ood is considered the basic joy, and restaurants are doing their part in serving delicious varieties of food items with mouth-watering food appearances and fragrances. Dubai has become the most popular visiting spot in 2024 because of its architectural values and delectable dishes. Doubtlessly, you can never ignore meal spots whenever you visit a place; because of the remarkable increment in visiting population, different restaurants are getting opened to showcase their special meal tastes to fit the people’s requirements. 

From delicious Sushi or steak to French food icons, from Indian spice to Pakistani desserts, and from street foods to the yummiest restaurant specialties that star chefs make, you just name a dish and find hundreds of restaurants offering that in Dubai. The most important factors for a restaurant are its interior theme, servicing, view it is facing, and food speciality. People prefer a decent and calm place for official meetups, a place with a delightful view and fewer people for dinner with their special ones, while youngsters preferably choose a crowded restaurant with an eye-pleasing view.

Some Never-To-Miss Restaurants In Dubai

People started naming Dubai an international food point because every cultural meal is available here to satisfy your taste buds. What else causes trouble for a foodie than a wish to taste every food icon in Dubai? Having limited time for a Dubai tour always make visitors confused when picking a restaurant for meals. In this blog, we have highlighted some most famous Dubai restaurants, their specialties, and their location in Dubai so you can choose the perfect one to visit according to your mood with a clear mindset. 

In this blog, Delights Dubai has rated different restaurants depending on their most common reviews, the location they are facing, food, and other specialties; & also, some honest opinions are added for your ease. We have picked some of the best Dubai restaurants so you can easily select the suitable one for yourself with no delay.

1. AL-MUNTAHA (The Top), Dubai


Al-Muntaha is an Arabic word meaning “the top” This restaurant occupies one of the spotlighted places on the twenty-seventh floor of BURJ KHALIFA, the tallest building in the world (Dubai-based) (828 meters).

  • Keeping the touch of European, French, and Mediterranean tastes, a well-known chef, Saverio Sbaragli, a Michelin Star owner, has designed the restaurant menu with highly presentable flavors.

Signature Dishes

A fine-dining restaurant famous for its Langoustine and Veal Fillet Mignon, Negroni, Wine and Champagne (age specifications) range, and Chocolate desserts. From the first course to the last, their staff serves you professionally with the required dish that contains a perfect mingle of ingredients.

  • An evergreen color decor theme with a delightful ceiling view and window sight to fulfill your purpose of outing with hunger-satisfactory dishes.
  • According to the reviews, the visitors love the ambiance, food, and service of Al-Muntaha.

Confirm your bookings for observing Dubai from a well-defined height with appetite-satisfactory dishes.

  • Opinion: Al-Muntaha is among the best Arabic restaurants in Dubai, a single visit to Al-Muntaha is a must for enjoying luxurious servicing and panoramic views.
Exact Location: Burj Khalifa, 27th Floor, Suqeim, Dubai
Website: Al Muntaha, Dubai
Contact Info: +971 800 323232

2. Orfali Bros Bistro (Hey, Nostalgia!)

Orfali Bros Bistro

The best MENA (Middle East and North Africa) restaurant is owned by three Syrian brothers, Mohammad, Wasim, and Omar Orfali, who united to mix different ingredients in a traditional style to invent more flavors & textures for their dishes.

  • Mohammad is the big brother and head chef who guides the staff to mix ingredients trustfully so the newly invented taste does not leave traditional values and 100% satisfies your taste buds.
  • His expertise counts Middle Eastern, Asian, and Greek dishes with a smooth blend of ingredients to alter the yummiest flavors.
  • The other two brothers, Waseem and Omar, work on the upper floor to add a delicious taste modification in Pastry flavors.

They serve food as a symbol of love by mixing different ingredients from the beginning of their journey. Once they all left their home to visit different places to create some amazing meals, they united in Dubai to open one of the most-rated food places.

Signature Desserts

Talking about the sweet dishes/ pastries from Orfali Bros, Fererro Cake, Karaz, and Vanella Madness is one of their best desserts. This place is open from 12 PM to 12 AM with the availability of online bookings.

  • The interior of the entire place serves an elegant and decent appearance with comfortable furniture so you can calmly enjoy your delicious food.
  • People love the taste, texture, and pricing chart by Orfali Kitchen and therefore pay their visits repeatedly.
  • Opinion: For exploring food creativity and mouth-watering flavors, Orfali’s Bistro is recommended.
Location: Dubai, Wasl 51 Mall, Jumeirah, UAE, Dubai
Website: Orfali Bros Bistro, Dubai
Contact Info: +971 4 2592 477

3. Mayabay (An Asian Restaurant)


A variety that gets discovered with the perfect modifications in Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Asian food culture is introduced by MAYABAY, an Asian restaurant.

  • Shane Mac Neill is one of the most brilliant chefs who knows how to cook a specific dish with its traditional taste and how to alter the flavor by mixing up some ingredients to fulfill the requirements of your taste buds with just a single dish.
  • Being the head chef, Mac decided to offer Asian meals so the perfect combination of spices satisfies your appetite.

Food Icons By MAYABAY

It is also termed the best SUSHI restaurant in Dubai; all credits go to Chef Shane for maintaining the taste and allowing this dish to be one of his number one.

  • Wonder seeing all the dishes getting hyped, whether it is a Caviar, dim sum, Maya crispy duck, Pla Pao, sashimi, Ikura, and Khao (steamed jasmine rice), the Maya sphere, or delicious Mamuang.
  • The interior theme of Mayabay is so decent, with sufficient lighting and a blend of shades so you can enjoy every bit of your meal.
  • Opinion: Shane Mac Neill is a name you should never miss regarding food taste; Mayabay serves the best Japanese tastes in Dubai.
Location: Licensed, Jumeirah Al Naseem, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 275 2500

4. Shanghai Me (Asian Restaurant)

Shanghai Me

A well-known Asian restaurant, with a quick menu and a pleasant view so you can eat well. The ambiance with a dark and calm interior theme is satisfying, but when we talk about the servicing manners, not everyone likes it because of the overcrowding environment they face.

  • As per honest reviews, their rice options are on the top, and all the dishes are well-presentable and tasty; among all the options, Prawns are liked the most.
  • With its variety of beverages & food categories, it is considered one of Dubai’s best DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) restaurants.

A La Carte By Shanghai Me

The signature dishes from this high-notch Asian restaurant include Yellow tail Carpaccio with Black Truffle, Crispy Duck Salad with Pine Nuts and Cress, Evgeny’s Wagyu Beef Sub, Roast Duck, Prawns, Wagyu Beef, and Truffle Kamameshi.

  • Shanghai Me has a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, and a long list of dim sum and desserts is more than appreciatable.
  • It is known for the availability of the best vegetarian dish options in Dubai.
  • A separate bar and lounge, offering both services with the most accurate interior decor that defines the basics of Asian culture.
  • Tarrece view with well-defined and comfortable seats helps avoid overthinking while enjoying flavorsome food.
  • Opinion: A crowd avoider should avoid visiting Shanghai Me on weekends; otherwise, this is a perfect place to have a private dinner in Dubai.
Location: Gate Village 11 at DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center), Dubai
Contact Info: +971 4 564 0505

5. Nobu Dubai (Japanese Restaurant)

Nobu Dubai

This restaurant is named after its owner, Chef NOBU MATSUHISA, who is a well-known professional with a specialty in serving Japanese food items in Arabian style.

  • This, one of the best Palm restaurants, is located in Atlantia with architectural values and a great menu, is known for its Sushi bar, and the most highlighted thing about Nobu is the enthusiastic staff.
  • A preferable place for the best official as well as romantic candlelight dinners and drinking in Dubai (age group restrictions are applicable), with the most appealing interior theme that necessarily insists you visit again.
  • As per consumer reviews, raw fish and beverages are mostly liked, but the reservations should be made a day before to avoid overcrowding.

The entire restaurant ambiance is welcoming, and the services are more than professional; some people talk about the pricing chart and food quality. In accordance with their reviews, the price is satisfactory when you visit the place, food is fresh, but the outstanding taste was missing when we talked about sashimi and Miso chips.

Signature Picks

Serving the best Seafood, Sushi, and Pasta as its specialties, find the exact Japanese taste and artistic interior touch with an extraordinary interior design.

  • Opinion: An Atlantic view with the best food and royal services should never be missed, especially if the Chef is Mr.Nobu with magic in his hands.
Location: 22nd Floor, Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
Contact: 04 426 0760

6. Bushra By Buddha Bar, Dubai

Bushra By Buddha Bar

Bushra means “Good Omen/ The Perfect,” exactly suited to the representation of this appetite-satisfying restaurant in Dubai.

  • A well-organized restaurant in the heart of Marina Dubai where the traditional, modern techniques of food presentation, taste, and serving are collected together.
  • Limited hours from 6 PM to 12 AM have fixed this luxurious place for dinner meetings and night parties in Dubai.
  • The perfect combination of contemporary and traditional meal items with accurate servicing manners and no presentation negligence.
  • If you are a music lover, this place is a not-to-miss thing. Live DJ with a collection of romantic, nostalgic, and trendy music/song lists which can modify the playlist as per your demand, the best restaurant for 100% privacy.

Featured Food Items

The signature items in Bushra by Buddha Bar’s menu are Tzatziki, Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Adana Beyti, Bushra Mule (Drink), Za’atar-oni (Drink), Medina (Spice-Drink), Julab (Drink), Hand Of Fatima (Dessert), and Kunafa (Dessert).

  • Guest reviews show people recommend this place because of its delightful ambiance, food quality, and attractive/ reasonable pricing demands.
  • This place is a 10/10 for dinner outings and calming hunger pangs.
  • Opinion: For official or unprofessional meetups, Bushra by Buddha Bar is always recommendable; never forget to try their beverages.
Location: The Grosvenor House (A Luxurious Hotel), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Contact Info: +971 4 317 6556

7. Jun’s Dubai (New Food Station)

Jun’s Dubai

One of the best new restaurants in Dubai, known for its Asian and American taste blending food items. Jun’s Dubai presents a vast literal menu with a reasonable pricing chart with endless options of American, Asian, and Contemporary fusions.

  • With a combination of dark color theme and outdoor eye-pleasing view, where you can enjoy the hustle and calmness of Downtown Dubai at different hours, it defines its food specialties to fulfill the demands of your hunger pangs.
  • People like this nicely presentable place because of the staff’s active and professional servicing etiquette and appetite-satisfying food taste.

Jun’s Menu Highlights

One of the famous Chefs, Chef Kelvin Cheung, the head chef of Jun’s Dubai, has crafted the entire menu with a delicious range of appetizers, main course items, desserts, and beverages.

  • Starting from the Dessert options, Jun’s Dubai is known for its special Hot Chocolate Mocha and cakes (You can also get a customized cake within the decided time, as per your requirements).
  • Jun’s restaurant serves mouth-watering tastes through Wagyu Beef, Prawns, Spaghettini, Noodles, and Rice.
  • You can enjoy a collection of Jun’s beverages, including Fresh Juices, Mocktails, Cocktails, Tea, and Coffee.

Looking at Jun’s decor theme is necessary for an honest rating; a nice entrance, comfortable seats, a Burj view (elevating its demand), and a good bar area with a well-defined color theme are more than sufficient for an appreciative note.

  • Opinion: Jun’s Dubai is one of the new restaurants showing remarkable performance at affordable pricing demands, so it deserves a visit.
Location: Down Town (Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rasheed), Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Info: 04 457 6035

8. Hutong, Eat Chinese

Hutong Dubai

A confined lane in a residential area is termed a Hutong in China, specifically defining Hutong (rectangular) sitting space. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants, getting hyped because of its Dark Brunch (on Thursdays) from 09 PM onward.

  • Also offering attractive Saturday brunch deals with the availability of Flaming Duck (Hutong’s special dish made by Chef Martin Mak, who is a well-known Barbecue expert).

Feature Dishes By Hutong

Flaming Duck, Wok-Tossed Beef Tenderloin, Pancakes, and Soy Icecream are the highlighted Hutong servings with reasonable price tags and professional table serving manners.

  • One and a half miles from the Dubai Fountain, at a fantastic DIFC gate building #6, Hutong presents an eye-catching view with the availability of live music, separate parking, outdoor seating, and private dining space for your comfort.
  • Its darker and lighter shade interior theme with ceiling lights enhances the entire appearance of the place; also, the modern seats ensure 100% comfort.

Reviews show appreciative notes from Hutong visitors; they are all impressed by its comfortable ambiance, the perfect Chinese taste, and the staff behavior.

  • Opinion: Missing a brunch at Hutong is nothing less than stupidity if you are in Dubai; Barbecue dishes deserve a must-try for satisfying your appetite.
Location: Ground Floor of Building #6 at DIFC Gate, Dubai
Contact Info: +971 4 220 0868

9. Carine Dubai (Breakfast Spot)

Carine Dubai

Chef Izu Ani has named his restaurant after his wife’s name; he does not only offer taste, but also the ambiance of Carine Dubai is comfortably romantic with a perfectly decent white primary interior shade theme.

  • A perfect breakfast spot with a mouth-watering list of French food options and a variety of beverages with a beautiful view from the first level of Emirates Golf Club, Carine offers the best food deals without ignoring servicing quality.

As per reviews, Carine is getting hyped because of the ambiance, clear decor theme followed by a modern interior module, active staff, and delicious food options, and this is all you can get within a cost-effective range with the beautiful outside view.

Signature Dishes

  • On the Carine Dubai menu, Tarte Tatin is the most famous dessert by Izu Ani; you can also try Tiramisu because of its almost equal ratings.
  • Their customers mostly order Bordeaux and Espagne drinks because of their France origin; Evian and fresh juices are also recommendable.
  • Omelette for breakfast is a 10/10 idea; Prawns, French fries, and Les Pates are mouth-watering dishes.

Carine has a beautifully constructed terrace, which is why also known among the best rooftop restaurants; an outside area and decent decor with white as a primary shade and no furniture overloading; doubtlessly, it is created to serve you a delightful atmosphere and delicious dishes to minimize your mood swings.

  • Opinion: Carine is the best restaurant with romantic vibes, known for its breakfast & dinner options.
Location: Emirates Hills 2, Golf Club, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 417 9885

10. Twiggy By La Cantine, Dubai

Twiggy By La Cantine

The only definition Twiggy By La Cantine needs is it is a beach club with an infinity pool and real sand, designed so people can enjoy nature while having yummy food bites.

  • A must-visit place with a nice ambiance and tasty food options; some people have complained about the excessive salty taste of the shells, so it is recommended to dictate the waiter about your requirements while ordering your food.

Twiggy’s Salad, music accuracy, and snakes are repeatedly mentioned in reviews. Their service is also satisfying but a bit more costly than one’s pocket can bear when he looks at such a beautiful beach view. 

Lagoon Menu By Twiggy 

Twiggy’s menu contains delicious tastes to satisfy your taste buds with Mediterranean dish options and Sushi, with an availability of every drink option, whether it is alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at affordable rates for your convenience.

  • The Interior of Twiggy is calm, with naturally designed modern decor elements, comfortable seats, ceiling lights, and beautiful color combinations.
  • Also, the restaurant service is excellent, with 12 PM to 02 AM availability, having a dynamic team of members plus a minimal complaint rate when you visit the place without booking a reservation (age limitations applied).
  • Opinion: Never think of missing Sushi if you visit Dubai’s Twiggy By La Cantine restaurant; enjoy the yummiest seafood with an eye-catching beach view here. Always confirm your reservations a day before for Twiggy.
Location: Port Saeed Street, Park Hyatt Dubai Creek Club, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: +971 04 602 1105

11. Armani/Amal (Indian Restaurant)

Armani - Amal

It is one of the best Indian restaurants; feel comfortable enjoying the top-notch view from Burj Arab’s 3rd floor and having Armani/Amal’s hunger-satisfying Indian flavors.

  • A mile away from Dubai Fountain, with a heightened ceiling, a modern interior with enough table lighting, and luxuriously plush furniture.
  • What a Picture-postcard view with stunning ambiance, attractive prices, and up-to-the-mark food servicing in Dubai.
  • The only low point we have found in this restaurant’s ratings is they are closed every Sunday.

Signature Dishes

There is a list of Armani/Amal specialties but Fish Moilee, Dal Makhni, Biryani Pot, Kulfi and Indian Platters, and Tikka Masala connect you to the Indian culture. 

Because you can find a separate Vegetarian options list in Armani/Amal Restaurant, that’s why it was nominated as the star restaurant in Dubai. 

Well-presentable food with a comfortably decent interior with an accurate blend of three-five shades that serves a pleasant view that can be captured beautifully, Armani/Amal offers an elegant space for official dinners, birthday parties, and a night out with friends, or with your loved ones.

  • Opinion: The perfect location in Burj Khalifa with a remarkable interior theme and deliciously presentable Asian food are the things you need at your special events.
Location: 3rd Floor, Burj Al Arab, 673C+W8M, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 888 3010

12. Hakkasan Dubai (Party Vibes)

Hakkasan Dubai

A well-known Michelin Star Chinese restaurant name Hakkasan which means “The Sign Of Respect,” famous for its night entertainment and dark interior theme in Dubai. 

A must-to-visit restaurant, Hakkasan is not a new name, Hakkasan’s two London branches are famous for their Michelin award too, and now the Dubai branch has joined the row in 2022. A perfect mixture of contemporary and Chinese tastes with no food-quality compromise even at the party hours plus the active staff is their bonus point.

Hakkasan Dubai Menu

Get the best Chinese food in Dubai from Hakkasan, the most important thing about the Hakkasan menu is the particular highlight of signature and allergen dishes for the guest’s ease.

  • Dim Sum Platter, Peking Duck, Fried Trio Organic Fried Rice, and Wagyu Rib Eye are their mentioned highly demanded featured dishes.
  • Availability of Gluten-free dishes for Celiac guests, Prawns, Fish, Spinach Mapo Tofu, Edamame Egg Fried Rice, and Beef options are mostly recommended by the visitors.

The best place for parties and private dinners, offering a relaxed atmosphere with dim lighting and a blend of trendy food items with Chinese ingredients for a cultural representation. 

With a well-defined color theme for specific Hakkasan events and your celebrations, the interior of this place plays an important role in creating a memorable ambiance. Moreover, the bar is opened for late at night with the restriction of the below-adult age group; evening timing is specific for family gatherings. 

As per visitor reviews, some people dislike their dark theme because they could not read the menu, while others like the ambience. After all, it turned the entire place into a party spot. The food was presentable and yummy with the long beverage options, especially at the bar area.

  • Opinion: Hakkasan, a guest-friendly Chinese restaurant at a beautiful location with signature finger-licking dishes, is a must-visit place in Dubai.
Location: The Palm, Atlantis, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 426 0752

13. Indya By Vineet, Dubai Marine

Indya By Vineet

With a clear Indian ambiance, interior cultural decor, and the authentic taste fusion of Indian spices, this place serves the food as an Indian cultural representation in Dubai. Indya is among the best Marina restaurants that serve finger-licking tastes, A1 serving manners, & delightful views.

  • Indya by Vineet is considered the best vegetarian restaurant in town, with a comfortable sitting space and sufficient lighting so that you can take the best snaps for your Instagram stories.

Chef Vineet Bhatia, the Michelin star owner, has crafted Indya’s menu to satisfy your appetite with a good topping of texture, fragrance, and taste. He has spent his life blending Indian recipes and ingredients with different cultural cooking techniques to see what taste they offer collectively.

Feature Food Items

  • Samosa Pinwheel, Dal Tadka, Makhni Labneh, Puchka Bevda, Kulfi Falooda, Seeta Aur Geeta, Sweet ki Shadi ki Thaali, Kolhapuri Anda Curry, Chicken Habibi,  and Gin Win are the highlighted satisfactory hunger items.

Mr. Bhattia is well-known for presenting his food creativity when offering a dish on the table. Every visitor of Indya becomes its regular customer because of the 10/10 food flavours, a perfect ambience, and the best servicing manners.

A picture-capturing spot that contains every decor as per Indian cultural values. Because of the owner’s beliefs and cultural ethics, Indya’s walls are designed with beautiful God wall panels, and an aesthetic decor theme is totally sprinkled at the place.

  • Opinion: Indya perfectly represents Indian culture in terms of food items, interior decor, and Dishes names. Pay a visit and get to know the food specifications.
Location: Street Al Mamsha, Dubai Marine, Le Royal Meridien Beach, And Spa, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 316 5550

14. Long Teng Seafood Restaurant

Long Teng Seafood Restaurant

Doing justice to Chinese culture, this one of the best seafood restaurants offers mouth-watering tastes, professional servicing, and the perfect ambience with a reasonable price range. What a beautiful view from its terrace, what else a person wants than a delightful view while biting the most delicious Chinese food with the perfect ingredients?

  • Don’t get bored of Business Bay’s location; Long Teng, with its special ingredients from the roots of China and cooking creativity, presents an unforgettable memory to your brain through your taste buds.

The entrance of Long Teng, to highlight its specialty, contains an aquarium and a seafood layout with blue color-theme seat availability to highlight their specifications. The guest’s review recommendations are to choose the Long Teng terrace location to enjoy good weather and pleasant Dubai views.

La Carte Highlights By Long Teng

The names of most culture-revealing and star-rating dishes by Long Teng are mentioned ahead, Traditional Chicken and Mushroom ShaoMai, Steamed Beef Ball, Baked Chicken Pastry, Sauteed Beef with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce, Kung Pao Dry Tofu, Hand Made Noodles with Mixed Chicken, Bird Nest, and Sweet Walnuts Bun.

  • Opinion: A must-visit Chinese restaurant where you can see the highlights of Chinese dishes, and their cultural value, with deliciously yummy meals and excellent quality servicing manners.

Always follow Chef’s suggestions when visiting Long Teng if you are unaware of Chinese culture.

Location: Street Al Abraj, Building #3, U-bora Towers, Ground Floor, Business Bay, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 241 1666

15. Eauzone Dubai (Arabian Court)

Eauzone Dubai

Eauzone Dubai is an Asian Restaurant located in Arabian Court at the one and only Royal Mirage, serving the best fusion of traditional Asian foods to satisfy your taste buds. The beautiful location of Eauzone with a pool around it feels like it is floating on the water’s surface.

  • The best thing about Eauzone is it is specifically a restaurant for dinners and lunches, with different menu options and timing availability.
  • Their working hours are from 12 PM to 11 PM with reservation timing closing at 09 PM sharp to avoid inconvenience.
  • The most romantic location in Dubai is for enjoying a meal with your loved ones with an excellent mannered staff, saying the consumers.
Special Dishes By Eauzone

We’ll be seeing both menus to highlight feature dishes by Eauzone. 

Lunch Menu

The highlighted dishes by their lunch options are Wagyu Beef, Cod Fish and Chips, Steamed Brocollini, Classic Burger, Fried Noodles, and Mochi Icecream.

Dinner Menu

Pan Seared Salmon, Roasted Duck Breast, Chicken Satay, Gunkan Maki, Tom Yum Koong Soup, Lemon Tart, and Sake Cappuccino are from the delicious menu grabbing the audience.

The entire restaurant ambiance is welcoming and the services are more than professional, some people talk about the pricing chart and food quality. In accordance with their reviews, the price is satisfactory when you visit the place, food is fresh, but the outstanding taste was missing when we talked about sashimi and Miso chips.

  • Talking about the interior module of Eauzone, comfortable seats, royal appearance, and perfect color combination as per the color wheel add a real spark to the entire building.
  • Moreover, they have friendly staff and a flexible price chart to capture your attention.
  • Opinion: For experiencing a private dinner in Dubai, Eauzone is the best place with an opportunity of enjoying the taste of hunger-satisfying spices with live music, a romantic view, and comfortable sitting altogether.
Location: Arabian Court, Al Sufouh Road, UAE, Dubai (almost 3.5 away from The Burj)
Contact Info: 04 315 2412

16. Mythos Kouzina And Grill

Mythos Kouzina And Grill

Highlighted Greek restaurant with an elegant interior that includes white-stone walls, ceiling lights, a beautiful outdoor area, a perfect light color theme, professional staff, and a long list of delicious dishes to meet your expectations.

  • It is a well-known place in Jumeirah Lake Towers with positive reviews by all the visitors because of the perfect ambiance, best food presentation and flavors, and 10/10 staff behavior.

Best Dishes By Mythos

Separating some veg dishes so you can pick quickly. 

Vegetarian Options

Greek Salad is a must-try for the vegetarian population; you can also pick Musakka, Vegetarian Wrap, and Gemista for the yummiest Greek-origin taste. 

Signature Food Icons

Grilled Octopus, Grilled Calamari, Tzatziki (Greek Yogurt), Vanilla Custard Rolls, Taramasalata, Pita Bread, and Shrimp are their special dishes from the course.

  • They offer three hours of free parking and charge almost 50aed per hour.
  • Visitors remark about their pricy food items; although the quality of food and service is great, they still offer pricy meals than their competitors in JLT.
  • Opinion: Celebrating your events at Mythos is a bonus idea; experience the Greek culture and taste with a beautiful view; remember that this restaurant could be a bit pricy. This restaurant is considered one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Dubai because of the Greek culture it represents through its flavors and interiors.
Location: JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) Cluster #P, SZ (Sheikh Zayed) Road, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 399 8166

17. Ossiano Dubai, Sea Food

Ossiano Dubai

One of the popular restaurants in Dubai with a unique interior theme and cost-effective delicious seafood. Ossiano is a Michelin Star winner; people love its ambiance, food quality, presentation, price chart, and staff behavior.

  • To highlight its cultural specialty, Ossiano’s interior is completely designed with real aquarium walls with real fishes and a beautiful color combination representing underwater life.
  • Visitors especially come here to add a unique underwater experience to their lives.
  • Ossiano’s menu seasonally changes, so people experience new dishes with different ingredients.

Main Sea-Food Items By Ossiano

Being a restaurant and a bar, Ossiano presents a beverage variety so you can pick the one you crave for.

  • Chef Grégoire’s Berger, a Michelin Star award winner, has beautifully organized the Ossiano menu with a feature dishes list that includes Trout, Brittany brown crab, and Langoustine.
  • For bar lovers, the good news is Ossiano offers a separate availability of menu that includes a list of drinks to add a good impression.
  • Opinion: This restaurant is the main topic in Dubai; people visit it because of the picture-podcast interior theme and not-so-costly services. A must-to-visit place for enjoying the delicious seafood and amazing sea-like underwater interior.
Location: Atlantis, Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeirah, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 04 426 0770
Website: Ossiano Dubai

18. Tàn Chá (Chinese Restaurant)

Tàn Chá

Tàn Chá is a Chinese-Mandarin word meaning to examine or explore; the main motive of this restaurant is to let you explore new food flavors and the hidden secrets behind the traditional and natural flavors blended with China’s spices.

  • Under the supervision of Mr.David Pang, The executive Chef in Tàn Chá, this restaurant is one of the lists of fine dining restaurants and has received the Michelin award in Dubai.

The peaceful, dark-colored theme with enough lighting creates the perfect ambiance for breakfasts, Brunch, and dinners. This is the most famous restaurant for its Chinese dishes and cultural representation.

Yummy Chinese Dishes By Tàn Chá 

Tàn Chá’s signature dishes have taken the first place on its menu for the clarification of the visitor and include Peking Duck, Add Kaluga Caviar Supplement, Stir-Fried Duck Udon Noodle & Xo Sauce, Pan Cake, Lettuce Wrap & Minced Duck, Peking Duck, Aromatic Duck, Black Truffle’ pi Pa’ Duck, Tea Smoked Crispy Skin Chicken, And Vegetarian Shredded Duck.

  • Not so an expensive restaurant, with a perfect sitting area and more attentive than a five-star rating service.
  • A well-defined parking valet with two roundabouts at the back side of the hotel (miss the entrance point for parking to avoid inconvenience).

With an outdoor sitting option with a picture-capturing good view, a separate restaurant area, and a bar level, this Chinese restaurant is trying to meet the expectations of its customers—super attractive interior decor with colorful detailing and the loveliest Chinese culture representation.

  • Opinion: For a luxurious treatment, appealing ambiance, and perfect food taste, this restaurant deserves an again-and-again visit.
Location: JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 056 681 8881
Website: Tàn Chá, Dubai

19. Blu Pizzeriá, Dubai (Italian)

Blu Pizzeriá, Dubai

Finding a perfect pizza in Dubai is more than hectic because it is a hub of well-known Chefs. International trading has brought up the level of this city, and so has the food variety. Blu Pizzeriá is an Italian restaurant, new in town but serves mouth-watering pizzas and Gelato (Italian-icecream) at affordable rates.

  • On the water with the Marina view, 10/10 servicing manners, and concise but yummiest pizza options, Blu Pizzeriá serves the perfect ambiance without being expensive.

Special Pizzas By Blu Pizzeriá

  • Their specialties include fresh Italian Burrata, Sourdough Neapolitan Pizza, Muskhan Pizza, Tartufo, Short Ribs Pizza, and Wood Fired Pizza.

With a delightful interior theme, modern furniture, decent decoration, and a plus point of the outside (sea view) view, Blu Pizzeriá offers a delicious taste to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Opinion: This is a small place, so reservations should be considered a priority, Blu Pizzeriá presents a few options on the menu, but all are worth trying.
Location: Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 3, Street #33, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: 050 812 6406
Website: Blu Pizzeriá, Dubai

20. Pitfire Pizza, Dubai

Pitfire Pizza

A pizza station famous for its pizza crust and side options, we are talking about Pitfire Pizza. They offer a long options list for their pizzas, pasta, sides, and desserts.

  • Dubai is honored with two Pitfire Pizza branches, one at the Business Bay location and the second at JLT, Dubai.
  • Both of these branches occupy a space where you can see a beautiful view, but the Jumeirah view is always the priority for visitors.

5-Star Italian Icons By Pitfire

Pitfire is owned by a lovely couple, Bill Johnson and Michele Johnson. The star pizzas are highlighted as the owner’s favorite on the menu; you can also get a customized pizza per your tastes.

  • Veggie Rainbow Salad, Impossible Spaghetti and Meatballs, Boneless Wings, and Blonde Bombshell are the ten-on-ten food options by Pitfire.
  • Opinion: The JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) branch of Pitfire Pizza is the most recommendable because of its comfortable interior theme, best service, and a level above a nicer view. A must-visit place for exploring delicious pizza flavors, royal servicing, and a decent view.
Location: JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) Cluster D, Terrace Tower, UAE, Dubai / Branch #2: Business Bay (BB), Dubai Fountain Street, UAE, Dubai
Contact Info: Branch #1: 800 7483473 / Branch #2: 04 580 4288
Website: Pitfire Pizza, Dubai

21. Prime 68 Steakhouse

Prime 68 Steakhouse

This place is not just a restaurant but a blessing for Steak lovers in Dubai, with an on-point interior, best menu items, delicious taste, A1 servicing etiquettes, and staff behavior.

  • The 68th floor presents a heartbeat-taking skyline view, perfect for a romantic dinner, family gathering, or a friend’s night out.
  • Perfect interior with comfortable seating and long windows that make you feel like you are above the sky; its high pricing does not hurt you when you taste the delicious food with such a romantic outdoor view.

Signature Food Items

  • Wagyu Beef, Prime Rib, Fillet Steak, Lobster, Wagyu Ribeye, Tomahawk Steak, and Caesar Salad are the best picks from Prime 68 Dubai.

They offer free valet parking with no limitation of hours, and their staff is so attentive if you need any help regarding food selection, etc.

  • Opinion: One of the best romantic restaurants, also known as the premium steakhouse in Dubai, is at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai with a skyline view from the 68th-floor height, a never-to-miss spot for dinners with your loved ones.
Location: BB (Business Bay), Sheikh Zayed Road, JW Marriot Marquis, 68th Floor, UAE, Dubai.
Contact Info: 04 414 3000
Website: Prime 68, Dubai

22. Café Beirut, Downtown Dubai

Café Beirut

Doubtlessly, a perfect place located opposite Dubai Mall, offering delicious Lebanese dishes with a perfect representation of Lebanese culture as the name indicates (Beirut is the capital of Lebanon), with no compromise on the servicing manners.

  • A perfect combination of a natural and modern interior theme with comfortable seats and a few decoration details.
  • With a nice staff, the best food presentation, and a well-decorative outside sitting area, Café Beirut is getting popular in Dubai.

A traditional water fountain, long trees, cute portraits, and the perfect color combination of dishes, seats, decor, flooring, and lights capture the viewer’s attention.

Feature Lebanese Dishes

As per their menu card, they guys offer various dishes for breakfast and lunch. See the highlights below.

Breakfast Highlights

Eggs and Soujouk, Fallet Hummus, Ballila with Pine Nuts, and Grilled Halloumi Cheese are their breakfast specialties. 

Lunch Highlights

Mouttabal, Falafel Tacos, Makanek, Tabbouleh, and Warak Enab are their must-try food icons in Lunch timings.

Daily Dishes

You can get the best presented with the 11/10 fresh taste of Kafta Meat, Cutlets, Lamb Fillets, and Shawarma from Café Beirut anytime. 

Dessert Highlights

To satisfy your tastebuds’ sweet cravings, Café Beirut presents the best Daaoukyeh, Knefeh, Qatayef with Nutella, and Osmalieh Cheese Cake.

  • Opinion: Pay a must-visit to Café Beirut to enjoy the delicious Lebanese dishes with cost-effective rates, delightful views, excellent ambiance, and royal treatment from the staff.
Location: Downtown Dubai, Al Murooj Complex, UAE, Dubai
Website: Café Beirut, Dubai
Contact Info: 056 575 0777

Closing Thoughts

There is a saying that a good dish can easily alter a bad mood, but the hectic schedule of the United Arab Emirates (because it is the hub of international trading) does not allow people to learn different recipes and give them tries in their homes. The preferable thing is to find the best restaurants with the expert cultural taste you want to try, spend some money, minimize your efforts, and lavishly enjoy each bite with no thoughts of taste doubts.

In this blog, all the fine-dining Dubai restaurants, regarding the flavors they offer, the ambiance, staff manners, and the outside view, are short-listed so you can find the perfect restaurant for the satisfaction of your tastebuds. The writer’s opinions have been mentioned for your convenience. Moreover, every restaurant’s specialty has been mentioned so that you couldn’t miss any.

This detailed post contains every highlight from the restaurant, their contact numbers, and locations (April 2024) so you can get the required information on a single website. The troubles visitors face in these restaurants are also mentioned where needed so you can avoid some scenarios or choose the restaurant according to your personality/mood.

Some of these restaurants are known for their breakfast menu, while others offer a delightful private dinner for a couple with a romantic outside view, always go for the restaurant that is required in accordance with your gathering manners. Timings of the restaurants are also mentioned where needed so you can reserve your seat a day before visiting (Compulsation for Overcrowded Restaurants) to avoid inconvenience in Dubai.

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