

7. Hi-Five Rooftop Bar, An IHG Hotel

Hi-Five Rooftop Bar

Containing one lounge and an outside seating arrangement, Hi-Five bar presents luxurious treatments for its guests in Dubai. With beautiful skyline views, delicious dishes, and a comfortably eye-warming interior, this restaurant have a different fan base.

  • Interior Theme: All the wood-crafted work on the floor with decent light and dark brown shades. Long glass windows on the wall so the guests can enjoy Dubai views, an elegantly styled bar area, the ceiling is well managed with a single central decoration element in the circle shape that is surrounded by lights (necessary for sufficient-lighting effects), and comfortable seats are well-organized to enhance the decoration.
  • Icon Dishes: Grilled Salmon, Butter Chicken, Thai Beef with Black Pepper Sause, Hifive Cheese Cake, and Chocolate Fondant are the highlighted servings of Hi-Five Rooftop Bar in Dubai.
  • Honest Opinion: The best place to visit with friends or colleagues, especially for celebrations.
Exact Location: Internet City, An IHG Hotel, Al Sufouh, Rooftop, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 055 537 7714
Working Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Every Day Routine)
Reserve Your Table Now: Hifive Rooftop, Dubai

8. HYP Dubai, A Rooftop Lounge | Indian Spices

HYP Dubai, A Rooftop Lounge

The perfect place for quality time with your companion in Dubai is beautifully organized with a modern interior theme and known for its A1 attentive servicing manners.

  • Interior Theme: A luxury rooftop restaurant and bar styled with a blend of whitish and dark brown shades. Hyp Dubai presents a blue theme with lighting as if the light emerges from the sky. Plush seats, excellent ambiance, luxury services, and reasonable bills are the highlights.
  • Icon Dishes: HYP serves the most authentic Indian spices with Indian bread. Tofu, Crispy Chicken, Indian Dal Makhni, HYP Chicken Curry, Mixed Seafood Platter, Veggies Platter, and Gulab Jamun are the highlights of this rooftop lounge.
  • Honest Opinion: If you are in Marriot, then stop searching for the best rooftop Indian restaurant near me and try HYP with no delay.
Exact Location: Marriot World Trade Centre, Al Satwa, 11th Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: 054 400 3949
Working Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Every Day Timings)
Reserve Your Table Now: HYP Dubai, A Rooftop Lounge

9. Tamanya Terrace, A Rooftop Eatery Dubai

Tamanya Terrace, A Rooftop Eatery

A well-decorated terrace with a long wall boundary for safety and extra seats is termed Tamanya Terrace. This is where you can get the perfect ambiance for dining, A1 services, and delicious food to relax your hunger cravings.

  • Interior Theme: The complete terrace is yellow and purple because of the lighting effects. Chairs with long legs are covered with blue and green shades of upholstery. Hanging bulbs look amazingly on-point with individual sitting areas. The Bar area is well-organized, with no glass or detailing elements overloading.
  • Icon Dishes: All the dishes are five-star, but this place is mainly known for its Shisha variety and Cocktails options.
  • Honest Opinion: If you want to enjoy good music with Dubai views and party vibes, Tamanya is the place for you
Exact Location: Al Falak Street, AL Sufouh, Dubai Media City Car Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 366 9111
Working Hours (Availability): 05:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Wednesday to Friday) Closed for the Other four days of the week.
Reserve Your Table Now: Tamanya Terrace, Rooftop Lounge Dubai

10. SOBE, A Rooftop Lounge and Bar Dubai

SOBE, A Rooftop Lounge and Bar

SOBE is the famous Dubai bar with Burj Khalifa views, known for its luxurious servings, beautiful interior, and picture-capturing Palm Jumeirah scenery (Water, Beach). Attentive Staff, excellent ambiance, and cost-effective bills are courtesy of SOBE.

  • Interior Theme: You can’t imagine SOBE properly without paying a visit to this place. A beautifully decorated lounge and bar is located in The Palm, and to highlight its location, the entire outside area is surrounded by palm trees. Seats are well-organized in heart shape as if this place is designed for proposed events. In the lounge, long windows are covered with solid-colored curtains, always open at night.
  • Icon Servings: Shisha and drinks are the best part of SOBE servings; you should never miss their seafood items.
  • Honest Opinion: A place where you can see the sun vanishing in water, SOBE, with eye-capturing views and delicious food icons, is the place for everyone in Dubai.
Exact Location: The Palm, W Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Official Contact Number: +971 4 245 5800
Working Hours (Availability): 05:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday) 05:00 PM to 02:00 AM (Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday) 04:00 PM to 02:00 AM (Saturday Timings)
Reserve Your Table Now: SOBE, Rooftop Bar, Dubai

Closing Thoughts

Dubai is doubtlessly overfilled with picture post-card views that can bring a smile to your face within seconds. Seeing the beautiful blend of nature and man’s creativity while having delicious food with the flavors per your taste buds is something no one should miss. Experiencing the delicious food in Dubai with delightful scenery feels like being outside this world. 

Now imagine seeing the beautiful Dubai skyline and long building views from a place with a next-level vibe. We have collectively mentioned the top ten rooftop restaurants with their best servings and contact details so you can pick the one that suits your requirement with no delay. Better to select a restaurant that resembles your current mood to avoid inconvenience.

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