Dubai’s hot climate demands a functional automobile AC so you can experience a comfortable drive. Like a car, its air conditioning system also needs regular care & maintenance for sustainable functioning. AC repair is technical work, so it is better to go for professional services whenever you face any trouble with it. Lack of knowledge may damage the electrical circuit, compressor, or evaporator of your automobile’s AC.

Finding a car AC repair provider in Dubai is difficult because of the saturation this market is facing. We have enlisted a well-organized list of the top 10 automobile AC repair workshops for your maximum feasibility. Let’s look at the selection criteria we followed to filter the entire market.

Selection Criteria

After proper research and analysis, we compiled the selection criteria for crafting this list below.

  • Right Expertise & Tools
  • Professionalism
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Servicing Manners
  • Team management
  • Quality Assessment
  • Customer Service
  • Background Knowledge
  • Availability & Timelines

10 Best Car AC Repair Providers | Well-analyzed Listing

10 Best Car AC Repair Providers

Before choosing any specific provider, you must do initial research about your air-conditioner, noting issues that need tailored treatment. After this, you can thoroughly explain your car’s AC demands. See the list of best service providers ahead.

  1. Dar Al-Madina Garage
  2. The Gear Box Auto Services
  3. UNIQ Auto Spa
  4. Profix Auto Care
  5. Check Point Dubai
  6. Orange Auto Dubai
  7. Radiant Car UAE
  8. Premier Car Care
  9. Quick Fit Auto Services
  10. PowerTech Auto Services
NOTE:We have attached the contact details including the phone numbers, email addresses, and websites of all service providers, so you can easily approach them.

1. Dar Al-Madina Garage

Dar Al Madina Garage

About The Company

Dar Al-Madina is Dubai’s pioneer automobile repair garage and it has repaired thousands of cars since 2005. It has a broad collection of genuine accessories and parts for Japanese, American, German, British, French, and Asian Cars. Its prominent features are experienced mechanics, reasonable prices, & fast working approach.

Focused Services:

  • If your car’s condenser is clogged with debris or leaking due to high pressure, their techniques help to remove/ prevent it.
  • The incorrect refrigerant charge also causes AC malfunctioning, but experts there effectively adjust the charge.
  • Faulty pressure switches cause the compressor to work improperly, but their technicians turn them responsive within minutes.
  • Their team applies effective techniques to resolve mechanical issues including damaged filters, shattered belts, and clutches.
  • You can also get professional guidance from their experts to prevent refrigerants from cross-contaminants (e.g. dust, smoke, or metal particles).
Location: Al-Qouz Industrial Area 2 Behind Al-Khalil Gate
Phone Number: +97143883886
Service Hours: Mon-Sat (7:30 AM – 7:30 PM)

2. The Gear Box Auto Services

The Gear Box

About The Company

This garage has been repairing automobiles in Dubai for the last 20 years. Their experts provide services for general repair, maintenance, diagnostics, engine & AC repair, oil change, and pre-purchase inspection.

Focused Services:

  • Their technicians are well-experienced in checking, maintaining, and repairing your automobile’s air conditioner.
  • They can evaluate the wiring, plugs, compressor, and condenser for electrical malfunctions.
  • They determine the level of gas and refrigerant; if needed, they have a modern system for refilling.
  • If the compressor’s clutch, belt, or pulley needs to be replaced, they have a wide collection of authentic and heavy-duty compressor parts.
  • They also offer genuine and durable AC parts (filters, evaporators, condensers, pressure valves, or thermostable sensors) for all car brands and models.
Location: Al-Quoz Industrial 4, 16 D Street- Dubai
Phone Number: 0503245657
Service Hours: Mon to Sat: (8:30 am – 8:30 Pm) Sun: (8:30 am – 8:30 Pm)

3. UNIQ Auto Spa

Uniq Auto Spa

About The Company

This company intends to provide automobile services in every Dubai area to ensure a comfortable, luxurious, and peaceful driving experience. They examine your car’s AC system properly before executing any technique.

Focused Services:

  • Regarding AC repair, they have a team of specialists to identify the root cause of air conditioner issues and damage.
  • Experts from UNIQ Spa will apply multiple techniques to evaluate the general condition of your vehicle’s AC.
  • They offer a computerized AC diagnostic approach because most vehicles have computerized functioning.
  • It also provides seamless installation of the car’s new parts to optimize performance & replace malfunctioning ones.
  • They also provide professional guidance and pre-booking services to save the time of the vehicle’s owner.
Location: AL QUOZ 3, Warehouse #1, Behind Audi Service Center, Dubai
Phone Number: +971 54 797 9680
Service Hours:Mon – Fri (08:00 Am to 08:00 PM) Sun (08:00 Am to 08:00 PM)

4. Profix Auto Care

Profix Auto Care

About The Company

One of the top-rated automobile service providers. This German-based workshop has a qualified team of technicians, electricians, and HVAC staff. You can get routine maintenance and other top-of-the-line services for premium car AC repair, oil changes, suspension, brakes, batteries, tires, engines, and window tinting.

Focused Services:

  • They perform visual and analytical inspections of all AC components to identify the root cause of damage or fault.
  • Their efficient team provides cost-effective services for the disinfection of evaporators to ensure health-friendly air quality.
  • They provide cabin filters, filter dryers, evaporators, or refrigerant replacements with new and genuine ones.
  • This garage has a special kit to monitor AC’s temperature changes, pressure, and refrigerant levels to meet your expectations.
  • Their professional team is available 24/07 to provide you with complete assistance and available booking slots.
Location: AL QUOZ 3, 55 6B STREET, Dubai
Phone Number:+971509894674
Service Hours: Sat to Thur (09:00 Am to 07:00 Pm)

5. Check Point Dubai

Check Point Dubai

About The Company

With over 22 years of experience, CPD is one of the oldest automobile garages in Dubai. They have installed 45000+ parts in the most reputable car brands (Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, and Porsche). Their team offers cost-effective car electrical, mechanical, transmission, paint, upholstery, and body repair services.

Focused Services:

  • Before starting the repair, they perform a computerized screening of your car’s whole air conditioner system.
  • At Check Point Dubai, they extract all old gas from the coils to vacuum the entire conditioning system.
  • If your vehicle faces refrigerant leakage, their experts use modern tools to identify the leaking point.
  • They also offer cost-effective cleaning services for contaminated car condensers and evaporators.
  • Furthermore, they offer professional AC troubleshooting services for almost all luxurious cars in the UAE.
Location: 129- 318 Roud, Al Quoz Fourth – Dubai
Phone Number:+971526477064
Service Hours:Mon-Sat (08:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

6. Orange Auto

Orange Auto

About The Company

With over 40+ years of experience, Orange Auto is the best-known auto garage in Dubai, offering quality services for automobile general repair, maintenance, and parts replacement. Their experts ensure precise replacement of damaged parts (brakes, suspension, windshield, lights, or AC parts) in a responsive way.

Focused Services:

  • For eco-friendly vehicle ambiance, they also provide cost-effective routine cleaning services for AC systems.
  • They have a complete range of heavy-duty AC batteries, starters, and alternators for replacement options.
  • They are experts in troubleshooting the air conditioners of the most reputable car brands, such as Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Lexus, GMC, and Mercedes.
  • Orange Auto utilizes heavy-duty machines to test the leakage of gas and cooling from coils.
  • They also claim their experts can refill the gas in an automobile’s AC within 20 minutes.
  • Orange Auto offers a complete range of genuine AC parts for luxurious cars.
Location: 416, Behind Nad Al Hamar Avenues, Nad-Al-Hamar, Dubai, UAE.
Phone Number: +97145491551
Service Hours:Sat–Thu (09:00 Am to 09:00 Pm) Fri (03:00 Am to 09:00 Pm)

7. Radiant Car

Radiant Car

About The Company

Since 1998, this prestigious garage has welcomed you by showcasing its premium-quality and cost-effective AC maintenance and repair services. They provide a range of AC spare parts for all vehicle brands at affordable pricing. Their experts apply the most effective techniques to restore your car’s cooling and heating system.

Focused Services:

  • Radiant Car also provides AC freon charging at very optimized rates.
  • If the thermal expansion valve of your vehicle is damaged, they can replace it with genuine and high-quality valves.
  • They have the best and most promising solutions to prevent gas and water leakage from your car AC coils.
  • They use a steam circulating mechanism to prevent mold growth and irritating odors in the car caused by malfunctioning ACs.
Location: Umm Ramool Road, Al Rashdyah, Opposite Dubai Festival City
Phone Number:+971 50 6563664, 71 4 2863836
Service Hours:Thu (08:30 Am to 05:00 Pm) Sat- to – Wed (08:30 Am – 08:00 Pm)

8. Premier Car Care

Premier Car Care

About The Company

Premier Car Care has been Dubai’s top-notch automobile repair garage for the last 15 years. They have experts in luxurious cars, focusing on German, Italian, and well-known British car brands. Whether your car’s AC problem is simple or complicated, they know how to fix it well in minutes.

Focused Services:

  • Being a top-notch auto service provider, this garage has the proper tools and accessories to troubleshoot your vehicle’s AC.
  • At Premier Car Care, you can also get valuable treatment for rattling noise or unpleasant odor from your AC’s vent.
  • Their efficient staff can also refill the high-quality gas in your vehicle’s ventilator at discounted rates in Dubai.
  • They have modern equipment to analyze the condition of car ac compressor, evaporator, condenser, fan motor, and thermostat.
  • They ensure excellent customer care services by providing clients with a seamless experience and pre-booking options.
Location: AL QUOZ 1, behind the home center warehouse in Dubai
Phone Number: +9054 714 2655, 71 4 339 4770
Service Hours:Mon-Sat (08:00 am to 06:00 pm)

9. Quick Fit Auto Services

Quick Fit Auto Service

About The Company

It has provided reliable and satisfactory services in Dubai and nearby areas for many years. This garage has a team of electricians, AC technicians, and HVAC experts to troubleshoot your car’s air conditioner at an optimized budget. They also provide complete roadside assistance to vehicle owners in emergencies.

Focused Services:

  • Before starting the repair, they wash the vehicle completely to reduce the chances of dust circulation.
  • They have facilities for computerized diagnostics of ACs for quick and efficient treatment.
  • Their team observes the condition of car AC system before starting any treatment.
  • During the evaluation, if a fault is discovered in any part of your car’s air conditioner, they will provide proficient service to replace it.
  • At Quick Fit Auto Garage, you can get a new air conditioner installed in any luxurious car at market-competitive prices.
Phone Number: +97146651555
Service Hours:Open 7 Days A Week: 8 AM To 8 PM

10. Power Tech Auto Services

Power Tech Auto Service

About The Company

With over 25+ years of experience, Power Tech Auto is providing professional services to repair major and minor car issues. They offer budget-friendly services for car AC, engines, brakes, suspension, pre-purchase inspection, ceramic coating, upholstery, and detailing. Pre-booking options, payment, and schedule flexibility are their highlighted aspects.

Focused Services:

  • They provide cost-effective treatment for the car’s electrical issues such as broken wires, bad sensors, or bad modules.
  • Their HVAC experts can also professionally troubleshoot burned-out, poorly mounted, and chipped cooling fan blades.
  • If your vehicle AC faces weak airflow and warm air issues, you must visit their garage for effective treatment.
  • In addition, their technicians also offer expert services for strange odors, fluid leakage, and frequent cycling.
  • Their dedicated team can also repair damaged or faulted blower motors of ACs after keen analysis.
Location: AL QUOZ INDUSTRIAL AREA 4, Behind AL Ahli Driving Center, Dubai.
Phone Number: +971 4 343 3789, 800 787
Service Hours:Mon-Sat (08:30 AM To 08:00 PM) Sun (09:00 AM To 04:00 PM)

Bottom Line!

Car AC requires professional care and maintenance for efficient working. A functional AC regulates the vehicle’s inside temperature and ensures unique comfort and improved air quality. This article has assembled a list of Dubai’s top 10 auto garages that provide proficient and cost-effective AC repair services.

If your automobile is facing any air conditioner issues, you must approach any of these service providers per your location, budget, and custom services. Per our precise analysis, all these service providers ensure complete customer care and professional car AC fixing at very affordable prices.

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