With the advancement in the interior industry, walls are keenly focused on attaining the best interior theme. But, with time, wall paint has become outdated; among all the wall theme inventions, wallpaper is the suitable and most demanding wall styling opportunity everyone wants to introduce in their building.

Wallpapers come in different shades, patterns, and adhesives to stick to your building’s walls properly; their main motive is to enhance the functionality of your space by providing the walls with protection and resisting factors and transform your place’s interior theme into a welcoming one. Here comes the real trouble: How to select a wallpaper shop to get wall styling treatments in Dubai?

Explore The 10 Finest Wallpaper Providers In Dubai

Dubai’s market is overloaded with wallpaper shops; a customer can easily get confused when trying to pick one. For your maximum convenience, Delights Dubai’s team has filtered out the top ten Dubai’s wallpaper shops with trendy wallpaper designs and reliable services. Here are 3 main points mentioned below that we focused on while picking these shops.

  • The quality of the wallpaper is keenly observed, so you get to have a highly functional wall styling in your place.
  • The pricing structure is monitored to make wallpaper shopping easier for you.
  • Availability, online serving manners, and professional working etiquette are noticed for your ease.

All the wallpaper companies, along with their contact details, serving manners, and mission, are highlighted below, following the list of their names. We always recommend you go through every mentioned information to make a wise choice; let’s move towards the main topic.

1. Land Of Wallpaper

Land Of Wallpaper

About The Company

One of the best wallpaper providers in Dubai, with 15 Years of experience, this company is specifically working on the home improvement projects. Land of Wallpaper ensures high-quality wall themes and treatments and affordable rates with the availability of instant serving manners.

Product & Services

  • Availability of every wallpaper design for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings with pre-attached adhesives.
  • Land Of Wallpaper ensures a low-maintenance wallpaper range in 2D and 3D patterns to enhance your place’s beauty.
  • Offering 24/7 availability for expert consultations, maximum customization options, and reliable wallpaper installation at reasonable rates in Dubai & nearby areas.
Location: Al Quoz 1st Dubai, UAE
Email: info@landofwallpaper.com
Phone Number: +971 5021 36026
Website: https://landofwallpaper.com/

2. Wall Art

Wall Art

About The Company

Wall Art is one of the top-notch companies for wall styling projects in Dubai, focused on providing wallpapers, wall panels, and canvases for presenting a complete solution of wall styling to you. This wallpaper shop ensures reasonable rates and reliable working etiquette.

Products & Services

  • You can get wall themes and canvases on this platform with 2D and 3D patterns for the desired interior styling.
  • Ensuring affordable rates and a complete wall treatment collection for your convenience in Dubai.
  • Their floral and ancient wall theme patterns are getting hyped because of their fascinating designs.
Location: Wallart Designs LLC PO Box 7823, C29, Dubai Production City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: info@wallart.ae
Phone Number:  +971 44479799
Website: https://www.wallart.ae/

3. Muse Design

Muse Design

About The Company

Muse Design presents a long list of interior elements for residential and commercial buildings to elevate the interior styling of the space. Affordable rates, every-time online availability, and fast delivery are its highlighted features.

Products & Services

  • Muse Design offers floral, geometrical, abstract, and area-defining wallpaper patterns in Dubai.
  • Also offers wallpaper installation and customization treatments for your convenience. 
  • You can call their experts for expert consultations; they ensure 24/7 availability.
Location: Dubai design district, building 1B, office 601, Dubai, UAE
Email: info@musedesign.ae
Phone Number:  +971-55-357-3290
Website: https://musedesign.ae/

4. NGC Nafees


About The Company

NGC Nafees, with 27 years of experience, is offering quality wall themes for the residential and commercial areas. Focusing on wall and flooring treatments to beautify your place’s interior theme, NGC Nafees demands very affordable rates.

Products & Services

  • Talking about the wall styling options, this company is more focused on residential and kids’ area wall themes than commercial wall styling options.
  • You get to order wallpapers in different patterns and styles on this platform with a guaranteed reasonable tag.
  • This wallpaper store ensures quick booking methods along with reliable service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities (United Arab Emirates).
Location:NGC Nafees, Salah Al Din St Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: homesales@ngcmiddleeast.com / sales@ngcmiddleeast.com
Phone Number: +971 43087474 / +971 55 287 1750
Website: https://ngcmiddleeast.com/

5. Decor Wall Covering

Decor Wall Covring

About The Company

Decor Wall Covering- As the name indicates, this company has been specifically working on wall styling since 1974. To add a luxurious touch to decor establishment, this company offers high-quality and durable products. From wallpapers to the imported wall coverings, you can get a satisfactory wall treatment from Decor Wall Covering.

Products & Services

  • To enhance the focus of your place’s interior decoration, Decor Wall Covering offers a long collection of wall art designs at affordable rates.
  • Explore their gallery, where they are showcasing their geometrical, floral, abstract, classical, and traditional wall theme designs.
Location: Main Branch (Head Office): Decor Establishment Salahuddin Road Next to Abu Baker Siddique Metro Station Hor Al Anz, Dubai
Email: Info@decorwallcovering.com
Phone Number:  +971 4 2556252 / +971 4 2556253 /+971529873838
Website: https://www.decorwallcovering.com/

6. Wallpaper Land

Wallpaper Land

About The Company

Mainly focused on custom wallpaper designs, Wallpaper Land offers traditional and modern wall themes in 2D and 3D designs. This is a top-notch platform for reliable wallpaper treatments in Dubai, ensuring affordable, rapid delivery and timeless expertise.

Products & Services

  • Wallpaper Land is mainly focused on residential wall designing; you can get a range of home wallpapers & wall panels on its platform. 
  • This wall theme-providing shop also offers excellent wall painting in Dubai for your maximum convenience with affordable price tags.
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33
Email: info@wallpaperland.ae
Phone Number: +971502136026
Website: https://wallpaperland.ae/

7. Wall Display

Wall Display

About The Company

When we talk about wall designing, Wall Display is a highlighted name that comes to our minds, providing vintage wall designs at affordable rates & fast and free of cost delivery services all over the United Arab Emirates.

Product & Services

  • Wall Display highlights residential wall designs, including floral, geometrical, and area-defining patterns.
  • Get a wide range of customizable and premium-quality floral wallpapers to transform your building’s interior theme.
  • You can also order a custom canvas for your place with any of the digital patterns and required size options.
Location: Production facility located in Dubai Investment Park 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: support@walldisplay.ae
Phone Number: +971 58 566 8152
Website: https://www.walldisplay.ae/

8. Nouqoush, Dubai


About The Company

Nouqoush is one of the quality wallpaper providers in Dubai, working for about 20 years to transform your homes, offices, & public places with highly functional & luxurious wallpaper designs. With the mission of providing custom products to create maximum convenience for its clients, Nouqouch always demands affordable rates.

Products & Services

  • Availability of designer wallpapers that you can choose per style, colors, residential, & commercial area styling following your requirements.
  • Nouqoush offers a long range of 2D & 3D wallpaper designs, including nature, oriental, industrial, tropical, abstract, vintage floral, portrait, and geometrical designs.
  • Nouqoush offers maximum customization options regarding wallpapers, so you can choose custom sizes, patterns, and wallpaper adhesive options.
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Email: info@nouqoush.com
Phone Number: +971 4 379 47 40
Website: https://nouqoush.com/

9. Skipton Wall

Skipton Wall

About The Company

Skipton Wall, a well-known wall styling company in Dubai, offers a range of wallpapers and wall covering with exceptional serving manners at affordable rates in Dubai. This company ensures the high quality of their products & services and the immediate delivery process. Book expert concertations( free of cost and onsite) on their platform for choosing the required wall designs following your place’s interior design.

Products & Services

  • Presenting a long list of plain wallpapers with light and dark shades to guarantee a luxurious wall styling of your place.
  • Skipton Wall offers dotted, striped, and classical (printed) wall designs for commercial buildings, especially for offices.
  • Skipton Wall ensures immediate delivery manners for their wallpapers in the entire Dubai with low or no price tags.
Location: SkiptonWall Wallpaper, Curtains & Blinds, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai, UAE
Email: contact@skiptonwall.com
Phone Number: +971508659673
Website: https://www.skiptonwall.com/

10. Royal Wallpapers Dubai


About The Company

Royal Wallpapers Dubai is a well known Dubai brand famous for its wall theme treatments. This company highlights home, office, and restaurant wall design. This company is ensuring high-quality wallpaper designs, quick serving manners, and online availability every time to attain 100% customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

  • Royal Wallpapers Dubai offers both off the rack and custom made wallpapers to enhance your building’s interior appearance.
  • Royal Wallpapers Dubai presents geometrical, floral, doted, rough stone, brick, wall mural, and many more wallpaper patterns in 2D and 3D forms to ensure 100% styling of your room.
  • Their experts are every time available on their online platforms for expert concertations regarding wall styling at no cost at all.
  • This company is representing a small but concise package for wall themes to specifically style your home’s interior appearance.
Phone Number: +971 56 695 6549
Email: info@royalwallpapersdubai.com
Website: https://royalwallpapersdubai.com/

Writer’s Closing Thoughts

Because of the saturation in Dubai’s market, it is difficult to select a wall treatment provider out of thousands. Nowadays, wall styling is the highlighted element in interior designing that can never be ignored; looking forward to it, we understand that wall paint is outdated and wallpapers and panels have lifted the trend.

For your ease, our team has selected the top 10 wallpaper shops in Dubai and listed them in this blog with all of their necessary details so you can choose whenever needed. All these shops are selected based on so many points that you will explore in the above content. Read the blog to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: How Often Should Wallpaper Be Changed?
Interior designers recommend wallpaper replacements at least after 15 years from installation. Wallpapers start losing their functionality and luxurious appearance after a decade and need to be treated with extra care and maintenance measures. Moreover, after a decade, wallpapers start ruining your buildings’ wall paint because of the chemicals they contain.
Question 2: What Is The Best Quality For A Wallpaper?
The most hyped wallpaper quality is PVC (polyvinyl Chloride), these wallpapers not only come in a wide list of patterns and colors but also offer waterproof features for highly functional duty. You can style your commercial as well as residential place with these wallpapers at very affordable rates.
Question 3: Is Wallpaper High Maintenance?
Wallpapers need low care routines to maintain their luxurious appearance. Unlike wall paints they are tear and resistant, stay longer, and can be cleaned using a spray with no fear of color fading issues.
Question 4: How Long Does Wallpaper Last?
Talking about the life span of wallpapers, it is said that a good quality wallpaper stays longer than 15 years if treated well. You can increase their lifespan by offering an effective maintenance routine. Specialists suggest avoiding toxic-chemicals containing cleaners if you want your wallpaper to last longer than expected.
Question 5: What To Know Before Buying Wallpaper?
There are so many considerable factors that you should never skip before finalizing a wallpaper. Double check the quality, pricing, color, and accessories of the wallpaper for highly functional wall treatments. A wallpaper should contain interior defining pattern and color to avoid creating an interior design mess.
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