As Dubai is now declared an international market hub, visitors have increased to this unordinary place. Minimizing this number is not possible; the only possibility is offering them the best hospitality. The main thing we think of when we hear the term hospitality is food, food points are considered a basic need, but it is seen that everyone has developed different tastebuds as per the flavors they experienced from childhood.

Whoever visits Dubai, the essential thing he imagines is eye-catching views that can bless their Instagram feed. Marina is an artificial district of Dubai, also known as Marsa Dubai, about an 8km walkway that contains two primary and accessible beaches named Jumeirah Beach and The Beach. You can find any type of entertainment and food options here; the visitors demand different food spots at Marina Dubai to enjoy delicious food flavors with delightful views.

Top Ranking Marina Restaurants To Fulfill Your Cravings 

Near the Damac Metro station in Dubai, you can find an ideal place named Marina, the best place where you can discover restaurants, hotels, malls, beaches, and every entertainment spot without proper struggle. One should never compromise his food cravings; the primary question that arises here is, among hundreds of restaurants with Marina views, how to select a restaurant that offers delicious food flavors and royal hospitality. 

Based on one’s taste buds and cravings, Marina presents restaurants with tastes from all over the world. This article will explore the top ten restaurants in Marina Dubai that serve the best food flavors, ambiance, hospitality, and views. 

Note: These restaurants have been picked by Delights Dubai to satisfy your food cravings without compromising the views. Moreover, all the necessary information is mentioned to reserve your table quickly. Let’s look at the list of these best Marina restaurants before sliding into their one-by-one details.

1. Massimo’s | A Marina Restaurant


Massimo’s is an Italian word meaning biggest or most significant, referring to its popularity in Dubai. This, one of the famous Italian restaurants in Marina offers 100% homemade Italian food options. Its specialties include royal servicing manners, reasonable bills, and a respectful environment.

  • Interior Decoration: Massimo’s Restaurant facing the waterfront, presents a delightful interior theme based on a modern module. The furnishing appears luxurious and well-organized. Massimos offers a lounge, hall, outdoor, and terrace sitting area for adding a remarkable experience to your dining expectancies.
  • Signature Dishes: Arancini, Chicken Breast, Fish, Buffalo Cheese Pizza, Alfredo Pasta, Bolognese, and Fried Calamari feature Italian dishes by Massimo’s.
  • On-Point Opinion: The best place for brunch; if you want to visit Massimos at night, making reservations before time is better.
Accurate Location: Dubai Marina, Park Island, Near Mosque, Al Saud Street – Dubai, UAE
Business Contact Number: 04 432 4284
Working Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM (Every Day Hours)
Reserve Your Table Now: Massimo’s, DUBAI

2. Asia Asia Dubai Marina Restaurant

Asia Asia Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, where all the restaurants serve Italian, Japanese, and Chinese foods, no one can beat the Asian spices level. Asia Asia, a branch of the same Asian restaurant that is serving Abu Dhabi, presents beautiful sights and royal building decorations with no compromise on the yummiest Traditional Asian spice blends.

  • Interior Decoration: The most highlighted point is the perfect combination of darker and brighter shades with grey, hardwood flooring, perfect use of lights, and a terrace sitting area at the sixth level of the Marina Mall that shows a clear picture of Marina views from height.
  • Signature Dishes: Truffle Bluefin Tuna, Duck & Dragon, Sea Bass – Suzuki, Chinese Spiced Calamari, and Asia Asia Mochi are their best servings.
  • On-Point Opinion: Asia Asia is an Asian restaurant, so it is better to ask their staff for recommendations, especially if you are unaware of Asian food culture.
Accurate Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Pier 7, Dubai Marina Mall, Level six (06), Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 04 423 8301
Operational Hours (Availability): 06:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Sunday to Thursday) / 06:00 PM to 02:00 AM (Friday & Saturday)
Reserve Your Table Now: Asia Asia, Dubai Marina

3. L’Amoroso Restaurant & Cafe

L’Amoroso Restaurant

L’Amoroso means loving, and above all, this restaurant is precisely designed on the house theme, so you feel the vibe from your place. This restaurant is located in the heart of Marina Walk, with an ideal view, presenting Italian and Arabic flavor blends to satisfy your food cravings.

  • Interior Decoration: Its outdoor sitting area offers the most appealing view of L’Amoroso. You will see the perfect color combination of skin, white, and grey with luxuriously organized furnishing. The lounge is designed for family events and gatherings with a beautiful interior design to highlight your special events/occasions.
  • Signature Dishes: L’Amoroso is known for its Club Sandwich, Stuffed Chicken, Seafood Platter, Pizza, Steak, and Coffee options.
  • On-Point Opinion: The best place in Marina for breakfasts and dinners, their continental breakfasts are getting hyped in Dubai.
Accurate Location: Dubai Marina, Al Marsa Street, Oceanic Tower,  Dubai, UAE
Business Contact Number: +971 4 242 4316
Operational Hours (Availability): 09:00 AM to 02:30 AM (Timing For All Days)
Reserve Your Table Now: L’Amoroso Restaurant and Cafe, Dubai

4. Zafran Indian Bistro | Dubai


An Asian food lover can never get satisfied until he finds the correct use of spices. Zafran is a blessing for people living in Dubai; its calm and luxurious scenery presents royal treatments, A1 Indian spices flavors, and an on-point presentation.

  • Interior Decoration: The interior design of Zafran is by Paul Bishop, who styled this place considering Indian cultural values. A perfect blend of more than four colors shows when the differences unite; they add power and value: hardwood flooring, organized furnishing, and limited detailing point out the trends.
  • Signature Dishes: Zafran is delivering the original Indian flavors in Dubai; the most featured dishes here are Seafood Soup, Chaat Platter, Dahee Kabab, Samosa, The Zafran Feast, Raan Zafran, Vegetable Kebab Platter, Dal Tadka, Biryani, Pulao, Naan, Rasmalai, Malai Kulfi, and Gulab Jamun.
  • On-Point Opinion: Never stay in a hurry while grabbing a brunch; Zafran offers mouth-watering taste and eye-capturing views while being cost-effective.
Accurate Location: Off Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina Mall, Exit 32, Ground Level Dubai Marina – Dubai, UAE
Business Contact Number: 054 994 2435
Operational Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM (Saturday to Wednesday) / 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Thursday & Friday)
Reserve Your Table Now: Zafran Indian Bistro, Dubai

5. Marina Social Dubai 

Marina Social Dubai

Marina is an intercontinental cuisine representing the fusion of flavors from continental and other countries’ spices tastes. As the name indicates, you can find any dish here; that is the reason a simple brunch here can socialize you with different country’s representatives.

  • Interior Decoration:  Hardwood floor, a luxurious live kitchen, bar area, outdoor seating arrangements, an organized lounge for family gatherings and meetings, and separate furnishing for private dining. All the lights are comfortably managed so you get a pleasing effect; picture post-card views are the highlights.
  • Signature Dishes: Riverina Tomahawk Steak, House Salad, Wagyu Beef Flank Steak, Millionaire Shortbread Tart, Mango Sorbet, Kunafa Pastry, Earl Grey, Tagliatelle, And Bitter Chocolate Pave are the most demanding Marina Social Dubai’s dishes.
  • On-Point Opinion: The best place to socialize, spend quality time, and enjoy delicious food with eye-capturing Marina scenery.
Accurate Location: Intercontinental Dubai Marina Hotel, First Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 04 446 6664
Operational Hours (Availability): 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Monday to Friday) / 01:00 PM to 04:00 PM & 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Saturday Working Hours) / 01:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Sunday Working Hours)
Reserve Your Table Now: Marina Social, Intercontinental Cuisine Dubai

6. Tony Roma’s Steakhouse 

Tony Roma’s Steakhouse

Fifty years of experience is not kid’s play; these people claim the best steak in the world. Visiting beaches can quickly initiate a seafood dish craving, and here, Tony Roma’s seafood restaurant serves you in the heart of the Marina with the beautiful scenery.

  • Interior Decoration: This restaurant is always recommended for family and friends gatherings because of its perfect home-like ambiance. The outdoor area is styled well with natural decor elements and modern furnishing. The lounge is well organized, with family-sized tables for an extra sitting place.
  • Signature Dishes: This legendary grill offers the best World-Famous Onion Loaf, Tony’s Rings and Things Sampler, World-Famous Baby Back Ribs, Boneless Beef Short Rib, Filet Medallions, BBQ ½ Chicken, Grilled Salmon 80z, The Original North Miami Burger, and Seasonal Cobbler
  • On-Point Opinion: The best place to visit for quality time, delicious flavors, and picture-capturing views.
Accurate Location: Trident Marina Scape Building, Shop #18, Dubai Marina Walk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 60 054 1026
Operational Hours (Availability): 09:00 AM to 02:00 AM (Every Day Routine)
Reserve Your Table Now: Tony Roma’s Steakhouse Restaurant, Dubai

7. The Blacksmith Bar and Eatery 

The Blacksmith Bar

Walking on the beach may boost your cravings; The blacksmith offers the restaurant and bar area to ensure you get the required ambiance. This Marina Food place is among the best rooftop restaurants, it welcomes you with royal servicing manners, delicious food tastes, and enormous beverage options.

  • Interior Decoration: A perfectly decorated terrace, following the modern interior module, is declared the smoker’s area. Terrace place is highlighted with minimal roof and small lights to ensure sufficient lighting at night. The lounge area and hall are luxuriously styled for formal and informal meetings, especially with family and colleagues.
  • Signature Dishes: 14 Hr House Smoked Usda Beef Brisket, Chicken Wings, Salmon Tacos, 36 Hr Braised Short Rib, Blacksmith Alaska, Onion Rings, And A Variety Of Beverages Are Their Highlighted Servings.
  • On-Point Opinion: The Blacksmith Bar and Restaurant is highly recommendable for gatherings, but the only thing you should take care of is to make a reservation at least five hours before you visit this place.
Accurate Location: 1st Floor, Wyndham Dubai, Marina, Al Seba Street, Dubai Marina – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 04 407 8873
Operational Hours (Availability): 05:30 PM to 01:00 AM (Monday to Thursday) / 05:00 PM to 02:00 AM (Friday to Sunday)
Reserve Your Table Now: The Blacksmith Bar and Restaurant, Dubai

8. Ultra Brasserie, Marina Dubai

Ultra Brasserie

At the Marina Plaza location, Ultra restaurant is where food can be enjoyed properly without getting bored of the interior and outdoor scenery. Ultra offers the best flavors of traditional and modern trends, also the food icons by some local brands.

  • Interior Decoration:  Have you ever seen black in a colorful theme? Ultra is legendary and styled with a modern colorful interior theme to bring highlighted shades to your life and mood. With sufficient lighting, modern furnishing, and wooden flooring Ultra highlights the trend. You can see beautiful outside views while enjoying every bite of your food.
  • Signature Dishes: The Ultra-Biggy, Healthy Eats, and Three Eggs any Style are the most demanded breakfast picks. Ulta-Chicken Ceasar, Vegan Buddha Bowl, Charred Pineapple, and Shrimp are never-to-miss for main Salads. Chicken Alfredo Pappardelle, Chilli Garlic Shrimps Pasta, Chicken Ramen Bowl, Steak and Chips, and Grilled Salmon are perfect for the main course. At the same time, Classic Cheese and Buttermilk Chicken from Burgers and Sandwiches are highlighted. French Fries with Aioli and Potato Mash should never be skipped.
  • On-Point Opinion: As the name highlights, Ultra Brasserie presents many food options and color shades so you enjoy every second of your time with your loved ones.
Accurate Location: Dubai Marina, Al Marsa Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: +971 4 420 4572
Operational Hours (Availability): 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM (Monday to Friday) / 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM (Saturday & Sunday)
Reserve Your Table Now: Ultra Brasserie, Marina Dubai

9. Nando’s Dubai | Chicken -The Best Protein Source

Nando’s Dubai

Talking about protein sources, we learned that chicken is the only dish serving tasty amino acids without demanding a long cook time to minimize the smell. Chicken does not smell sharp like fish and satisfies our tastebuds, whatever dish it is being presented at. For chicken lovers, it was necessary to open a separate restaurant in Marina to enjoy the flavors with delighted Marina views here. Nando’s restaurant is to serve the best of taste, perfect ambiance, and excellent serving manners at reasonable prices.

  • Interior Decoration: With the dark brown plank flooring, Nando’s food place focuses on wall detailing. The entire wall shade is white, with little colorful detailing or wall pictures highlighting the sitting area. The seats are multi-color, yellow, and greenish, while the ceiling is also decorated with sufficient lighting to support the interior theme.
  • Signature Dishes: Nando’s PERi-eggs Shakshuka, Home Style Pulled Chicken & Herb Omelette, Berry Breakfast Smoothie, Galao (Portuguese for latte), Hummus, Pita Bread & PERi-PERi Drizzle, Hummus with Pulled Chicken, All Together Now, Chocolate Lovin’ Spoon Cake, Nando’s Classic, and PERi-PERi Wedges are on the top.
  • On-Point Opinion: The best-known restaurant of Dubai Marina for breakfast and Dinner, one should never miss trying it.
Accurate Location: Marina Walk, Oceanic Tower, Ground Level, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 600 54 2525
Operational Hours (Availability): 08:00 AM to 01:00 AM (Everyday Working Schedule)
Reserve Your Table Now: Nando’s Dubai

10. Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant | JBR Restaurant

Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant

Are you searching for a party location with your friends in Marina Dubai? Speakeasy is one of the famous JBR bars in Dubai, with delightful views and a beautifully designed interior. Speakeasy follows the American bar style from the nineties with an elegant interior and enormous beverage options.

  • Interior Decoration: Walls and floor are overloaded with pictures, themes, and patterns as per the requirement. The interior game is solid because of modern trendy furnishing but with the 90s touch of interior elements, which is rarely seen nowadays. The restaurant area is recommendable for family gatherings, while a welcoming bar counter is designed for party lovers.
  • Signature Dishes: Hamburger, Budweiser,  Punk IPA, Stella Artois, Coors, and Heineken are the highlighted servings from their menu, plus don’t underestimate the variety of beverages.
  • On-Point Opinion: Among must-visit Dubai Marina restaurants for party lovers and romantic dining, a before-time booking is always recommendable.
Accurate Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence, Bahar 07, Delta Hotels By Merriott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Business Contact Number: 050 189 6214
Operational Hours (Availability): 12:00 PM to 03:00 AM (Daily Working Hours)
Reserve Your Table Now: Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant, JBR, Dubai

Coming To An End

Dubai is getting hyped because of its remarkably appealing views; as an international hub, people usually visit this UAE city for business or traveling purposes. Doubtlessly, Dubai is loaded with different spots that can leave you with no words when you start talking about their appearance. One of these luxurious spots in Dubai Marina, the scenery Marina presents is worth capturing, and having quality time here with your loved ones is one of everyone’s weekend plans. 

Whenever we discuss spending time with friends, family, or life partners, one highlighted thing is food that we can never skip from our planning. But finding one of the best restaurants out of the fifties in Marina is tricky. Getting a start with this problem to highlight the solutions, this blog has been written. We have collectively added the top ten Marina restaurants with their specialties and all the contact information for your convenience. Pick up your phone right now to reserve a table at the best restaurant in Dubai Marina that serves the scenery and delicious flavors.

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