IFC: Dubai International Financial Center is an economic zone established in 2004 to create a financial hub for MEASA (Middle East, Africa, South Asia) markets; DIFC covers almost 110 hectares with 4300 active companies. In such an official region that offers maximum opportunities for growth, good food is a must to calm your hunger pangs so they won’t limit your ideas and creative thoughts. 

The trickiest thing ever is deciding to pick a restaurant in DIFC for official gatherings or between your working hours to satisfy your taste buds. Because DIFC contains more than a hundred restaurants and cafes with delicious cultural and creative flavors, you can find wherever food you crave.

A List Of The 10 Top Pick Restaurants in DIFC- Dubai

The saturation of restaurants is the only thing that drives you crazy whenever you want to taste a specific flavor. The selection of a single restaurant, when you observe the high-quality service from every other restaurant, becomes more confusing. To eradicate a bit of confusion from your thoughts, this blog is the only solution you need.

This blog by Delights Dubai, contains a list of the top ten restaurants in DIFC Dubai so you can get the food of your choice with no delay. All the necessary information is highlighted below: the restaurant’s interior, signature dishes, opinions, exact location, and contact numbers to make it more convenient for you guys. Let’s come to the point:

1. BB Social Dining

BB Social Dining

A well-defined place to forget your official setup, the best DIFC restaurant for brunch, where you can enjoy the taste and royal treatment and the colorful interior design that will ultimately add a positive and fresh impact on your mind.

  • Decor Theme: BB Social Dining is a restaurant with vibrant and geometrical interior patterns with black and yellow prominent shades to denote the attractiveness and eye-capturing interior view. All the chairs are comfortable, the walls are decorative, the lighting is sufficiently arranged, and the floor is geometrically styled to follow the recent trend.
  • Feature Food Icons: The Tuna crispy rice and the Glazed sprouts are the signature dishes from their lunch menu, plus this restaurant is known for the availability of a cocktail array.
  • Honest Opinion: A must-visit place during lunch breaks, especially since all the food items are well-presented and yummy. Moreover, not so expensive for your pockets.
Exact Location: DIFC- Gate Village 08 UAE, Dubai
Working Hours: Sunday to Wednesday: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM / Thursday: 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM / Friday and Saturday: 12:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Contact Numbers:  04 407 4444
Menu: BB Menu
Book Now (Website): BB Social Dining- Instagram

2. Zuma- Peaceful Ambience 


Zuma means PEACE; visiting a place between your working hours in DIFC where you can find enough peace for relaxation is a blessing. Find the best fusion of Asian and contemporary Japanese food with royal servicing and an amazing Burj Al Arab view. Zuma offers perfect spacing for private dinners, official brunch, and party areas in the club section.

  • Decor Theme:  Beautiful wooden interior with a different club and restaurant area, a perfect blending of light and dark shades, and detailed decoration is waiting for your attention with old-style, long windows that allow you to have an unbelievable view of the tallest building in the world, the Burj with a live DJ.
  • Feature Food Icons: Gindara no saikyo miso yaki, Tsubu-miso gake hinadori no oven yaki, Gyuhire sumibiyaki karami sauce zuke, Nihon kinoko no kamameshi, and Ise Ebi no oven Yaki are their never-to-miss dishes.
  • Honest Opinion:  Try Zuma at least once to enjoy the best Asian Japanese food fusion; better to reserve your table two or three days before visiting, preferably for official meetings.
Exact Location: DIFC, Gate Village, Building 3, Al Mustaqbal St – Trade Centre, Podium Level, Dubai
Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Lunch-Bruch) / Monday to Thursday: 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Dinner) / Friday: 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Lunch-Bruch) /Friday: 07:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Dinner) / Saturday: 12:30 PM to 04:00 PM (Lunch-Brunch) / Saturday: 07:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Dinner) / Sunday: 12:00 PM to 04:00 PM (Lunch-Brunch) / Sunday: 07:00 PM to 01:00 AM (Dinner)
Contact Numbers: 04 425 5660
Book Now (Website): Zuma, Dubai

3. BOCA | European Eatery


A Spanish-influenced restaurant located in the business class area of DIFC, where you can find a complete network of food businesses offering almost every taste. It is a bit tricky to get appreciation at such a place, but BOCA is blessed with many awards for the quality of its food and interior design.

  • Decor Theme: As per the color wheel, grey combines black and white shades. BOCA’s interior is designed well with grey, white, black, and a little sparkle of skin shades for an elegant appearance. All the seats are comfortable, beautiful drink corner, a decent wall theme, and a balanced decor with the decorated ceiling.
  • Feature Food Icons: Pimentos patrons, Truffle Fries, Caliente Pizza with Spanish Beef Chorizo Plum Tomato Sauce Chili Rocket Leaves, Home-Made Rye Sourdough, and Seafood Ceviche are their must-try food icons.
  • Honest Opinion: A place to find the real taste, royal treatments, and most reasonable price chart. A 100% visiting place for both Dubai visitors and residentials.
Exact Location: Gate Village 6, Towards DIFC Parking, DIFC Dubai, UAE
Contact Numbers: 04 323 1833
Working Hours: 12:00 PM to 03:00 AM- All Days
Book Now (Website): BOCA, Dubai

4. Bombay Borough

Bombay Borough

A well-decorative restaurant with the perfect fusion of Indian food options in the business center to present its food creativity with mouth-watering taste and reasonable rates. Bombay Borough- as the name indicates, this luxurious restaurant connects you with Indian roots. Bombay City is known for its array of food icons; this is just an extension of Bombay culture in the heart of Dubai, the DIFC.

  • Decor Theme: A decent presentation of dramatic interior design with geometrical pattern flooring, a long bar area, a lot of ceiling lights, and an unexpected combination of decent chairs with highlighted couches that carry blue velvet upholstery covers.
  • Feature Food Icons: Bombay Borough is known for its Fried chicken, Chatka chole kulcha, keema samosa, Goan shack chicken waffle, Smoked Jodhpur Mutton, Chur Chur Paratha, and cocktail options.
  • Honest Opinion: A must-visit place if you are craving delicious Indian dishes in Dubai. Bombay Borough presents a variety of food items, from Pakoras to Golgappas, with A1 presentation and royal servicing manners.
Exact Location: Gate Village, Building 3, Trade Centre – DIFC – Dubai, UAE
Contact Numbers: 054 995 8296
Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM / Friday and Saturday: 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM
Book Now (Website): Bombay Borough

5. CLAP, Dubai 


With the perfect ambiance, sufficient lighting, a luxurious Burj view, private table areas at the rooftop of the DIFC building, and a live kitchen, CLAP is offering the best Japanese food and cocktails unexpectedly to smash your hunger pangs accurately.

  • Decor Theme: As the name indicates, CLAP is flawlessly designed to add spark to the place. Comfortable seats, a live kitchen at the center, a separate club area, long tables for business meetups and family gatherings, private tables for romantic candlelight dinners, and availability of live music with decently decorated restaurant walls and ceiling.
  • Feature Food Icons: Spicy Edamame, Wagyu Beef & Foie Gras Gyoza, Tuna and Crab Sushi, Salmon Cloud, From the Sushi Bar, and Lamb Chops are the best with unforgettable cocktail taste.
  • Honest Opinion: Never miss CLAP if you are fond of Japanese flavors; better to reserve your tables at least an hour before your arrival time.
Exact Location: Gate Village, DIFC- Trade Center, Dubai, UAE
Contact Numbers: 04 569 3820
Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 12:00 PM to 02:00 AM / Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM
Book Now (Website): CLAP, Dubai

6. Hutong | Chinese Restaurant


A well-defined rectangular arrangement of seats to enjoy the authentic Chinese vibes from every flavor to the place’s ambiance. Hutong is one of the famous Chinese restaurants because of its dark theme and well-crafted menu by Mr. Mak, the star Chef.

  • Decor Theme: A decently decorated place with an on-point combination of dark and light brown shades and dim lighting with candles on the tables to present enough private space for your dinner outings. Modern lights enhance ceiling decor; imagine enjoying the #1 Barbecue in front of the Dubai fountain view and the perfect Chinese food; what else do you want?
  • Feature Food Icons: Flaming Duck, Pancakes, Wok-Tossed Beef Tenderloin, and Soy Icecream are the featured Hutong servings with reasonable price tags.
  • Honest Opinion: To fulfil your Chinese food craving, Hutong is the best place that presents the exact Chinese culture with royal services and reasonable bills.
Exact Location: Ground Floor of DIFC, Building #6, Dubai, UAE
Contact Numbers: +971 4 220 0868
Working Hours: Sunday to Friday: 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM (Lunch) / Saturday: 12:00 PM to 04:00 PM (Lunch) / All Days: 06:00 PM to 02:30 AM (Dinner)
Book Now (Website): Hutong, Dubai

7. The Artisan 

The Artisan

Perfect Italian restaurant that serves delicious Pizza flavors for pizza lovers in the popular business region of Dubai with a delightful view and royal interior. The staff is so attentive, the food is 10/10, and the ambiance is perfect for brunch between work hours.

  • Decor Theme: If you have ever dreamt of a luxurious life, this restaurant is the reality. Royal decor theme is highlighted using lights, especially neon text lighting, and decent furniture with a white covering on the tables is added to prominent the theme.
  • Feature Food Icons: Five-star dishes by the Artisan are Profiteroles, Vitello Tonnato, Burrata, Bresaola Pizza, Cannelloni, and Patate Fritte.
  • Honest Opinion: Craving Pizza during your work hours? The Artisan offers delicious pizzas, pasta, and dessert so you can calm your hunger and have 100% focus on your work.
Exact Location: Waldorf Astoria, DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) – Dubai
Contact Numbers: 04 338 8133
Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 PM to 10:30 PM / On Other Days: from 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Book Now (Website): The Artisan

8. GAIA, Dubai | Greek Restaurant


GAIA is known for its simplicity, originality, traditional flavors, and fresh ingredients in Dubai. Chef Izu Ani is the reason that here the dishes serve every ingredient with enough recognition, which is a respectful way to represent the thoughts of a cook/chef.

  • Decor Theme: White as a primary interior shade, and then decoration touch with brown and some shady blue small details to highlight the patterns. The entire interior resembles a royal home with decent table decor, perfect for meetings and private dinners in Dubai.
  • Feature Food Icons: All the items from the sea (seafood), Frozen Yogurt, GAIA Platter, baked vegetables, and Lamb cutlets are the best food items from GAIA.
Exact Location: DIFC, Trade Centre – UAE, Dubai
Contact Numbers: 04 241 4242
Working Hours: Morning Time: 12:00 PM to 03:30 PM / Evening Time: 06:30 PM to 11:30 PM
Book Now (Website): GAIA, Dubai

9. Luna Sky Bar | Asian Food Court


With the availability of every beverage option and delicious Asian food icons, Luna is serving you the luxurious terrace with a sky view so you can experience the best sky look with your loved ones.

  • Decor Theme: Skin, brown, yellow, and black with dim and classy ceiling lighting serves the romantic ambience so you can enjoy your time well. Luna also has a small indoor area for warmer days; otherwise, it is the perfect nightclub in Dubai.
  • Feature Food Icons: Wagyu tataki, truffles, merlot, volcano roll, Scottish salmon, Kobe burger, wagyu filet, and Luna’s Tiramisu are their signature dishes; you never dare to miss them.
  • Honest Opinion: You must try Luna for the heartbeat-skipping moment when you explore the skylight, stars, and moon with delicious food items satisfying your tastebuds.
Exact Location: Four Seasons Hotel, Gate Village, Building 3, 8th floor – DIFC – Dubai
Contact Numbers: 04 506 0000
Working Hours: 05:00 PM to 03:00 AM
Book Now (Website): Luna, Dubai

10. Mama’s Bites 

Mama’s Bites

Away from your home? Mama’s Bites is the only restaurant in Dubai DIFC that offers the best Mama’s handmade food icons for the satisfaction of your taste buds. In that business region, no one could dream better than getting delicious homemade Lebanese food in a place that looks more like home. Congratulations on getting your home-place away from your home; Mama’s Bites is the only solution.

  • Decor Theme: A restaurant decorated more than a home with light whitish and creamy shades, long curtains, maximum door and wall designs, and a furniture arrangement just like a home. All the lights are well decorated so you can enjoy enough views, plus a pleasant outside view can be seen through the windows for observing nature.
  • Feature Food Icons: Their Grill platter, chicken liver, Rocco salad, hummus, Lahem Bil Ajin, and special Karak are never-to-miss items from Mama’s Bites. Better to check out their menu options for different meal timings.
  • Honest Opinion: The best place for breakfast, brunch, and dinners, a vast option range of beverages and dishes to serve you mouth-watering food with royal servicing manners and no expensive bills.
Exact Location: DIFC- Central Park, UAE, Dubai
Contact Numbers: 04 266 6262
Working Hours: 08:00 AM to 01:30 AM
Book Now (Website): Mama’s Bites

To Curl Up

DIFC- Dubai International Financial Center is a proper business hub for different markets. The plus point is that this region has many restaurant options offering different flavours, so you can always satisfy your cravings. From Chinese to Asian, you can find every food icon here to enjoy a good meal during work hours, after your hectic routine, or when you need to grab a quick breakfast.

This blog contains pertinent details about the working hours, contact details, location, opinions, signature foods, and the restaurant’s interior. And the top ten restaurants are picked so every detail can be so clear to you that you can select a restaurant within seconds in the busiest place in Dubai.

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