Exploring Dubai Mall for shopping and sticking your head out while thinking what to grab when your hunger pangs give you a call. The main fact is not every restaurant presents you with the taste of your choice. Dubai is a hub of the international market that invites tourists and two of the main reasons for Dubai visits are the delicious food availability and delightful views.

Selecting a restaurant from more than fifty restaurants in a single main place, Dubai Mall is more than hectic. Some restaurants, with their name, give a proper presentation about the food zone they offer. While some restaurants surprise you when you read their menu. We understand your trouble and this is the only reason for selecting the top 10 restaurants from all the restaurants in the Dubai Mall for your convenience.

Highlighting The Ten Best Restaurants In Dubai Mall That Won’t Disappoint You Ever

In terms of food quality, options, servicing, interior, and view, these selected food places in the Dubai Mall would never add disappointment to your mood. This Delights Dubai’s blog is written to minimize your efforts and let you know all the plus and minus points about the top (must-visit) restaurants so you can make a quick decision as per your taste and requirements. 

Some restaurants offer the best dining area with a formal sitting and are the priority for formal meetings, dinners, and romantic dates. While other restaurants offer an outside area or terrace view so you can enjoy your food with the beautiful view with your friends. All the restaurants, their specialty food icon, contact information, and our honest opinions are mentioned below, first, see the list of restaurants we have chosen for you. 

1. Somewhere | Arabian Eatery

Somewhere, Dubai Mall

Offering a fountain view so you can enjoy the fountain show while taking bites from their best Arabic fusion dishes (with the Mediterian touch). Somewhere not just offers the best taste of Arabian spices but also is highlighted because of its servicing manners and affordable ratings.

  • Decor Theme: The black-and-white theme of somewhere’s interior is beautifully topped up with a grey shade to highlight the entire place. Tables in two rows with the wall decor and ceiling lights so you can get a picture for your Instagram story.
  • Feature Food Icons: Their never-to-skip food icons include falafel salad, chicken Musakhan rice, beef shawarma beetroot rice, fish Sayadih, and Shrimp kunafa.
  • Honest Opinion: Try its signature dishes at least once, and always book your table at least two-three hours before visiting the place for avoiding trouble.
Exact Location: 1st Floor, Dubai Mall, (P5, Fashion Parking), Downtown Dubai
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Contact Info: +971 4 329 5182
Book Now: Somewhere, Dubai 

2. Eataly | Italian Food Culture 

Eataly - Italian Food Culture

The place where you can find the best Italian fusion taste with premium spices and accurate ingredients for the satisfaction of your tastebuds. In the hustle of Dubai Mall, finding a place where you can eat and shop with A1 services is more than a blessing, the only place with a single pizza slice offering (for pizza lovers).

  • Decor Theme: The sitting area is well-organized with comfortable modern furniture and excellent ambiance. The interior theme is bright because of excessive lighting but still looks decent and calm with a white primary shade.
  • Feature Food Icons: Truffle pasta, freshly baked bread, pastries, and olive and onion focaccia are their must-try food icons. Margarita and Pepperoni single slice pizzas are yummy.
  • Honest Opinion: The best place for having a nice breakfast with no doubt about taste.
Address: Lower Ground Level, Downtown, Dubai Mall, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: Weekdays: 09:00 AM to 12:00 AM / Weekends: 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM
Contact Info: +971 4 330 8899
Book Now (Website): Eataly, Dubai

3. New Shanghai 

New Shanghai

Shanghai, a city on the sea, this restaurant is named after that China city to tell that all the food recipes here ultimately connect you with Shanghai’s cultural food taste. All the dishes are well presented and blended with different ingredients from other than Chinese culture to create a tasty fusion.

  • Decor Theme: Luxurious interior decor with a modern, well-decorated wall design, live kitchen experience, and arrangement of tables in a presentable street decorum to highlight the value of their culture.
  • Feature Food Icons:  Soup Dumplings are their specialties as per their own menu card says, so do not miss this one.
  • Honest Opinion: For the fulfillment of your Chinese food cravings, New Shanghai is a must place to visit, they offer 10/10 royal servicing with picture-postcard views.
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Dubai Mall, UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM / Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Contact Info: 04 224 6819
Book Now (Website): New Shanghai, Dubai Mall

4. Ana Restaurant, Traditional Cuisine

Ana Restaurant Dubai | Traditional Emirati Cuisine

The perfect place is on the first floor of Dubai Mall near the waterfall area so you can enjoy each bite of traditional Emirati food and royal treatment from the attentive staff. Ana is all about exploring yourself as per their menu card interprets. This place makes you realize that there is only one character in your story that remains from the very beginning till the end and that is only you, so treat yourself more like a celebrity.

  • Decor Theme: Comfortable furniture, decent and light-shaded interior theme, sufficient lighting, and each table is separated from others with no walls, this is called the perfect use of spacing, management has highlighted the area with decent entrance.
  • Feature Food Icons: Do yourself a treat and never miss their tabouleh salad, butter chicken with bread, and Eggplant yogurt appetizer.
  • Honest Opinion: Sitting near a waterfall, seeing the dancing water waves with magical food taste, what else do you desire? Ana is a highly recommendable restaurant in Dubai Mall.
  • Exact Location: Opposite Jashanmal, The Waterfall area, First floor, Dubai Mall, UAE
Exact Location: Opposite Jashanmal, The Waterfall area, First floor, Dubai Mall, UAE
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Contact Info: 04 388 2313
Book Now (Website): Ana, Restaurant

5. Trove | International Restaurant

Trove | International Restaurant

The best shisha lounge, Trove is established to ensure the availability of all types of food icons, every shisha flavor, and beverage options for your stomach’s entertainment.

  • Decor Theme: Dramatic interior theme with bold colors as primary shades, a perfect smoky atmosphere with colorful wall panels, a comfortable sitting area, and impeccable ambiance, just like a realistic view of your dreamy world.
  • Feature Food Icons: Food Icons: Wagyu Maki Sushi, Salmon Kushiyaki, Spaghetti meatball, Wagyu smashed burger with roasted wild mushroom, general rice with veggies, seabass grilled, Truffle pizza, Truffle fries, and Mango cheesecake are their feature food items.
  • Beverages: Mojitos, mocktails, fresh juices, and Chai are their never-to-skip- beverages
  • Shisha Variety: Presenting German, Turkish, Russian, and American styles of shisha for your comfort level.
  • Honest Opinion: Highly recommended to shisha lovers in Dubai, and the Best place for desserts if you are not a shisha lover.
Exact Location: Ground floor The Dubai Mall – Fashion Avenue, Downtown – Dubai
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Contact Numbers: 04 347 7444
Book Now (Website): Trover, Dubai

6. Bebabel Restaurant 

Bebabel Restaurant

The cafe version of Babel restaurant, Bebabel is a sub-branch located in the Downtown, Dubai Mall, known for royal hospitality and the original Lebanese taste of every food item, and highly cost-effective measures.

  • Decor Theme: Bebabel is a party restaurant, decorative decently with a wooden interior, long windows, and multiple ceiling lights to highlight the entire place. Light blue, White, Yellow, and Grey shades are covering the major part of the interior theme. The fountain view is a plus point for Bebabel’s marketing.
  • Feature Food Icons: Boneless chicken, mixed grill with chocolate fondant, mint lemonade, and Falafels are Bebabel’s feature dishes.
  • Honest Opinion: One should definitely visit this place if he wants to try a contemporary version of Lebanese flavors as a favor to his hunger pangs.
Address: Financial Center Road, Fashion Avenue – 1st Floor, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai – Dubai, UAE
Working Hours: Didn’t mention it anywhere.
Contact Numbers: 04 419 0950
Book Now (Website): Bebabel, Dubai

7. Texas Road-House 

Texas RoadHouse

Known for the quality of food in Dubai, Kent Taylor, the owner of Texas Roadhouse, was impressed by the roadside houses in Texas, and therefore in 1933 he decided to build a restaurant that only serves originality. Here, you can find every Chinese and Russian dish with its original homemade flavor at affordable rates because they understand the food should be a sign of pleasure even for your pocket.

  • Decor Theme: Just like a roadhouse, it is designed well to offer a maximum sitting area with no suffocation, enough lighting for the picture-capturing view, and a proper table arrangement with enough spacing. An outdoor area is available with a delightful waterfall view.
  • Feature Food Icons:  Chilli Cheese Fries with Bacon, Burger and Fries, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Buffalo Wings, and Baked Potatoes are their signature food icons
  • Honest Opinion: If you want to taste the original flavor of Chinese and Russian meals, this place is a must-try. Moreover, they guys offer the best breakfast and brunch with no delay.
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Next to Waterfall, Dubai Mall, Downtown, Dubai
Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM / Friday and Saturday: 10:00 AM to 01:00 AM / Sunday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Contact Info: 04 419 0266
Book Now (Website): Texas- Road-house

8. GIA | An Italian Food Corner

GIA - Italian Food Corner

Among the best Italian food restaurants (RISTORANTE), with a beautiful Dubai mall location, a bright interior, A1 services, attentive staff, and a beautiful view from its terrace (eye-capturing roof). Cost-effective, original food with Halal, Gluten-free, and veg options to meet the requirements of visitors.

  • Decor Theme: Entire decor is decent with the light primary shades of creamy and white colors, wooden cabinets, and beautiful white furniture that is spotlighted by the decor idea. Eye-capturing wall decor with lights and geometrical shapes is seen while exploring the interior.
  • Feature Food Icons: Burrata Pizza, burrata carpaccio with truffle fries and focaccia, risotto ragú, and pasta cacio y pepe are their specialties.
  • Honest Opinion: For every person that needs to follow a food-filtration method before ordering something, enjoy any Italian meal at GIA by instructing the staff about your limitations before placing an order.
Address: Unit GF- 320 New Fashion Avenue, Financial Center Road, Dubai Mall
Working Hours: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM / Sunday: 08:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Contact Info: 04 234 9986
Book Now (Website): GIA- Ristorante

9. Todd | An English Food Hall

Todd - English Food Hall

Serving Italian, Lebanese, and American foods, Todd is literally a giant hall as the name indicates and decorated luxuriously, especially for foreigners. The fountain view is the plus point it offers, Todd presents a five-star food taste, attentive and royal servicing, and excellent ambiance.

  • Decor Theme: The entire hall is decorated well with comfortable seats and luxurious decor elements, especially the ceiling. The lighting is sufficient for defining the little details of an area. Light colors have been chosen for offering maximum peace as per the color-wheel rule.
  • Feature Food Icons: Their pepperoni pizza, mixed grill, chicken sliders, calamari, and hummus are the signature items that should never be missed.
  • Honest Opinion: For enjoying the perfect blend of Italian foods with Lebanese and American cooking methods, this place is 100% recommendable.
Exact Location: Unit GF – 318 – Financial Center Road, Dubai Mall, Downtown – Dubai
Working Hours: Not available
Contact Numbers: 04 388 2320
Book Now (Website): No Direct Website is Available.

10. The Grill Shack | Steakhouse

The Grill Shack

A well-known restaurant for its steaks, ribs, and burgers is located in the Dubai Mall. The Grill Shack is the perfect place for official meetings and gatherings because of its industrial-style interior module.

  • Decor Theme: High ceilings, decent and luxurious furniture, wall plants, the least table decoration, and little wall details are the highlights. Availability of extra seats, this place is beautifully decorated and contains an industrial interior design.
  • Feature Food Icons: All flavors of steaks and barbecues are their specialty, never forget to try their beverages. Moreover, they always demand cost-effective pricing.
  • Honest Opinion: The best steak restaurant, a must-try for steak lovers. Perfect ambiance, excellent servicing, and affordable rates.
Exact Location:  Financial Center Road, Unit SF, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall
Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM / Friday & Saturday: 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Contact Numbers: 04 388 2382
Book Now (Website): The Grill Shack

Come To An End

Dubai is loaded with traditional & international Dubai Restaurants. Talking specifically about the Dubai Mall, every restaurant is well-decorative but here comes the confusion for food lovers. Searching for the best eat and drink corner is not enough to pick a perfect restaurant that not only satisfies your taste buds but also gives a moody ambiance and delightful view to meet your requirements. This blog post contains recommendations of the top ten restaurants in Dubai Mall, where almost 150 restaurants are presenting their specialties. The contact information of these all restaurants is mentioned so you can quickly book a perfect place for calming your hunger pangs.

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